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09.12.2017 04:17

After my operation, I came back and took another step to find Dr. Yan. I told him that I might be too busy to check in on time. Could you please give me the medicine back? So there are two more boxes of imiquimote, four recombinant interferon a2b gel, which is 300 yuan. This is in November.

The third time, I was very careful about rest and the forbidden mouth. The wound recovered faster than the last time, and the pain was less. But after two weeks of rechecking, yan said there was still a relapse and suggested that I do the surgery again. This time I refused. My thought was that such frequent recurrence would definitely have a relationship with my immunity, so it would be possible to relapse, fake mcm backpack and the most important thing is to regain immunity. And this kind of surgery does affect rest and work, and the recovery of immunity also has effects. So I think I'm going to get back to my health.

I began to plan take antiviral drugs after the operation, then appeared frequently the phenomenon of sweating at night, I realized that my body is very poor, although I don't know is caused by surgery, or a virus, but I think is a chance, I should take some medicine. The application was one week after the surgery, a week before the review. The weekend after the application, I went to the hospital for a physical examination, and then the whole week after the application, the disease control informed me that the relationship had passed, and the next day, I went to the hospital to take the medicine. This speed is fast. But I waited a week for my pills because I wanted to adjust my sleep.

I began to take medicine on December 12. The plan was to take the medication for a period of time to fall below the test line, replica mcm backpack and after the little four had recovered some of the time it was done. Take medicine but in a month after I got the inspection report of the disease before taking the medicine, I was the viral load is not high, small four 336, I analysis concluded that small four decline may not because the virus, but because of surgery to rest is bad. This led me to be determined to take medication for a period of time. At the same time, the boyfriend before I infection, a not healthy people infected with the Mcm Backpack virus, when chatting with me, said he recently has a pointed condyloma, very serious, with the ghost mortar, also had the surgery and is not good, in the end, he is to resign to rest at home for half a month, your body back, pointed to good. He said at the time that I was too tired to work and let me quit for a while. I didn't say yes, but his experience was also a positive one.

09.12.2017 04:15

My first reaction was to be my immunity is low, but in September when find small four results in the CDC is 443 (CDC testing will be slow because it is over, so there will be loss of cd4 cells in the blood, the actual value should be high scores, so I thought my small four or above 500). When I went to check it that day, yan decided to operate on me directly, and I was frightened by his words, so I had the operation. Surgery time is longer, seems to be more, he told me I had hemorrhoids, fake mcm backpack so bleeding is more, he also dare not ensure all cleared, and had the incubation period, so let me two weeks to review again after surgery. The operation opened a box of dressings, two fusidiric acid ointment, a thymic pentapeptide, an injection of recombinant human interleukin-2, two anesthetic, plus an operating fee of 822 yuan. Dr Yan said he would prescribe other drugs, if any, if there was a relapse. This is the second time I have condyloma. The effect of half an hour after operation is gone, very painful, painful to walk not to walk, a leg pain, and still be bleeding. I took a taxi in the ditan and went home in the back seat, and when I got home, I had to eat fern to relieve the pain, but the effect was not obvious.

This is the first time that I have had such a traumatic area of surgery. I have never had it before, so I have no experience. According to the theory, after the operation is to avoid the mouth, can not drink, can not eat spicy seafood, must rest. But you'll find that most of the stuff besides rice noodles is hair. And I didn't ask for leave after the surgery, and then I went on a business trip. The third day of the sharp surgery on the long-haul plane, I was afraid to sit down all the way. After that, the work is drunk and stay up late, almost every night the wound will be painful to sleep. For a week, I didn't sleep for three days, and the rest of the night was under three hours.

The work was busier than I expected, and I did it in the third week. I've been trying to get rid of the pills for a while, but these drugs actually help the wound heal. The result of the examination was a relapse, but only a few. I didn't really want to have surgery at that time, because the week replica mcm backpack after the operation I was almost dead. But Dr Yan says the procedure will work well, and that may be eradicated. So I ended up having a tantrum to do the surgery. The operation is still a lot of blood, still very painful, but previous experience of me, seems to have already had psychological preparation for this encounter. This recipe has a thymic pentapeptide injection, an injection of recombinant human interleukin 2, two anesthesia, plus a total of 270 yuan for the operation.

