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bvlgari ring necklace replica

10.08.2017 03:57


What kind of necklace is suitable for their own? Many friends in the choice of platinum necklace, do not know what kind of format is more suitable for me, and today to share with you how to pick for their own replica bvlgari necklace white gold.

bulgari white gold necklace replica


bulgari white gold necklace replica

Inverted triangle face girls is suitable for wearing short chains, collars and other wear can produce “round consequences” of the replica bulgari necklace, especially a round, more likely to “round effect” feel, you can add melon seeds face chin Of the weight, so that the face lines look more rounded, full. Horizontal stripes of the chain can balance the sharp chin, so that the face lines look more soft and mellow. To avoid wearing the angle of ten obvious jewelry, such as the triangle, four-leaf-shaped replica bvlgari b zero1 necklace price and so on.

fake bvlgari silver necklace for women


fake bvlgari silver necklace for women

Round face of the girls do not wear paste neck, or the chain is too rough and too complicated, such as the collar or by the beads into a thick necklace, this will give a very tight feeling. At the same time to avoid the use of round, clover bvlgari ring necklace replica, this will appear face more round. In order to shape the length of the face growth, the width of the visual effect of reduction, round face girls should choose long necklace, the application of long necklace V-shaped effect decoration, elongated facial lines. The best length is in the clavicle to the side of the chest, bvlgari chain necklace replica length of at least more than 16 inches / 53 cm (individual necklace length), can make your neck lines more beautiful. Want to increase the face, narrow the effect of the pendant to choose a rectangle, or drop shape, make plump face lines with soft just. At the same time the sense of extension of the pendant will make the line of sight down for the neck to bring the feeling of deepening, showing girls gentle and pure and elegant.



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