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replica bvlgari b zero ring

02.11.2017 05:42


Now married we know all to wear diamond bvlgari ring mens knock off, but this wear method is very exquisite, the general people on how to wear may know a one or two, such as marriage is to wear on the ring finger. But few people know why to wear this finger. What’s the point of wearing other fingers besides the ring finger? These need to be known to young men and women, as it may tell the truth about the owners.


As for the diamond imitation bvlgari ring b zero1 on another finger, there are also various sayings, now we can look at, first of all, from the thumb said that if this finger, this is not ordinary people, in the past, only the royal family can wear this finger, it symbolizes power and status. Nowadays, although there is no royalty, the meaning of the tradition continues.


Diamond Bulgari Ring on the index finger, indicating that the main is very personal proposition, only the personality of the person will wear on the index finger, it tells people that the owner of the bvlgari zero1 ring imitation is very alternative, can not casually provoke oh. And the diamond Bulgari ring on the middle finger, of course, this will look more neutral, but look at the habit seems to be more good-looking, generally speaking, the middle finger wear replica bvlgari b zero ring white gold said there has been the right person, but has not finalized, so, want to cross knife to seize the love of the people to seize the time.


Have you ever heard of a diamond Bulgari ring on a little finger? This is called the tail ring, I do not know if everyone has noticed, but this is the way to wear more people feel cute and delicate. Of course, some say that this is the meaning of being single, so do not want to find the object of friends do not play this game. We have many types of diamond Bulgari ring, leisurely novel generous, perfect bright.


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