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Bulgari snake bracelet gold imitation

22.08.2017 04:54

fake Bulgari serpentine bracelet yellow were in fact the first to be popular because of the family’s watch. When it comes to the Bulgari snake bracelet, the first thing people think of is Elizabeth Taylor.

So many gorgeous jewels, I just want Bulgari, Elizabeth Taylor’s only Italian word is, Bvlgari.

“My mom said I opened my eyes 8 days after birth, and the first thing I saw was an engagement ring, and I was instantly fascinated,” Elizabeth Taylor explained her love for jewellery.

Taylor’s collection is one of the most priceless private collections in the world to date, and she has a passion for these jewels, and has been very much studied in all aspects of their craftsmanship and rarity. In her view, every jewel of hers is a gift from a lover’s friend and has a special meaning.

Bulgari snake bracelet gold imitation for Elizabeth Taylor and Burton at the time of the vigorous love adds a thick. More people in the impression of Taylor, or “Cleopatra” in the shape of the queen wearing a snake-headed gold crown, she is a perfect reappearance of the majesty of the Egyptian royal family. Elizabeth Taylor, who wears a snake-shaped jewel, has also become a classic, pushing the fashion boom of the serpentine jewelry to the top.



In 1962, Elizabeth Taylor wore a classic gold inlaid coloured enamel bracelet wrist watch in a promotional photo taken for the movie Cleopatra. And this reproduces the scene 2000 years ago. In ancient Rome, there may be no more reminiscent of a snake than the mention of Cleopatra. In 46 BC, Cleopatra first came to the Roman Empire, and a love story took place between Caesar and Antony. The world is admiring her incomparable beauty, winding the sensual limbs with a serpentine gold bracelet. Since then, the Serpentine jewelry has become a decorative thing. In addition, Alba, Emma, Charlize, Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi and other women at home and abroad love fake Bulgari serpenti bracelet yellow gold and wear it in public.

As one of the oldest and most widely circulated myths, the smart snake is always active in the jewelry works of different times. Snakes have a mysterious nature, and for a long time people have imagined it, almost in every culture of the world’s myth and folklore tradition, have its figure. Adam and Eve lived carefree in the Garden of Eden because they were tempted by snakes to steal apples from the tree of wisdom.



Then there is a sense of shame, with all kinds of desires. From then on, people curse snakes and think that snakes are the embodiment of evil. Because it is the fake bulageri snake gold black that makes people have desires, become greedy, selfish, let the desire to tie the mind. All kinds of ancient civilizations also have a variety of legends of the Snake: the ancient Egyptians believe that the nature of the snake’s molting is a symbol of rebirth, resurrection and immortality. In Greek mythology, snakes also play an important role, representing healing, death and rebirth.

It is because of this mysterious power, for centuries, the image of snakes not only appeared in the Myths and legends of ancient civilizations, but also in the works of poets and artists. But since the image of the snake is also linked to the devil, the image of the snake is almost entirely invisible in medieval European jewellery.



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