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31.01.2018 03:58


Teenager chasing distant jewels


Wind leaves falling piece of autumn leaves, falling in the dead lake. The piece of snow fell to your collar, your face, turned into water, printed on a few water stains.


You shoes, it took a long way, turned over the not too high slope, wading through the not too deep water; you hands it, brushed a small wrinkles, sewn a long scar , Overvalued jewelry; you are this man, after a few things, through the tears are not astringent, acted unadorned role. But why did you get so tired?

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Mom, I love you. Did not lie to you, really. Forgive me and let you lose your ancestral jewels; forgive me for allowing you to be carved with superficial wrinkles; forgive me and keep your eyes dirty. Forgive me, okay.


Daddy, how can I tell you? Can only hate you. Although, you take the money; though, you take my smile; though, you take away our love. But, I do not hate.


Juvenile Yeah, the light will be off soon. You wait a second. It’s not long. Bustling, noisy, juvenile you quickly cover your ears ah. Screaming, screaming, vandalism, loss of control, teenager you close your eyes. Satirical, sarcastic, sour, bitter, juvenile Boy, wait, it’s not long.


To indulge, go to run, to enjoy. Do not manage it anymore, forget it, okay? You shook your head, rubbed your tears and your nose and went back to see it. Why is this? Tears are all wet your face. What else do you insist, anyway, my heart’s jewelry is gone? Your smile is gone Do not listen! It hurts you. You clutching your heart, the body of a curl into a ball of pain. You bit your teeth, still insisted. You clenched your fist and smashed it to the ground. Keep waiting for it. Do not refute. That will make you beaten! Why do not you listen? You rubbing bruises, I do not know what is thinking; biting my lips, I do not know who to endure; Saying cheer, I do not know what to insist.


You young boy, always so silly. There are some things that cannot be said straight, whether you like it or not, you always have to lie. You are excluded from the eyes of you with a little more insistence; such things cannot be done, you just do not listen to advice. You clumsy to please, to appease, to laugh. Was scrapped by this knife many times finally have a little look. Friends are getting more and more, smiling slowly appeared. My stubborn teenager can be considered grown up.


You young boy, always so silly. Have better do not eat, the road is not good not to go, in front of mountains and non-climbing. The sun is darkening your whitening; this way temper your muscles; this landscape enriches your thoughts; it sweats your eyes. In the gust of waves you covered with muscle to sprint, in the endless bitter you smile to cover up, in the mountains when you use the resolute to face. You, that is, refuse to give up the jewelry height.


Hey, juvenile, do not stop ah; Hey, juvenile, rushing past ah; Hey, juvenile, then tried to laugh! Hey, juvenile, continue to silly it. Use your wings to fly! Hey, juvenile, continue to grind it. Fight with fists! Hey, boy, keep mad. Go crazy with go! This time, tries our best to live like a book!


Wind gently blowing, a bit cold. You smiled and picked up his arm, looked at the front of the vast expanse of white goods in the lips of the snow. Moved again. Eastern fishy white, but also with a little red. I am young, ah, continue to embark on this long road.



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