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fake cartier love pendant

04.12.2017 05:45


Amber is a very precious gem, which has been favored by the people because of its crystal-clear nature and the frequent appearance of bubbles or insects inside. Therefore, amber is now made of a variety of decorations, amber imitation cartier love pendant is one of them, such a pendant so popular with people, so how should people choose?

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According to the color selection, amber pendant color is due to changes in the formation of succinic acid, if people choose the amber pendant is transparent yellow or yellow, then such a cartier love pendant copy is the amber is Polo Amber And if people choose pendant color is pearl white color, then such amber cartier love pendant is very rare.

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According to the weight of the selection, no matter what kind of gem, usually by weight to choose, and its weight is also directly related to the value, but this is not absolute. But anyway, the weight of amber fake cartier love pendant will have a direct impact on its value, that is, if you want to pick those high value amber pendants, then you need to choose a larger weight, but only for Beautiful for wear, then you can choose the weight according to their actual situation. In accordance with the selection of the contents of the internal amber is a certain bubble or insects, and even plants exist. Then people can be selected according to their own preferences, after all, each amber knock off cartier love pendant inside the objects are not the same, and even the shape is not the same, which depends on what you like Species.


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