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Calvin Klein (CK), an American fashion brand, was founded in 1968, the founder of the same name designer Calvin Klein, had four consecutive years to obtain well-known clothing awards; its founder Calvin Klein was born in 1942 New York, studying at the famous New York Fashion Cartier love bracelet replica Institute (FIT).

Calvin Klein is America’s largest designer brand; its related products is endless, the momentum is extremely alarming.

Calvin Klein has always adhered to perfectionism, every piece of Calvin Klein fashion is very perfect. Because it embodies the full New York lifestyle, Calvin Klein’s clothing has become a new generation of professional women’s brand choice in the favorite.

Calvin Klein has “Calvin Klein Collection”, “CK Calvin Klein”, “Calvin Klein Jeans”, and casual wear, socks, underwear, pajamas, swimsuit, perfume , Glasses, furniture supplies and so on.

Calvin Klein Jeans China’s largest flagship store is located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province Xiangshan Road (Parkson opposite)

CK watch focus on nature, bit by bit to show the charming place. They have the advantages of Swiss manufacturing trademarks, and with ETA movement.

The Ck Calvin Klein watch is a great attraction for its unique style, streamlined design and unparalleled price.

Ck watch series of products have a variety of different sizes, colors and materials, reflecting the integration of the vitality, youth and risk of modern life style.

They show the characteristics of modern graphics design and technical quality both, and these features are guaranteed by the Swiss manufacturing trademark.

Calvin Klein’s daughter complained that she was most disappointed when she was affectionate with her Fake Cartier love bracelet boyfriend, to see her father’s name appears in the underwear on the edge.

Calvin Klein e – commerce

Calvin Klein launches new e-business components on the brand’s website so that consumers can shop online. Procurement of the project, including Calvin Klein “better” series of the vast majority of men and women clothing, accessories and home textiles and other supplies. The online store has played a complementary role with the 10 Calvin Klein “better” retailers in the United States since November 2007. Consumers outside of the United States will be automatically imported into Calvin Klein’s global website for branded products.

Tom Murry, president and chief executive officer of VF, said the company’s excellent website design will be an excellent branding platform and the future will be an important source of revenue.

John Walsh, president and chief executive officer of Calvin Klein’s retail division, said that direct contact with customers such as e-commerce sites is an important element in the future of the brand. The company has 10 boutiques to start operations, e-commerce site opened the third phase of the program opened.

In China, Calvin Klein also embarked on the road of e-commerce, in the major shopping sites (where customers Eslite, Ninth Avenue, Jingdong Mall, Taobao, etc.) are sold.

CK watch how, User evaluation

Comments 1: 1, from the brand speaking, CK not how, wearing a play can, but unfortunately the price. 2, from the style will be, or good, suitable for young people, but also very simple fashion.

Comments two: ck watches are mainly decorative tables and practical functions compared to it is fashionable but after all, it is ck so compared to the general fashion table and slightly better. Ck is not a professional watch the brand so if you really want to buy a good table suggested not to buy ck. If you think ck is good for you in addition to you in addition to see the time and no other requirements that ck table is still a good choice, after all, his price is acceptable to the general range is not particularly expensive

Comments three: ck table is characterized by young, fashion, the price of the table, this thing, if you are playing the Cartier ring replica table, even if, if that is their favorite, and another matter. Very simple, do not engage in a complex ~!

Comments four: CK watch is not expensive, because it is not a watch itself origin .2000 can buy really, there are more than 1000 dollars, CK table and GUESS table price is similar. Shopping malls to buy.

Comments five: CK is mainly to do the clothing. The Expensive price. The Just fashion table. The Not suitable for long wear. Personally think that only with some big clothes to wear can also be. The If you really want to buy a good table suggested that the table in the world table can be considered in the table. The The personal opinion. The

Comments six: from the current technology, the time quasi-no problem. But CK’s watch quality is also considered moderate, the price in there.

Comments seven: CK watches in recent years has been advocating the “minimalist style”, so even even advocate complex manual European fashion also began a simple neat design, it seems that the American pop culture is indeed influential, not only the use of Hollywood, McDonald’s large-scale offensive film and television industry and fast food industry, in the fashion industry is also a late start, without weakness, and gradually become popular in the trend of the “leader”. Coupled with the United States designers will make the idea, with strong propaganda campaign and the rise of American culture and other factors. Naturally in the fashion industry unlimited scenery. In front of the long history of Switzerland, even in the world watches, CK watches this style, but also attracted more attention. … Of course, the price of CK is also a lot of money, online shopping in the CK is difficult to doubt it is true and false, but its model and price for reference, I personally like the CK Ladies women series K5023126, this is CK’s new products, you can go to the Internet to check, of course, the price of the mall and the price on the network is still very different, it is recommended to compare the purchase, if the conditions can then invite people to buy, buy abroad than the domestic cheaper, But also can be tax rebate.

CK watch price

CK watches offer ranging from 1000-3000. The most popular CK watch prices in 1500 yuan or so.

Swiss brand Samson watch how? Is not it good?

Brand Introduction

One night in 1901, the famous pilots Yamamoto game after the defeat with friends Louis Cartier dinner, he said in the hands of the spacecraft must control the case, simply can not come up with pocket watch confirmation time. Cartier in the friend’s complaints in mind, in 1904, the jeweler in the watchmakers love the product of the table under the assistance of the mountain to show the solution: Cartier first watch. Mountain degrees self-contained, his watch was quickly imitated by fashionable Parisians. In 2004, to celebrate the Santos watch for centuries, Cartier designed a new style with a sense of movement and beauty, including the Santos 100 series you see.

Santos 100 hopes to highlight the powerful, bold and solid, beyond all the limits of the demeanor. In fact, this watch is worn on the wrist is really generous: it is made of stainless steel, silver white porcelain dial with classic Roman numerals. In addition to appearance, this table is also very useful, with a luminous pointer, to waterproof 100 meters.

How to watch the mountain, friends evaluation

(But now the origin is not in Switzerland, in fact, many domestic sales of the Swiss brand watches are not in Switzerland.) The price of more than 1,800 yuan – $ 4,000 yuan, the price of the Swiss brand is not in Switzerland. about.

Comments two: mountain is the original Swiss brand. But the 80s of last century was a company in Hong Kong, China acquired, since the Yamada watch no Swiss origin, are assembled in Hong Kong.

Comments three: sandoz is not a Swiss brand, the original is, but it is already 20 years ago. SANDOZ is out of Hong Kong table, in addition to the movement are Hong Kong, looks like a hundred percent of the Rolex.

Comments: four indicators: Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian common, belonging to the old brand, origin Switzerland, the basic price is in the 1000 to 4000 or so (mechanical automatic, case stainless steel, no drilling), under normal circumstances have a The corresponding model, the supplier will normally provide you with the query site, but also by watching the watch work and waterproof to identify

Santiago watch price

Santo more in the south, the basic section of about 4000 (mechanical automatic, stainless steel, no drilling).

Santiago watches in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian common, belong to the old brand, origin Switzerland, the basic price is in the 1000 to 4000 or so (mechanical automatic, case stainless steel, no drilling), under normal circumstances have a corresponding model , The supplier will normally provide you with the query site, but also by watching the watch work and waterproof to identify.



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