04.12.2017 04:13

Don't have to. The man suddenly raised his voice. The wife stared at him inexplicably, wondering if the unit was really busy and busy. The man smiled awkwardly. It's ok, I mean, you're going to have to go with your kids, you've prepared something like this, and it's not going to be new until the next weekend. You tell your parents I'll see them next time. The wife thinks also, the husband is busy, she and the child go to also become, prepare these things have a lot of is eat, leave a weekend is not very good. She nodded. It would be better if things were done Saturday and Saturday afternoon. If you can't catch up. The wife said, and turned to pick up the laundry. 

When the wife decided, the man was judged by the decision, the head was up, the feet were soft, the chaos had an impulse to change. He smiled at his daughter's sweet smile and almost burst out, fake mcm backpack saying that the unit was over there, and I would go with you. But after swallowing his mouth, he swallowed it, reached into his pocket, and squeezed the crumpled note. He knew that nothing could be undone. 

The figure of a man silently come out at the edge of the door, the moths for a stay, she stared at the man half buried his head, rubbing shaking hand inside surface, several seconds before slowly stood up, chest nest place like a feather blowing gently with a sigh, he is coming. For more than a week she thought that he would not come, and there was a vague and unknowing ease, and his figure was a deep disappointment of the floating, lighthearted fog. One of the sisters was smiling at the man, and the man's hand was holding the door behind him as if he were ready to escape. 'he asked for me,' said her. The sister gave the man a cold, cold eye, and walked back, beautifully like a well-trained model on the stage. 

The man hid her cold, hard eyes and stared at the scarlet letter in the stairway: please go up to the second floor. As she turned, she stood up to him, and hastily pointed at the dark staircase. And he put his foot up first. Man seems to be a breath of relief, energy savings to the legs to the body, he behind, moths, half holding the armrest of cold and slightly sticky, whole person what that something is wrong, chest tightness fever, limb is cold, lift my feet stay becomes particularly urgent particularly heavy. O in this urgent and heavy footsteps, moths could smell the breath, behind the man a little unreal, eyes, nose, mouth, like a child with crayons, wipe off a bit, replica mcm backpack to draw on a bit, a little bit of change into living. Was that the same time that he went upstairs with a woman? Did he think of waiting for her at home when a strange woman went upstairs? If so, why doesn't she have the strength to drag him down the stairs and escape from that place? 

Everything was unexpected and everything was expected. The man's movements were panic-stricken, and he trembled so much that aoue, who was cold and skilled, was even worried that he was suddenly ill, and wondered if he would ever be able to shake it off.

04.12.2017 04:11

Ah sheng's shadow swings in the brain. When he found him, he rubbed his hands, half buried his head, and hid from her eyes. It was as if she were looking for a month in which all her weariness had come together, and thrust her into her body, full of arms and legs, her chest and her head. That night, she did not bring him close to her body, and he tried to shrink a mat in the narrow hall. She almost didn't say the word. I didn't want to sleep in your bed. In the middle of the night, he knelt beside her on the mat, and the words were untidy and murmuring, ah 'e, fake mcm backpack out of the head, you don't know, she's the old country, the city... I, I am so far away from you, sometimes a person scratching the panic, is, is she voluntarily to identify the country to me... Ae took her pillow and died on her head. In the night, the sound of that voice muffled her repressed sobs. Each dozen, she in her heart repeated marriage before the village people praise for the sheng, is a good boy, the girl is lucky, the young family, think big, read small... He couldn't make a sound like a piece of wood. 

As soon as the man got home, he closed the toilet and shook his hands in a note that had been crumpled up. The hand had grown more and more trembling and tore the note in half. He pressed his hand heavily on his chest, and exhaled deeply, putting the two halves together in a crooked line: sit with me, I will wait for you. He leaned against the wall, slid slowly down, crouched in his lap, and the conversation between his wife and daughter was a little distant and vague. Note that which is more and more big, slowly twist the moths who is plump and evil spirit be puzzled face, his face red lips a together, talk to over the what, voice is full of charm and flavor, not at all what he usually world. He didn't know how long he had been sitting in the washroom, and he came out of the water. The wife looked up, startled, and gave a cry, and held out his hand on his brow, sick? The cold, soft hand was like a slap in the face, and he thrust aside, and hid his hand, as if he were hiding a terrible snake. No, no, no, yes, a little tired. 

It was a week before the man went into the store. The wife of the last two days planned, this weekend to be a little free, go to the family. It's two hours' drive, but it's hard to get back. When his wife said this, the man looked thoughtfully and didn't nod or shake his head. His wife began to buy food for her parents in the supermarket, and she knew that her husband was generally fine. Married to now, together to go back to the family is used to. Until Friday night, the wife to discuss how to get up early tomorrow and catch the early bus, man murmured, unfortunately, units have something these days, I, I, there still have some form need to finish this weekend... The last sentence was almost whispered. His wife is looking at him quietly, some strange, he is always idle in the unit, busy work overtime still is unusual, be to work overtime, replica mcm backpack again why say so timid? More and more disappointed, saw her prepare well, also made a phone call to parents, presumably the parents are busy preparing candy and other granddaughters. But she was only a little silent, and then she laughed, and she couldn't do it. She would go next weekend, and I would call my parents.

