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bvlgari b zero1 ring replica

08.10.2017 12:45


Marry a ring with the ring is probably the most striking scene of the marry the scene of the bar. Although this is a seemingly simple move, but with the sacred inviolability of the solemn. And to marry replica bulgari ring worn on which hands, as well as boys with the ring of the standard action, will become a form of love. So, how to get married with a ring to be correct?


Marriage replica bvlgari b zero ring worn on the left hand, now young people generally respected Western style, including the proposal will be in accordance with Western style to some of the habits to layout. Marriage ring in accordance with the Western tradition of his girlfriend’s left hand ring finger, because the West said the left hand ring finger has a heart to the blood vessels, the ring wearing this finger also implies the two heart. So in accordance with the standards of young people now, to marry imitation bvlgari b zero1 ring should be brought in his girlfriend’s left hand ring finger, and in many young people seem to put the wedding ring on the left hand does not mean that you are a fashionable, not outdated people.


Marriage bvlgari b zero1 ring replica wearing a law, and marry ring to bring his girlfriend’s hand, the marriage ring specifically how should the band, but also a very interesting issue. The same is the impact of Western culture, young people will choose a single kneel kneeling to his girlfriend to marry, the standard posture should be knees on the right knee, left retreat was ninety degrees bend, and then the boys left his hand naturally on the left knee, then Down can be the hands of the Zoukai exclusive custom diamond ring wearing his girlfriend left hand ring finger. Whether the standard of one knee is not only related to the beauty or not.


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