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fake van cleef and arpels pendant

13.10.2017 05:57


In 2017, the fifth anniversary of the public star design! We have hundreds of stars, celebrities, and social partners for the support of public welfare star design has been regarded as China’s so far the most influential fashion star cross-border design platform; as The ambition to participate in the fifth quarter of the public star design of the public star ambassador Chen Yanxi with necklace van cleef arpels replica recent concern.


In the recent hit reality show “We came 2” Chen Yanxi because of the lively and cheerful nature of the innumerable powder circle powder, also known as the minutes are in the expression of the expression package, cute index full score! Little body Chen Yanxi , The body is hidden with great energy, a look of Jiao Meng she wore fake van cleef and arpels pendant can let the great power spread to the crowd, talking about her participation in the cause of the public star design, said: “material demand is the foundation, but Every child must be able to healthy growth must have a wealth of spiritual support, public star design let me see this, I am very happy to do their own Mianbozhili!


So that there is affinity and love of Chen Yanxi, portrait interpretation of the star flash dream series of jewelry! Take it for granted this warm love laugh girl, luck will not be bad! Great sense of the future sparkling silver pants crash probability simple white shirt, carrying bright Glorious diamond replica necklace van cleef arpels like a star, decorated in the neck and shoulders on the show beautiful style grid; a princess wind white lace small skirt and warm pearls, bright combination of the United States and stone, so that the overall style and shape Smart! A little love and hope of the clover van cleef gold necklace knock off, metamorphosis fun of the wizard girl, embedded in the van cleef and arpels pearl necklace replica above the jealous diamond is illuminating the heart.


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