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cartier necklace fake

01.12.2017 08:23


No matter what jewelry needs to pay attention to mix and match, can play a finishing touch, but if the match is not appropriate, it may have the opposite effect. In the purchase of ruby copy cartier love necklace need to be based on body type, face, hobbies and other factors to carry out a comprehensive match, so as to be able to play a better match. Now let’s talk about how to choose the summer ruby cartier love necklace.

cartier love necklace yellow gold a ring covered with diamonds pendant replicacartier love necklace white gold a ring covered with diamonds pendant replica

According to the body type selection ruby cartier love necklace

Petite women in the choice of ruby cartier love necklace imitation should choose simple and agile style, can be the perfect playful and lovely female temperament, while some tall women already need to pay attention to choose to wear some large ornate necklace ruby cartier love necklace, and some well-proportioned female friends can choose some stylish, beautiful shape, and can reflect the personality of the ruby necklace.


According to face selection ruby cartier necklace imitation

Face more sharp female friend is more suitable to wear V-shaped simple style Ruby necklace, this style gem necklace can make the face appear more rounded; and round face friend, you can choose some longer necklace ruby necklace, from the visual On the elongated effect; oval face friend is suitable to wear some drops, oval ruby necklace, if it is long oval face, you can choose some shorter chain ruby necklace to coordinate.


According to hobby selection ruby cartier necklace fake

Buy jewelry is the most important thing you like, female friends in the purchase of jewelry in addition to taking into account their own body and other characteristics, the hobby is also an element that can not be ignored, some fashion personality of young women can choose some unique and stylish ruby cartier love necklace, while women like luxury models can be customized according to their own preferences ruby necklace, of course, if you need to attend some of the more significant banquet you can rub on the ruby necklace and then with some ruby earrings or rings, which can be better convex Out of your temperament.



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