04.12.2017 04:08

Ah 'e's smiling face is a bit stiff. It's hard to find a job, find a job, find a food, find a place to live, like at home, everything is a stretch. I will go out when he has set his heel. Or he can earn some money and live. When it comes to this, her smile is soft again. Yes, she is born. She has a child, replica mcm backpack and the boy has a head cut. 

Stand firm? Come back? Who said that? 

Living... IO's voice was low, some trembling, and the air that was supposed to come out was nowhere to be seen. 

Humph, ask, how many of those who went out to work have a foothold in the city? What does it mean to be a stable person? How many more would you like to come back? Aah, don't wait any longer, or go out and ask if he's your man. You shouldn't have said, visible so son, gas but really, I like living in the same city, listen to the person of hometown, said he is doing good, but life is not clear don't chu, as if with a shady woman... 

Aher's ear was buzzing, and the transparent pink in her dream was a little thin. She made a look at the speaker, cheap mcm backpack either crying or laughing, and hurried away. 

After a few hours, the moths saw outside the road from the mirror, the man speaks three walk through go to, the man's head apparently came to the shop, she from even clearly see that his eyes fluttered in the mirror. Aah immediately picked up the perfume bottle in front of her, sprayed it on her body, and soon got out of the shop. I was looking back at the family of three and went into the pastry shop. 

Looks like today is the birthday of the girl, the man's wife and daughter is very attentively watched the proprietress introduce style cake, listen to a variety of flavors, did not feel the husband some absently around watching. The sight of ah 'e flashed, and the eye was fixed at once. The three heads of the cake, together in a half circle, looked over their heads, and in a daring way to meet the man, they laughed without a veil. The man's eyes were half flashing, sideways, and the bread on the side of the shelf. She was standing in front of him, and standing in front of him, just blocking his view of his wife and daughter. She could almost feel the gasp of a man's thickening, and with a sharp, sneer in her heart, she caught the man by the hand. The man, like a bee sting, jerked back, but aah had skillfully transferred the note in her hand to the heart of the man. In the frightened eyes of the man, she picked a loaf and cried out to the landlady, saying she would pay. When she was out of the shop, she looked at the delicate silhouette of his wife, and hurried back to the shop with a smell of excitement or discomfort.

04.12.2017 04:06

She thought of her man, though her face was blurred, but the first time he was led to her parents was clear. At that time, IO was still under twenty, the same age and the same face. The future in-laws smiled and nodded to her man, and she picked the day for you. 

Until the pink day, ah sheng held her and said she would live a good life. She leaned against her thick chest and imagined that the day ahead would be transparent. Until then, she could not remember how the transparent color was a little cloudy and gray, and how she had blurred the nose of the nose, replica mcm backpack which she had touched countless times. Aah made the gray stuffy, and that night, the grey turned into a paste, and her thoughts were so sticky that she could not move. The whole night's dream struggled in this sticky gray. 

The next day, as she climbed out of bed, she had not thought of such a thing for a long time, and had so many dreams. She sat on the edge of cheap mcm backpack the bed for half a day, as if she had drawn the shell of the soul, and had no one to live with. The sisters next door began to rise, presumably not earlier. She clapped her cheeks, not knowing whether she was upset or sober. After a while, she quickly picked up. More carefully than usual, dress up, wear that early low-cut suspense skirt, even fat white thigh also rubbed face cream, let them shine the bright color of temptation. When she came out of the room, she was even used to the way the ladies were surprised. She smiled faintly, and the big visitor, just thinking about the weekend, or the business would be better. 

It was the weekend, as the man and his wife took their daughter from the door of the store and went to the park. Moths o half leaning on the door, eyes move down the man from far to near, man dodging the eyes to see his wife, the simple but elegant wife and daughter directions road to a tree and found no abnormal eye here. The man gave her a quick glance. She had a sudden and wonderful chest, and there was a sudden urge to talk to his wife. 

At that time, there will be home from work in the city of women talk to o moths, said moths you really stupid, don't go out with living, you gather together in the last two years of time, there are enough for two months? Don't have kids in the house, and you don't have a bag to hang out with? 

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