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Holey (Oris), Swiss watch brand. At the beginning of the twentieth century, both Cattin and Christian set up the Oris watch factory. World War II, Hao Li, when the US Air Force and the pilot designed a large crown watches, thus becoming a famous brand. Since 1904, Oris adhere to the traditional Swiss craft to create a truly perfect mechanical watch, loved by the younger generation. Most of the Oris watches, priced between four hundred and eight hundred dollars, many people can afford it. The following watch home to introduce you to a Hao Li Oris BC3 Advanced calendar table.


Oris BC3 series watch first introduced 10 years ago, the extent of hot to become the legendary watch Oris brand. In 2010, the design team focused on creating the BC3 Advanced watch, that is, the latest members of the series. In the original excellent mechanical kinetic energy to add Cartier love bracelet replica exquisite dazzling design features, watch name and design synchronization upgrade, the achievements of this stunning new watch. BC3 Advanced watch, there are different dial size, at the same time have a rubber strap or delicate leather strap to choose from, bold and cool without losing the sporty texture. This introverted excellent watches, then occupy the focus of attention.

Fiyta mechanical watch how long life? Feida mechanical watch can be used for 30 years?

Fiyta professional watch brand, many times with the Chinese astronauts battle space, with its outstanding performance achievements legend legend. Fiyta watch for the taste of one by one show superb craftsmanship, ingenuity design, record the perfect moment of life. So how long is the life of Fiyta mechanical watch? Fiyta mechanical watch can be used for 30 years?

Fiyta mechanical watch how long life? Feida mechanical watch can be used for 30 years?

Under normal circumstances, the mechanical life of the lowest table for 10 years. This is a lot of mechanical watch enthusiasts want to know a problem. The life of the mechanical watch is generally shorter than the quartz watch. This is determined by the internal operating structure of the mechanical watch and the quartz watch. Mechanical watch is mainly due to the watch escapement speed system movement and power. The quartz watch is mainly due to the battery to produce energy movement. Mechanical watch by the balance wheel, escapement fork and escapement wheel composed of a series of movements, are interrelated and have a certain law. While the quartz Cartier ring replica watch is mainly the movement of the quartz movement. Mechanical parts of the numerous parts of the machine when the wear and tear will greatly shorten the life of the watch, which is the mechanical life of the reasons shorter than quartz.

The average life of the mechanical watch is the time that the shafts on the main splint can not be repaired. As the main splint material is lead yellow steel. In the past production of 17 drill watch movement, the shaft hole and the central shaft hole without drilling, in the work force, easy to wear. This watch is used under normal conditions of regular use and regular cleaning. Its average life expectancy of about 25 years; such as 19 drill, 21 drill watches, the average life can be extended. The bell movement is usually not drilled. Only a few high-end clock in the movement of key parts of the drill. Its average life is bound to be lower.

Casio Baby-G watch can take a swim?

Designed for fashionable women Casio Baby-G series has always been fashionable, rebellious, sexy style known. Watch is not just a tool for recording time, it is a style and spiritual interpretation. Fashion, publicity, uninhibited, full of personality, full of self-interpretation of fashion. Then the Casio Baby-G watch can take a swim?

Casio Baby-G watch can take a swim?

Casio Baby-G watch can take a swim? See the waterproof rating!

Watch the waterproof relying on the table mirror, back cover, the first part of the waterproof apron and reach the appropriate standards. All waterproof tables are marked with “WATER RESISTANT” or “WATER PROOF” in the bottom cover. No waterproof marking watch can only dust, should avoid water. 30 meters (3ATM, ie 3 atmospheres) Waterproof tables can be used for daily grooming or rain use, ie water droplets are splashed on the surface without any water pressure applied to the table. 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general household, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving underwater work.

Introduction to ETA Movement Classification

Familiar with the watch friends must be very familiar with the ETA movement. ETA movement is currently the majority of watches are used in the mainstream watch movement, ETA movement stable, travel time is more accurate. And more types of models. The following watch home to tell you about the ETA movement class classification it!

Introduction to ETA Movement Classification

The lowest level – the board is not polished, the escapement structure of the material is not alloy material, is the general steel and copper.

The second level – the movement has a polished, escapement structure of the material remains the same.

The third level – the movement has a polished handle, plating to make it more beautiful wholesale Cartier nail bracelet replica , the use of alloy as the escapement structure of the material, so that the accuracy of temperature changes from the impact.

The fourth level – the same as the third level, but increased the speed of the needle fine-tuning device.

Fifth level – the movement of the board for some small changes, polished, polished have more stringent requirements, with their own movement number, there are slow needle fine-tuning device, use a good alloy material to create sophisticated Escapement structural components, and strengthen the grinding, sent to the Observatory inspection, and engraved on the board with 5-position adjustment and other words.

The sixth level – also has the fifth level of the requirements and production standards. Especially in the escapement wheel, horse, slow needle and other steel parts for chamfering mirror polished, the use of spherical hole stone structure, the gear is also chamfering sand processing, screws also require mirror chamfer processing; such as automatic table, Then use k gold to do automatic disk, so the movement has reached the senior grade should be grade.

Seventh level – in line with the requirements of the Geneva mark movement, in their own factories, their own research and development, design and production of the movement.

The eighth level – and then the senior should be a senior watch teacher to hand to create, to participate in the production of watches and clocks and works, with the Geneva mark production standards. Or in the personal studio, from the structural design, the arrangement of spare parts in the processing, polishing, grinding, testing, combination, including the individual to complete the super complex function of the movement design, manufacture and combination. It is not only the basic function or complex function of the show, is the endorsement of the clock craft, but also pieces of the world of watches and clocks of art.



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