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fake van cleef clover ring

14.11.2017 14:55


Do not know that we found no, when you used to look at the diamond van cleef clover ring that kind of white flawless, and occasionally look at the ruby van cleef clover ring that passion is still do not have the charm, the ruby ring is set up above the mosaic Ruby rather than diamonds, ruby is a kind of corundum, the main component is alumina, chrome, natural ruby mainly from Asia, Myanmar, Thailand, and some other continents there.


Ruby van cleef clover ring replica pigeon blood ruby ruby red, the most valuable is the most concentrated color, known as the pigeon blood gem, very valuable. This can be called almost bright red bright colors, but also the true face of the ruby exposed at a glance. Unfortunately, most of the ruby colors are light, and with the feeling of powder, so with pigeon blood color of the ruby, more valuable. In addition, as a result of the ruby filled with a strong gas and rich colors, the former people think it is the embodiment of dead birds, to produce their fabulous fantasy. Natural ruby origin of non-sparsely populated, high-quality ruby is only produced in Myanmar, and production is gradually reduced, and now can be said to almost exhausted, large stone will no longer appear.


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Ruby fake van cleef clover ring evaluation and purchase. Ruby’s primary evaluation and selection factors are color, followed by weight, transparency and clarity. In general, the color is pure, the particles are large, transparent, no or very few inclusions and flaws, fine processing, the proportion of parts of the proportion of ruby for the superior goods. Burmese ruby, mostly pigeon blood red, color uniform, transparent, large grain, very few defects and cracks. Sri Lanka ruby, light color, the main variety is the star of ruby. Thai pointed bamboo pattern ruby, dark red, the color is not bright, relatively clean. Ruby with brittle, afraid of percussion, beating, wear should pay attention.



Natural gemstones twelfth quiver, no little flaws and cracked natural ruby knock off van cleef clover ring is extremely rare. While the artificial ruby color is consistent, internal defects or crystalline inclusions less, clean, block larger. As precious stones, the market more than 3 karats of natural ruby is very rare, such as encounter a large block of ruby, it is necessary to pay attention, because the natural ruby than man-made ruby value of thousands of times, a little negligence, will Take medicine. Natural ruby has a strong dichroism, the so-called dichroism, that is, from different directions to see red and orange red two tones, such as only one color, it may be red spinel, garnet or red glass.