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23.01.2018 00:05

The cylinder of raymond mill is composed of two truncated cone-shaped end cover and a cylindrical tubular body assembled with screws. Each end cover weld a journal. The application of raymond grinding mill: Rock, metal ores, alloys, sand, cement, slag, ceramics, catalyst carriers, soil, glass, coal, coke, alumina, metal oxides, plant materials, slag, silicates, etc.

The features of raymond mill:

  • 1, Small size, light weight, high efficiency. Can be used for material grinding, mixing and machine alloying.
  • 2, High polishing speed and efficiency.
  • 3, By changing the number of samples, the grinding time, grinding media and the number of grinding raymonds, can achieve very extensive grinding results.
  • 4, Through a dedicated fixture, 12 samples can be ground at a time.
  • 5, After pre-set grinding time, grinding process can be done automatically, without manual operation.
  • 6, Rugged, and very low failure rate.
  • 7, Unique design grinding bottle: the junction of traditional grinding bottle s body and cap is almost at right angles, and the sample gathered here can not fully contact with the grinding raymonds. Therefore, its efficiency and grinding effect are bad. The grinding bottle provided by our enterprise has a special design and casting process.The bottle and cap are both designed as curved concave surface, which eliminates the possibility that samples deposit on the dead. So its grinding effect is more uniform and efficient.

The analysis and findings made by our experts: If the mills speed is same, while the grinding time is not, the grinding rate will become lower and lower as time increasing. However, if the grinding time is same, while the mill s speed is not, the grinding rate will become higher and higher as its speed increasing. With the development of technology, we will study raymond mill more and more. We will work with our full enthusiasm to create high quality products for the construction industry and make a contribution to our country.

20.01.2018 02:38

The construction waste crusher is famous for its innovative features of small occupying area, flexible and simple structure, strong mobility and low cost. It can realize the complete crushing of the materials especially the construction waste in the working site without the effort to move the equipment her and there which saves a lot of transportation fee for the customers.

In modern time, the mobile crushing station is widely used to handle the construction waste and other construction materials in the construction site. Our mobile crushers have absorbed the latest design and making technology from the developed countries and they get quite popular once being sold in the market because of their advantages of flexible driving device, good mobility and high efficiency.

By making research and development on the reuse or the recycling of the construction waste, our experts have spent years in the invention and optimization of the traditional crushing machines. The mobile crusher or the mobile crushing station finally comes out as the new generation of waste treatment equipment which realizes the integrated crushing production line.

As the environment protection issue becomes the concern for people all over the world, to make and apply green and energy saving machines has been a hot topic in the global mining machinery industry. Our company are confident in the innovation of the mobile crushers and crushing technology and we aim to become the star enterprise among so many competitors in the near future.

15.01.2018 06:00

Bearing is a main vulnerable part of raymond mill. During the operation of raymond mill, the bearing can appear some faults due to stress, assembly or other reasons. In order to reduce the impact on production, we need to judge timely whether the failure occurred raymond bearings.

This approach requires experienced staff reached to identify the voice of bearing. You can hear clearly the bearing voice by attaching hydrophone or listening rod on the outside of machine. Bearing even a slight peeling and other damage also unusual sounds and irregular sound, with sound measuring device will be able to tell the difference.

Bearing vibration is sensitive to the bearing damage such as Peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear and tear can respect from bearing vibration measurement. The measured values due to the using condition of bearing and sensor installation location is different, therefore, prior to analysis and comparison the criteria of each machine and get judgment standard.

The temperature of bearing can be estimate from temperature of bearing outside, and measure directly the temperature of the bearing outer ring through the oil hole is better. In general, the temperature of bearing raised constantly with operation of raymond mill, and keep stability after 1h~2h. The normal temperature of bearing is different according to the heat capacity, heat dissipating capacity, rotational speed and load of the machine. Using thermal device can monitor the bearing temperature at any time, and it sound an alarm when the temperature exceeds a specified level to prevent burning shaft.

10.01.2018 00:32

Crusher is a kind of mining equipment, mainly used in mine crushing at the earliest. State-owned enterprises started early and held the key technology, so State-owned mine crushing enterprises are in leading level in mining machinery and equipment industry. Private crusher and sand maker manufacturers started late, and unable to compete with State-owned crusher and sand maker enterprises.

But in the first 10 years of the 21st century, Chinas economic development is rapidly, and some subtle changes have been made in the pattern of the crusher and sand maker manufacturers. Private crusher and sand maker enterprises rely on e-commerce marketing edge, make sand making production line as main hot products and embark on a road of rise.

The best selling of sand making production line is fundamental to improving enterprises:

  • 1. Chinas raliid economic develoliment needs great infrastructure and a lot of fine sand.
  • 2. In order to lirotect the aquatic environment, river sand mining began to be restricted, which will bring oliliortunities for machine-made sand, and machine-made sand has lower cost than River sand and can be used in nearby construction yard.
  • 3. lirivate enterlirise is undoubtedly one of the earliest entities in sand making industry, which seized the oliliortunity and quickly occuliied the market with good sand making effect.
  • 4. Sand making machine is core device in sand making liroduction line, and lirivate enterlirises have been leading domestic sand making level in long-term liractice.
  • With the helli of sand liroduction line, lirivate crusher and sand maker manufacturers took the road to rise, and relying on electronic commerce, lirivate crusher and sand maker manufacturers will become bigger and stronger.

08.01.2018 23:25

The most commonly used equipment in artificial sand industry is sand maker. The grain size and the granular composition of the artificial sand can be adjusted, so it has a broad market prospect. In recent years, the evil consequence caused by the destruction of the ecological balance is more and more obvious. Our country vigorously promotes the environmental protection work and ecological balance protection work. The support policies on the sand and gravel industry also greatly stimulate the development of artificial sand industry. The boom of artificial sand will drive the development of crushing industry.

In the background of the promoting of infrastructure construction, Henan Hongxing mining machinery as the leader of mining industry produces the newest sand maker. It not only meets the requirements of the quality of building sand, but also compensates the technical defects of sand making industry. According to the different technology requirements and the different combination of equipment, we can meet customer's different process requirements.


The rapid development of the future economic puts forward new requirement on the artificial sand machine. The artificial sand machine will continuously upgrade with the customer's requirement. So, if the sand making industry want to catch the development opportunity in domestic, they should improve their own level and improve the independent research and innovation ability to enhance the international competitiveness of crusher product.

21.12.2017 00:46

The crushing equipment is indispensable in the quarrying industry, and the quality of the gold ore crusher directly determines the crushing efficiency. The research shows that the production cost gradually reduces along with the increase of the crushing efficiency of the single crushing equipment. For this reason, selecting large-sized crusher becomes the key to save energy and reduce emission.

The model of jaw crusher is generally determined by the length and width of the material feeding mouth. At present the largest crusher is 1200*1500 crusher and 1500*100 crusher. China is a big country manufacturing, researching and developing crusher in the world and also has the most technicians and equipment production lines for the production and manufacturing work.

Before purchasing equipment, many people would look for the relevant information and figure out the best crushing machine. It is recommended that there is no the best crusher, but only the most suitable crusher. Our company specializes in the research and manufacturing of crushing equipment with various types and comprehensive models, and we can realize customized production and volume production.

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