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Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, mercy and honesty, the English name is Sapphire. Star Sapphire is also known as the “fate of the stone”, to protect the wearer peace, and let people pay good luck. Sapphire is a high-end gem, is one of the five gems, located in diamonds, rubies, ranked third. And the “fate of the stone,” said the Star Sapphire has many fascinating legend, it’s three stars on behalf of “loyalty, hope and love.” So how to buy sapphire replica Van Cleef & Arpels ring?


Look at gemstones under natural daylight and artificial light. Do not use strong light perspective observation, because in the white light to see the blue see the most correct. High quality sapphire should be transparent, turn the pearl has been pondering, you can see the dynamic blue light, but in the general daylight will be more black. Buy sapphire replica Van Cleef & Arpels ring, if it is particularly expensive, it is best to issue a certificate of identification, which is the practice of international jewelry industry.


Watch the color is not correct to see if the color is uniform, cracks will affect the beautiful and durable gem. Such as feathers stretched to the surface of the stone, the sudden impact will make the stones rupture. There are obvious cracks in the sapphire, not worth the money. From the color to evaluate, indigo blue in the microstrip purple sapphire is the most expensive. The color of Sapphire is an indicator of its value. Will Sapphire on a hand away, carefully observe its color is blue or black. If it is blue, then your choice is not far from not far.


Note that the distinction between the texture of the texture, texture is natural crystal, The synthesis of sapphire, the crystallization is often very orderly. Another natural gem is always some impurities, clean and flawless almost no. The synthesis of sapphire, often color dazzling, glorious very superficial, there is no deep sense of natural color. While the natural gem color purity is high, not dazzling, luster from the natural outward injection.


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