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Today’s Swatch Group

Swatch Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of finished watch, the Group has nine watch brands and multi-brand Tourbillon retail stores. Brand in addition to open up different levels of watch retail market, but also fully into the jewelry, movement and parts manufacturing and sales. Swatch Group not only for the watchmakers to provide all the parts needed to produce finished watches, and for the Swiss and the world’s third-party watchmakers supply movement and parts. In addition, the Group also specializes in the development of Cartier love bracelet replica nanometer machinery and nanoelectronics technology related to tabulation and other industries.

Swatch Group name from the “Swatch” amazing success of the legend. In 1983, the first “Swatch” plastic watch available, the creative use of new materials and new design, impeccable quality, affordable, thereby reviving the Swiss watch industry, the watch re-defined as An interpretation of real life.

Since its inception, Swatch Group has developed into a strong industrial holding company, in the tabulation parts and components in all areas have a solid foundation and production technology, as the basis, the group can expand the product line, provide all kinds of watches, from Simple quartz watch to the complex function of mechanical movement, and has been outstanding quality and artistic beauty combined as a guiding principle. From the first watch for children to collectors unique watch, from the emerging brand to have hundreds of years of history of the brand, from the classic elegant watches to the sports fashion watches, Swatch Group to provide the perfect quality Of the watch and meet everyone’s needs Cartier love ring replica and be proud of.

Distinguished luxury brands: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, and Omega; High-end brands: Longines, Rado and Union Glashütte; mid-brands: Tissot, Calvin Klein watches and clocks, Calmain, Certina ), Mido and Hamilton; the base brands: Swatch and Flik Flak.

Now under the leadership of Group Chairman Nayla Hayek and CEO Nick Hayek, the Swatch Group is still investing heavily in research and development, steadily expanding its leadership in materials, process technology and product design and production. Swatch Group attaches particular importance to participation in microelectronics technology and microelectronics machinery R & D activities, especially in the field of communications research and development activities. The company has a long history, reputation, and pride in sports timing and measurement technology. Among the many international sporting events, many of the brands of the Swatch Group have become official timers, and have signed contracts for future cooperation, including the Cartier nail bracelet replica Olympic Games. In pursuit of more accurate timing measurements, the Swatch Group is continuing its commitment to innovative technology that allows athletes around the world to share the joy of technological improvements with sports fans.

Swatch Group has realized that its own watch brand has a wealth of traditional heritage, the protection of watchmaking expertise and the importance of high-end watch application art decoration, it has been an important sponsor of the art industry, around the world for art Repair project investment funds. The Group has also set up a number of international watchmaking schools to set up an Applied Arts Center in Switzerland to ensure that the centuries of technology and expertise are not lost and continue to inherit the next generation.

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China is the first piece of watches what, I think this is all the Chinese watch enthusiasts a common problem. Now the pace of development of domestic watches is very fast, so we will think about the first piece of domestic watch look like it? The following watch home for you to introduce!

China’s first watch is what, China’s first watch introduced


China’s first watch – “51” brand watches, was born in Tianjin, which is the pride of Tianjin.


That year to participate in the “China’s first table” produced by the four Chinese national handicraft industry hero, and some have been ancient, and some have been inconvenient. But people will not forget their contribution Cartier love bracelet replica to China’s watch industry, for the honor of Tianjin.


A few years ago, in Hedong District, Tianjin, a residential building, I have seen to participate in the development of “China’s first table,” Sun Wenjun old man. Speaking of the development of “China’s first table” thing, the old man’s mood is very excited. He told me that in 1954 the winter, I and Zhang Wenshu, Wang Cimin, Jiang Zhengyin in the then public-private joint venture in Tianjin Warwick watch factory, to discuss how to develop the first piece of domestic watches. After a period of preparation, we were in a less than 20 square meters of the room set off the battlefield. At that time, we developed only 400 yuan, the equipment is 4 sets of old lathes, milling machines, testing tools is a 0-25 mm micrometer and vernier caliper.


Is this condition to create a watch? Many people, including some experts, are skeptical. But four dreams want to end China can only repair the table, can not watch the history of the rebirth of the Republic of the heart is so persistent. These four hands, smart surprisingly. More than 140 parts in the watch, the thinnest than thinner than paper, the finest fine needle tip, aperture shaft diameter error is smaller than the hair … … these have their hands to complete. They press 6 watches to feed, through the day and night of more than three months of hard days, and finally loaded into two finished table.


March 24, 1955 at 5:45 pm, the Chinese people Cartier love ring replica made their own first watch, tighten the clockwork, ticking, ticking began timing. As the table is in the “51” Labor Day trial before the success of the then Tianjin Light Industry Bureau will be the table of the trademark as “51” brand watches.


“51” brand watches were born, by the national leaders of the attention and support. In 1958 on the eve of the National Day, by the state investment in Tianjin set up Tianjin watch factory. In 1969, Tianjin watch factory designed to design a unique novel, take the high accuracy of the “Dongfeng card” thin watch. 1975, and developed to produce in line with international standards, “Seagull” female table, and access to the national silver medal, as China’s first men and women watch two series of multi-species production manufacturers. China to implement the reform and opening up, in order to adapt to the international watch industry trends, Tianjin watch factory as the main body, by the 16 watch professional production enterprises and four joint ventures formed enterprise group — Tianjin Seagull Watch Group.


Tianjin watches from scratch, from imitation to their own design, from a single variety to more varieties of production, from domestic to export, from a single business to the group of business, it is the epitome of the development of China’s watch industry.

VTech children’s smart watches landed in China, listed less than two weeks in the domestic line out of stock. And this children’s smart watches are also known as “2015 most worth buying children’s smart watches”! Then what is the function of this watch? Price is how much money?

VTech children’s smart watch introduction, VTech children’s smart watch how much money

February 2015, in Europe and the United States selling VTech children’s smart watches landing in China. Unlike traditional children’s smart watches in the domestic market, the “GPS tracking” feature is different, and VTech is focused on the design of entertainment and learning smart watches for children, both in photography, entertainment and education. This innovative product design, refresh the public understanding of children’s smart watches, triggering the attention of science and technology media, called “breakthrough children’s smart watch industry bottlenecks.”

Not only that, VTech children’s smart Cartier nail bracelet replica watches are also recognized by many parent-child media, was rated as “2015 most worth buying children’s smart watches.” Long-term exposure to the front of the trend of the bubble dad, the size of love to play, Uncle Uncle and other well-known parent-child network up to the watch is also a unique built-in camera, color touch screen, bilingual learning time and other functions moved, have been open from the media platform recommend.

VTech children’s smart watch is selling hot, it is because of the physical and mental development of children fit. Different from the traditional meaning of the children’s smart watch main GPS tracking, VTech more focus on providing children with learning and entertainment combined interactive experience.

In terms of learning, the watch can be set in the bilingual reading time, and with a switchable cute dial, so that learning time is no longer boring; puzzle games to help train logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. In the entertainment, the unique built-in camera smart watch, with walking with the film; video, recording function for children to do the record of life and discoverer. In addition, the original color touch screen, the game length of the parent monitoring function, the international level of quality, anti-splash water anti-collision, so that children safe and convenient to use. Price, this smart watch is also very affordable! Market price of 499 yuan. Just spend less than 500 yuan will be able to let the children understand the situation. And powerful, which parents do not heart it?


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