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Fake Cartier love bracelet

18.08.2017 04:53

About "generalist" type dial process machine carved flowers People watch, first will see the dial. Dial a face like a watch, watch dial is beautiful or not, actor and bad are directly about the class of the watch and the quality of "the first elements". Traditional dial process, there are two kinds of technology represents the highest level, is a kind of enamel, is another kind of machine carved flowers. The advanced TAB brand one of breguet table can see these two Cartier love bracelet replica processes, and machine carved flower is on a par with breguet pointer, coin grooved of one of the iconic element. What is a "machine carved flowers"? Decorative machine carved flower carving is the source from the ancient Greek art form, as to the origin of carve patterns or designs on woodwork technology, people, some people think that is a French engineer, ROM (Guillot) invented the mobile lathe, used for carving patterns on the metal. Others think that this contribution is German Hans schwann hartz (Hans Schwanhardt). No matter the inventor who it was, then the process is London carpenter in common use in the decorative wooden furniture. An accidental opportunity, Abraham, Louis Breguet (Abraham - Louis Breguet) found in London for the carving process, and in more than two centuries ago the watchmaking, introduced the process, became the first watchmaker to machine carved flowers decorate the dial. Although it is called the machine carved flowers, but control of the history of more than two hundred years of machine or manual operation by humans, is a kind of automation control mode, its weight, speed, and the final pattern and aesthetic effect produced by completely based on the abundant experience and tabulation Fake Cartier love bracelet watchmaker's capability, it is not common watchmaker are able to harness. About "generalist" type TAB No further study of the historical data, will think breguet's the purpose of the invention is mainly for aesthetic considerations, however, as long as the master of breguet know people will know this is not the case. Abraham, Louis Breguet (Abraham Louis Breguet since stepped into the tabulation world, all along in tirelessly pursue every hour meter parts is practical, so he will not introduce a aesthetic enjoyment not only the practical value of the process. Machine carved flowers, in his opinion, the process is a beautiful and practical at a suit, is a rare type about "generalist" TAB. Inspired by breguet, returned to Paris, he began to try to carve on the dial. It certainly has realised that this kind of delicate carving has very important practical value. First of all, in fine machine carved flowers, pointer all the more clear, can significantly improve the chronometer "readability", easy to read. Despite the popular wide beautiful baroque pointer, no matter in any context is very eye-catching, easy to read, but machine carved flowers for the development of small refined pointer has paved the way, bring brand-new pointer design style, not long after, breguet's successful launch of "only" needlepoint blue steel pointer, in the set off of machine carved flower yi yi is unripe brightness. Today, this pointer has become one of the classic signs of breguet watch, and in the name of "treasure ji pointer" included in the term watchmaking. Breguet has found machine carved flowers and a second function, in the early stages of exploration, he realized that can be set by grain Cartier nail bracelet replica change and highlight different areas on the dial, to set the various display relatively independent complex functions and events. So almost from the machine at the beginning of carved flowers, breguet in each function area on the dial carves distinct adornment design, these intricate, but orderly lines change from now on become breguet another indispensable classical elements on the table. Heirs of significant innovation More than two hundred years ago, Abraham, Louis breguet watches in Paris bank 39 (39 Quai DE l ` Horloge) to create a tabulation workshop. Since then, he invented or introduced many machine carved flowers and so on the special tabulation skills of both decorative and practical, to treasure ji brand still revered today, after more than 200 years, while adhering to the traditional master's successor, also do not forget to bold innovation. In the past two centuries, they mainly for two major reform. First of all, Mr Abraham, Louis breguet himself never to act the role of organic flower dial to carve silver plating processing. It is usually use both gold and silver to make the dial material, so the dial will how many color change as time goes on. Now treasure ji dial is still solid gold to build, on some women's watch, will act the role of the natural mother, the only difference is that the gold on the dial are coated with a thin layer of silver, in protection at the same time, but also the dial on the vision more depth. Secondly, the Cartier love ring replica watchmaker breguet, as always, use driven entirely by hand and control cutting lathe (rose engine) class carving tools. But at the same time, they also produce a large number of new design, have greatly enriched hand-cut pattern, complemented the breguet watch, make it more beautiful. Watch dial watch is delicate beauty of a window, dial in the watchmaker, as the canvas is to the painter, is the carrier of masters writing creative inspiration. And after machine carved flower dial beautiful beautiful, delicate and elegant, is undoubtedly one of the most perfect interpretation of tabulation of art. If the round, square, and even cask shaped case watch of wrist of men and women all appropriate, then the oval watchcase is exclusively for women, it makes women love table in the field of predominantly men wrist watch to find a niche of its own. Oval face let women to get rid of the fairly rigid, more lively and clever elegant temperament. If thought that women love fashion table, it was wrong, wrist watch is not simple timing tool already, the symbol of status, female consumers also value this, a good watch is far more than a high fashion can reveal grade, women face the huge consumer groups, each wrist watch brand also began to increase their own female replica Cartier love bracelet table weights. Female table of boom in fact there are a few years ago, this year is intensifying, and whether it is a complex process of loading or the fusion of high-end jewelry, make this year's female table has a watch. Bulgari unveiled its first complicated function of female table, micro painting technology on dial, carrying bulgari produced BVL 263 movement, the tourbillon placed on sapphire crystal plate, 22 k rose gold (2.42 g) put tuo, decorated with wavy lines and circles in Geneva grain decoration, beauty, give attention to two or morethings 40 diamond can make a woman love at first sight. Chanel J12 series launched in the year of the new, joined the phases of the moon function series, the moon is supposed to be the woman like best about the complex function, and the phases of the moon disc sand stone to build the chanel, there are rain or shine like stars deductive month circle lack of romance. Treasure ji new Reine DE Naples Day/Night show women's watch, Day and Night paint desire of brinkmanship between the sun and moon, act on the dial up the dance of the grandeur of the time. Therefore, breguet movement Cartier love ring replica developed the new patent technology, layout of double face, according to a display time in traditional way, the second display, day and night time complex function. On the senior jewelry watches, omega arguably make enough attention this year, in addition to female table of commonly used diamond elements, omega Ladymatic high jewelry shows female beauty woman table use the pearl, although the price of 1.2 million yuan, but this watch is sure to capture many women's heart.