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24.01.2018 13:28


How many years ago, 520 romantic Valentine’s Day, you buy a shiny Cartier love diamond ring, may be Lesvos diamond ring, may be other, but although the diamond is indestructible, but the platinum ring will not care in life With scratches, platinum diamond rings have a scratch how to do?


No matter what the damage, we give back the place to buy, always get a better repair, for the high price of knock off diamond ring cartier, we will pay more attention, the best way is to give back to the original Shop, so that professionals to carry out care and repair, will certainly make you more at ease. Like the diamond ring you buy, with the highest commitment to love, for only one thing in life, you are not to cherish it more? So beware of love platinum diamond ring scratches, do not hesitate, even if there is no romantic 520 day proposal, it is also a romantic thing to care for your love to drill it.


Although we can put knock off gold cartier ring back to the “home” for repair and care, it will inevitably be very troublesome, so want to keep your platinum love long-term clean and shine, we still have to learn some nursing skills , These small TIP do not need you how much effort you can do, you can usually toothpaste with toothbrush smear on the eyes cloth, and then continue to wipe the platinum diamond ring back and forth, to be uniform, wipe every place , To a certain extent, then wash with detergent, and finally you can see a smooth diamond ring. If she is loved by you, you drown your love on the scratch, the consequences can be imagined, so quickly move it.


No matter what the object, as long as we properly use and serious care and usually pay attention to protection, will maintain a good, for imitation cartier ring love diamond ring is also the same, think of the original you give her beloved, only one life to send Levis Diamond ring, and promised to her that in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by his life, I love each other, this platinum diamond ring is so important, and now you are happy, love diamonds should also love her like The same love. In life, dry heavy work, have to Cartier love diamond ring to get down, such as the family was ordered to brush the toilet, bathing, wash habits develop good, remove the diamond ring on the safe and easy to lose the location, as long as the intention You can well protect the platinum diamond ring.


The arrival of the romantic 520, this is not only a couple to propose courtesy of the festival, but also belong to you and her beloved her to do something warm heart festival. Platinum diamond ring with a scratch how to do, and quickly learn these skills, and her love of nursing with your diamond imitation ring cartier it.



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