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replica earrings cartier

07.09.2017 13:15


knock off cartier love earrings worn on the left and right sides of the face, and the human face is the most eye-catching, so earrings, earrings are properly decent, very important. Can be said earrings, earrings worn properly, can make the face of women become beautiful, play the role of icing on the cake. Now a lot of female friends like to buy cartier earrings to enhance their charisma, then the earrings of the correct way to wear it?



1) for thin face or face narrow women, suitable for wearing cartier love earrings imitation, earrings should be their daily wear ornaments. Thin or narrow face, put on the appropriate earrings, you can play to compensate for the lack of face, add beautiful role.


2) for the melon-shaped face of the female (this face is characterized by the size of the circle under the cut, or the amount of large jaw tip), decorative face of the essentials is a little increase in the width of the jaw, resulting in thinner as a full visual effect The Therefore, you can wear a flower-like

replica love cartier earrings, people seem quiet and elegant; can also wear vertical concise swing ring, people seem lively, chic.


3) For those who have been very full round face female, please note that can not wear that kind of large and round button cartier earrings, because this earrings will make people feel the face fullness, making round and big face to see Go more round and more fat. This type of face women can choose to wear jewelry from the replica cartier diamond earrings, it will make people feel the face of the wearer’s growth. Or two ears should wear small and bright single diamond stud earrings, on the one hand because the ear nail small size, will not increase the width of the face; the other hand, diamond sparkling, easy to make people focus on the middle of the face, so that Face narrow, looks seem coordinated and decent.


4) For the rectangular face of the female, the decoration should pay attention to the appropriate increase in the horizontal width of the face horizontal line, such as the choice of slightly larger and eye-catching inlaid with jade earrings, or short pendant round fake cartier diamond earrings, after wearing Can produce two ears become larger, widened face and show a rounded sense of visual effects. Do not choose to wear swing ring, due to swing ring shake, will make the entire lower half of the face wide, forming a small look on the small triangular face.



replica earrings cartier of the correct way to wear it? I believe we read the above content also know how to wear cartier earrings after the. Stylish and attractive cartier design fashion novel, with a unique handicrafts made one after another classic, fashion wild let you in any occasion can become the focus of the crowd.