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World watch has always been filled with a mysterious color in the inside, a disk shows the world time, how to say that is impossible, in fact, the world and the same calendar, have been exaggerated facts, in fact, when the world watch You can also display the world’s 24 different time zones, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three world watch.


Vacheron Constantin WORLD TIME World Time Series 86060 / 000R-9640 watch

Watch Comments: This table of mechanical movement can show the world 37 time zone time, equipped with Caliber 2460WT self-winding movement. Bezel set in 42.55 mm powder gold case, the surface of the three dial-type ultra-complex design, dotted sharp-type Cartier love bracelet replica pointer: center sapphire dial with day and night display, the middle of the metal dial is Lambert projection map, the most outer circle Is a rotatable metal ring.


JIA Geophysical Observatory Watch Series Q8108420 watch

Watch Comments: Geophysic ® Geophysical Observatory watch series using the classic pointer and linear time scale, the interpretation of modern aesthetics at the same time, also inherited the historical characteristics of the brand. Case reproduction of the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s advanced watchmaking style, highlighting the watch’s own personality – lugs do not smooth the curvature of the connection case, pass the courageous attitude of confidence. The side of the ear is polished, highlighting the smooth contours. Bezel and the details of the case and the lugs superimposed, which also makes the overall beauty of the watch more smooth and gorgeous.


Breguet HORA MUNDI 5717 Series 5717BR / US / 9ZU watch

Watch Comments: Breguet classic series of world watch, this watch is the Asian and Pacific dial style, the other also has a European and African dial style. Watch with 43 mm diameter design, 18K rose gold material to create, this watch can remember to synchronize the time zone of two time zones, just press the 8 o’clock position of the crown, you can achieve the needle in the stored time memory Free to switch.


Summary: the world when the watch is generally the needs of some business travelers, each time zone to travel, have a world watch will not have the feeling of time chaos. World watch production is not how difficult, compared to three questions, Tourbillon, calendar and other functions, the world watch to be a lot easier.

With more than 160 years of history of the famous Swiss watch brand, “Made in Switzerland” is the heart of Tissot has not eroded the mark. Tissot’s high performance and high quality have long Cartier love ring replica been recognized by many parties. In development, Tissot used to break through the self, to create a different expression of timepieces. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Tissot table day carpentry series of watches, the display of hollow mechanical beauty as other watches as people like. Watch official model: T070.405.16.411.00.


Mechanical charm tasting Tissot Tencel hollow series watch


Tissot T070.405.16.411.00


This Tissot watch to create a diameter of 43 mm diameter, 11.99 mm thick round case, in the case of carrying power reserve 38 hours of hollow processing manual mechanical movement. Watch case covered sapphire crystal glass table mirror, movement swept, after hollowing the movement of a delicate appearance, showing mechanical charm. Watch with black belt, water depth of 50 meters.



Watch crown made of stainless steel, exquisite workmanship. Side use of striped decoration, easy to grasp the adjustment time, the top of the logo logo “T”; crown after polishing, the surface smooth and shiny.



Watch with black leather strap, strap cut reasonable, clear texture and beautiful, the edge of the black suture stitching; leather strap soft and tough, comfortable to wear.



Round case thickness 11.99 mm, generous and powerful. Case through the drawing polished, you can see the surface of the beautiful drawing; watch bezel and case is not one cast, so that the case is more layered and three-dimensional.



Watch round dial is equipped with hollow processing of the manual mechanical movement, through the case covered with sapphire crystal glass can clearly see the movement of the movement and operation. Movement parts after careful processing, not only can see the parts after grinding smooth surface, and can clearly see the parts on the patchwork of stripes. Watch the central assembly of blue hollow when the pointer, dial outer edge sometimes marked and minute scale; in the pointer and time scale on a white coating.



This watch is the shape of the watch and the case of one cast, after design, angular, more masculine; lug is not long, there are miniature arc, you can ensure that when the watch wear more fit watch.



Watch strap with butterfly buckle link, opening and closing simple, easy to wear. Stainless steel material of the clasp after polished polished, smooth and bright surface, decorated in the clasp with Tissot logo letter “T”.


Table bottom

Watch case is used to carry the bottom of the table, in the back of the table edge engraved with brand logo and some Cartier nail bracelet replica watch parameters. Case is equipped with a manual mechanical movement, movement model ETA6497, diameter 36.6 mm, 4.5 mm thick. Movement power reserve 38 hours, every 38 hours need to manually chain once.


Summary: Tissot Masterpiece hollow series watch is a men’s watch. At the same time, it is Tissot brand cutting-edge precision watchmaking process of representative products. This watch has a stylish appearance and sophisticated production process, a unique disc design and tailor-made movement gives the product unparalleled stereoscopic visual effects. Crystal glass under the mirror, five like a car-like lines bloom on the dial above. Behind the dial, hidden by the craftsmen to create the mechanical movement. The luxurious look and unique detail is designed for the wearer to provide a classic and uncomfortable wear experience.


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