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Cartier love ring replica

22.02.2018 13:42

It may be a matter of moments before two people love each other, but no matter how long the time passes, each other’s smile will be imprinted on your heart overnight, and the ring is a very romantic and important token between the couple. How to wear a cartier love ring mens replica, Imagine wearing a Cartier love diamond ring on each other’s ring finger on Christmas day, as if the two balance lines had a point of intersection and support points, and may later forget Love at first sight, but this feeling will eventually be sublimated, into a more affectionate feelings, love couples always think that love is good and romantic, so they want to be able to keep these beautiful memories.


People who are about to enter the marriage hall may have a question, what should be brought with the wedding ring? In fact, the wedding ring wearing law pay attention to a long time, if it is in accordance with Western tradition, the left hand is God’s good luck, so when the wedding date will be worn on the left wedding ring is the most auspicious, but also the most band To the sense of happiness, then the wedding ring which should wear on the left hand which finger? This requires understanding the difference between engagement Cartier love rings and wedding Cartier love rings, although a wedding ring and an engagement diamond ring has a love of good meaning.


To understand Cartier love how to wear the copy rose gold cartier ring, first of all should know that the concept of wedding rings and engagement rings, whether it is engagement or marriage, in fact, belong to the Western culture, marriage contract an important part of both rings can Is called the wedding ring, the difference is that the engagement cartier diamond ring price replica is presented by the man the woman, the man’s love for the woman’s Cartier love ring, and the wedding ring is the wedding message exchanged between the two parties to wear, on behalf of the two Individual faithful love and loyalty to this love, so the ring should be worn on the girl’s left hand ring finger.


How to wear a ring is important for a man to know before sending off a love ring cartier price replica or a Cartier love ring. If you see a lady wearing a diamond ring at Christmas, she may say she is in love, or The lady is married, based on the position of the Cartier love ring. If you see someone wearing a diamond ring on the little finger on your right hand, you indicate that the person is a celibate, meaning that he does not want to establish a marriage with anyone. In his philosophy of life, one can live well Good, but two people’s fetters but will make him feel unhappy, so wearing the Cartier love ring is also a knowledge, more reserve some common knowledge of jewelry is always good.

20.10.2017 06:29


Next year, the Geneva International Grand Prix (SIHH), Cartier will launch three new men’s watch: Rotonde de Cartier Terre et Lune day and night display watch, Mechanical Legends Crash Squelette mechanical legend red gold hollow watch and Clé de Cartier Squelette Automatique Hollow automatic Cartier love bracelet replica watch. “Hollow” is the three new creation of the distinctive theme, one of the last particularly eye-catching, because it will be Cartier’s first automatic winding hollow watch, equipped with self-made 9621 MC new movement.


Clé de Cartier Squelette Automatique Hollow Automatic Watch

To hollow bridge plate instead of time scale (not just Roman numerals) show time information, is Cartier’s patent, but also a brand of a large logo design. The new Clé de Cartier Squelette Automatique hollow automatic watch challenge is to be equipped with automatic winding device, but also to avoid it blocking the hollow digital time scale, affecting the watch reading effect.


In contrast to the past, Cartier will watch the basic principles into consideration, from bottom to top to meet the challenge. First, the movement needs to achieve the best winding rate of 2.5 to 3 (Cartier has developed a special measurement software for this). 9621 MC from Cartier 1904 MC self-made movement, made of nickel-silver alloy, nickel content for the movement hollow to provide effective compensation.


9621 MC movement

Automatic pendulum Tuo traditional design, but was hollowed out very thorough, only narrow edge, from the side of the dial can not see. Different from the 1904 MC movement put Tuo (tungsten material), 9621 MC movement pendulum Tuo made with 22K gold, can provide 48 hours power storage. The new Clé de Cartier Squelette Automatique hollow watch is priced at € 40,000; Cartier also offers a diamond version (bright diamonds, total weight of about 5 carats) for € 100,000.


Rotonde de Cartier Terre et Lune watch the day and night watch


The new Rotonde de Cartier Terre et Lune day and night display watch also to hollow as the theme. The watch Cartier love ring replica case to 18K red gold to create, with platinum hollow Roman numerals, meteorite dial and moon phase profit and loss display disk. Through the 2 o’clock position of the button, you can easily adjust the second time zone function. 4 o’clock position of the button is responsible for the moon phase, press the button, the meteorite moon disc will move to the tourbillon (6 o’clock position) above a specific location, the window shows the extent of the moon phase profit and loss status. The watch limited edition of 15, priced at 210,000 euros.


Mechanical Legends Crash Squelette mechanical legend red gold hollow watch


9618 MC movement

Cartier to a new Mechanical Legends Crash Squelette mechanical legend watch red gold version of the hollow theme is more complete. Unique design, new case material, the demand for the new movement to match the appearance of red gold. Earlier this year, Cartier had launched a mechanical legendary Crash watch platinum version, limited to 138; this new 18K red gold version of the limited edition of 67 to commemorate the first Cartas Crash watch year – 1967 years. The watch is priced at € 55,000.

Schaffhausen luxury watch business IWC Weinplatz 10 (wine square 10) boutiques officially opened, which is following Bahnhofstrasse 61 (Banhov Street 61), the brand opened in Zurich’s second boutique.


Linus Fuchs, General Manager of IWC Switzerland, said: “We are pleased to take this opportunity Cartier nail bracelet replica to set up stores in the largest city in Switzerland to further enhance brand awareness.Weinplatz is one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Zurich, where luxury brands are gathered. Create a unique environment for more enthusiasts to explore the opportunity to explore the brand mechanical watch.

The boutique is operated by IWC and watch and watch specialist Zett Meyer. Adrian Bindella, general manager of Zett Meyer, said: “We are delighted and proud to be able to write a new chapter in cooperation with Schaffhausen.


Schaffhausen Wanguo new boutique site has a long history. The description of Haus zum Schwert was first seen in 1406, a prestigious European hotel, where many artists have left footprints, including composer Johannes Brahms and Germany’s greatest literary figures Goethe.


Boutiques are decorated with traditions and innovations, using black wood, glass and natural stone to create an elegant environment, a clear design language both echo the spirit of brand engineering, but also fully reflects the history of this special building reputation. Store sales pilots, Portuguese, engineers, ocean timepieces, Da Vinci and Park Tao Fenuo and other six series of fine timepieces, but also includes the million countries exclusive limited edition store creation. On the occasion of the festive season, the boutique will launch a special window design decoration, so that pedestrians feel the joy of Christmas atmosphere.


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