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28.09.2017 06:07


With the development of the economy, more and more people will choose the diamond ring as a wedding token or a commitment to love, and usually people think that the greater the carat diamond ring, the more able to represent the heart of love, so the major brands Are competing to launch a large carat diamond ring. In the big carat diamond ring, 6 carat diamond ring can be described as quite scarce, and very expensive, is the mouth of people often say pigeon eggs. And different grades of 6 carat diamond ring price also has a very big difference, today Xiaobian to come for everyone to analyze the price of cartier love ring diamond replica which factors affect it.


One of the factors: knock off love ring cartier fineness As we all know, the more close to the transparent color of the diamond ring is better, and the international diamond ring for the fineness level, also has a very strict standard, the more close to the D color diamond ring, is the more Scarce, while the price will be much higher.


6-carat diamond ring in the size of the original scarce, coupled with fineness on the very good, the price is even higher. Xiao Bian had seen a D-color 6 carat diamond ring, sold the price of 10 million yuan, but also become the largest annual turnover of the diamond ring. Have a D-color diamond ring is the dream of most women, but also let the wearer into the crowd’s focus Oh.


The second factor: diamond ring work If the 6-carat diamond ring price is determined by its quality, then the diamond ring work is another very large influencing factors. A good diamond ring, if coupled with exquisite workmanship, is undoubtedly icing on the cake.


Of course, not all craftsmen have the opportunity to come into contact with the six-carat diamond ring, because the original stone is scarce, can handle the knock off cartier love ring craftsmen are many years of industry experience in the old master, in the work is also the best. Good work to the greatest degree of display of the beauty of the diamond ring, and then through the different refraction surface to release the diamond light. The better the workmanship, the more able to release the beauty of diamonds, diamond ring at the same time the price is more expensive Oh.


Influencing factors: diamond ring brand in the current diamond ring market, there are many large and small brands, not only super-line brand, there are relatively small custom brand and cost-effective to play the three-line brand. Different diamond brand brand value is different, given to the diamond ring in the price of natural is not the same, the final finished product price is also a big difference. In the super-line brand, 6-carat diamond ring can be sold for millions of prices, and in the third-line brand, the same quality diamond ring may only need about one million yuan. Consumers in the purchase of diamond rings, not just the use of diamond ring value, it is its added value.


knock off cartier ring is a lot of women’s dream, but also a lot of women lifelong pursuit of the goal. By the fineness, workmanship, brand and other factors, 6 carat diamond ring price is also very different. Xiao Bian suggested that if you want to buy a 6-carat diamond ring, may wish to choose according to their own needs, oh, for their own is the best.


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