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replica bulgari ring

13.01.2018 11:57

As we all know, diamond is a symbol of love and a symbol of loyalty. Diamond ring made of diamond is the best choice for people to get engaged and marry. Every woman hopes to wear a beautiful and bright diamond ring, which not only shows your love , But also highlight your charm, then as the diamond ring the most important raw material production ring, its price is how it, bvlgari rings on sale replica prices are affected by what factors, how to distinguish true and false? Before we understand the price of the ring, we must first understand a concept that is the relationship between the ring and the diamond original stone, many people always treat the original stone as a ring, in fact, not the ring is polished and cut diamonds on the basis of the original stone, Compared to its better shape and gloss, more beautiful, so the bvlgari b zero1 ring replica made of jewelry inlaid for sale, the most common is the diamond ring, the ring made of the ring is not only more on the appearance of a grade , But also given the magical love magic.


Ring price standard to see 4C Because the ring is processed diamonds, so its price is more affected by the processing process, especially by the impact of artificial cutting, the ring is good, depends on whether the cut is perfect, good cut Not only to make the ring gloss better, but also better fire color, which is why some of the reasons why the price of the ring is extremely expensive; of course, the price of the ring eventually depends on the diamond 4C, which is a recognized value standard, in addition to the above Of the cut, the color of the diamond, clarity, and the weight of the ring prices are affected, we see the ring on the market generally not large, bvlgari b zero1 diamond ring replica is more common, its public prices are about 6000- 12000 between the general price we can accept, of course, good quality is not unusual.


Of course, the direct collection of the ring is also a good choice, a good ring is a great collection of value, but before the collection we have to ensure that its true and false, more commonly used is more practical One way to do this is to use a pencil scratch test. Use a pencil to scribble over the wetted diamond. If there are no scratches, this is true. This method is still relatively accurate, but the best way to be cautious is to look for it Professional appraisers, identification agencies to identify the card. How to identify the ring? bvlgari b zero diamond ring replica prices are affected by what factors, I believe you read the above description has been clear, although the diamond is tall and precious stones, but also more expensive, but Bvlgari ring for us is affordable.

26.12.2017 13:36

Bvlgari ring contrast with other materials, the biggest advantage is the high hardness, suitable for large diamond inlaid, as well as more rich colors and styles, fashionable colors, changing, young people generally like some, but Bvlgari ring Good or bad, wearing a long time will change color, on the Bvlgari ring Daikui why the yellow.

18K gold is the gold content of at least 75% of the alloy, the remaining 25% for other precious metals, including platinum, nickel, silver, palladium and so on, the advantages of 18K gold In addition to the style of multi-color rich, cheap and comfortable to wear , 18K gold can also be divided into white 18K gold, red 18K gold, rose gold, color 18K gold.


Suitable for diamond-encrusted materials and the more common are platinum and 18K gold, platinum is also called platinum, so many people will put platinum and 18K white gold confused, in fact, this is not the same material, 18K white gold is 18K gold, but the color is white, So called 18K white gold, and platinum is platinum, is a pure natural precious metal, copy bvlgari 5 band ring cheaper than the platinum diamond ring, about a thousand dollars cheaper.

Bvlgari B.ZERO1 necklace yellow gold 4 band pendant CL857831 replica

Bvlgari ring For a long time, why yellow? Because the surface of copy bvlgari 4 band ring is electroplated, scratches or chemicals such as cosmetics, perspiration, perfume, etc. can cause the surface Rhodium plating is damaged, the metal elements inside the air after exposure to oxidation, it will turn yellow.

Bvlgari ring yellowing how to do? If yellowed, it is recommended that you get the jewelery shop re-plating, after electroplating can restore the original luster, so when copy bvlgari 3 band ring, to choose the regular Business, a perfect after-sales service, especially on the diamond ring maintenance, we buy diamond ring to understand clearly.

29.10.2017 13:49


Girls take pictures hope that the face can be small, wearing clothes hope that the body can be thin, it is no doubt that to bring bulgari diamond ring replica also want to be modified by the United States and the United States. That different hands of the girls how to choose bulgari diamond ring fake?


Hand-shaped thick, this type of bride is more suitable for wearing a round wide design style, because the big bulgari ring can visually cover the thicker fingers, make your fingers look more slim than the original. Inlaid design style is undoubtedly a good choice, this type of bulgari ring, in the visual increase in the width of the diamond, look luxurious and wealthy. Rough wide ring is also designed for this type of hand design, large grain Yanjue line, oval diamond to make its atmosphere without losing the delicate.


Hand-shaped short, this type of hand is the bride need to use three-dimensional design to increase the overall sense of balance of the fingers, and make the fingers look slender and full of tolerance. Rose petal series bulgari ring replica, bold use of hollow three-dimensional design, which is the radiant diamond, and showing a different glory, so that the bride wearing it like a blooming roses. You can also choose simple and slender single grain Apex diamond, because it can be visually showing the slender fingers, so that your fingers add a beautiful.


Hand petite, for the hand of the petite bride, the wedding ring on the diamonds should not be too large, now popular single diamond replica bulgari ring is a good choice, not only simple and fresh, but also highlights the elegant and beautiful temperament, Demeanor vividly released between the fingers.



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