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25.08.2017 10:12


Has more than 130 years of history of the Italian jewelry master replica bvlgari jewelry for men together with the Shanghai International Film Festival Organizing Committee, co-organized “Sino-Italian film in the life of aesthetics; cultural exchange forum. Celebrity Lu Chuan, the Italian national treasure actor Isabella Ferrari, and Bulgari CEO; Jean-Christophe Babin with the seats, Tao Jingying presided over, talk about the inside and outside the screen inside the Italian style, the famous movie star, Life Aesthetics. The beauty of the Italian film, from the Italian filmmakers for the artistic expression of the diligent pursuit and whimsy, but also with the Apennine Peninsula unique environment is closely related. The Alps resist the cold of the north, the Mediterranean sea breeze moisten the land, the long coastline is full of holiday paradise replica bvlgari jewelry rings,

beautiful film set. As a renaissance of European civilization, Italy sat on several cultural cities, monuments dotted. Rome as a once the Empire Center, more infinite reverie. The middle of the 20th century, “Roman Holiday” “Bin Xu” “Egyptian Yan” and other classic films are filmed here. After the film Zhang Ziyi is the only love “Roman Holiday”, Gregory & bull; Parker holding Audrey & bull; Hepburn from the Spanish steps down the scene. She also said that she had been to the Venice Film Festival, feeling very relaxed. But also in Italy for a week, the ancient city of Pompeii, Capri, Rome, charming natural scenery and unique customs, so she is very fond of Italy. Actor Zhang Ziyi Rome is also the birthplace of replica bulgari jewellery rings. In 1884, the brand founder Sotirio Bulgari opened the first Bvlgari jewelery shop on the 10th of Condado Avenue. Elizabeth; Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid; Bergman and other celebrities are here guests. The store is adjacent to the Spanish steps, and Bulgari has a deep affection for it. In 2015, the brand generously donated 1.5 million euros for the repair work of the steps – and now it has been rejuvenated, continuing the “Roman Holiday” that scene never fade romance.



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