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girls in front of the beautiful jewelry will lose the ability to control, can not help but like them, and Clover necklace It is more tightly to attract the girls and the inner eye of a necklace, and the Clover necklace seems to have a magic like, will give people add a different temperament.


Clover necklace is a professional necklace designer, as well as build a necklace skilled craftsmen and so on composed of a perfect team, the structure of the imitation van cleef & arpels necklace will certainly have a different feeling, but also can meet the different people do not The same preferences, not the same people will like the necklace of different styles to see Clover here Necklace style is colorful, there are fresh temperament type, more suitable for small girls, there are simple types, but also Some is the type of the atmosphere. And then see the fake van cleef and arpels necklace of different materials above the Clover is also everything, there are pure gold to build the necklace, but also shows the glory and wealth, there are now most people will choose to compare the silver material, or Crystal materials, are now relatively wide audience, Clover will follow the trend of the forward and constantly improve their jewelry products, so that all the friends like Clover can have and others do not have the same temperament.


There is also worth mentioning is the necklace to wear, jewelry is also exquisite to wear, pay attention to whether it will wear and match, it is very important point, such as V-like collar clothes is more appropriate with a copy van cleef arpels white gold necklace, and If you are on the necklace with the doubt or there is a more pragmatic, it is also in the Clover necklace here to find a little inspiration to help you complete the beauty, become more attractive goal.

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Earrings are worn on both sides of the left ear lobe, is the closest to the heart of the place, so wearing a love to send earrings, on behalf of life to listen to the voice of love. Many young friends are particularly fond of beautiful exquisite earrings, often can not resist the temptation of earrings. At first, the earrings are people in order to avoid evil exorcism, bless the product of peace, the development of today, earrings have become a female friend love jewelry, but also a lot of friends gifts the best choice. So, what is the meaning of sending earrings?

What is the meaning of the ear studs?


Meaning one, boys send girls earrings: your body has my mark, can only belong to me.


Meaning two, girls send boys earrings: stare you life or Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry replica marry me.


Meaning three, boys send girls right ear nails: I like you, please contact me.


Meaning four, boys send girls left ear nail: Please and I finished my life.


Meaning five, girls send boys right ear nails: hope we can be together.


Meaning six, girls send boys left ear nail: let us hand in hand to see lonely human.


What is the meaning of the ear studs?

Snail lady earrings


The meaning of sending the earring


1, send earrings the earliest time with the role of amulet, so at that time people donated earrings each other is equivalent to the amulet is expressed that the other side of the concern, hope that the other side can be safe, often loved ones or better friends between each other Gift.


2, send earrings slowly develop to a certain stage, between men and women began to donate earrings to express their feelings, because the ancient Chinese men and women expressed the feelings of the special subtle, often not straightforward to say it, often through the gift earrings Of the small jewelry to express their minds.


3, if the girls are donated earrings between each other, often because of the feelings between each other very good, is the expression between the girlfriends affection.


4, and boys donated earrings each other, either because their brothers wearing earrings look better, or is the love of love between the same sex keepsake.


5, send earrings and the ancient superstition, the legendary devil and other demon soul always want to enter the human body, the body, so the human body may be all out of the hole must be particularly guardian, and earrings are worn on the ears Lucky character.


How do the earrings look good with the face?


(1) oval face: this face is our most common, this is the traditional oriental women’s standard face shape. This face is the largest range, almost any shape of the earrings can be worn. Send earrings on behalf of what, but also pay attention to the size of the earrings to be consistent with their overall feeling, with their own body, hair and clothing with the perfect moving Oh!


(2) square face: square face on the face of the need for visual softening of the line. Suitable choice of flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, can be a good way to ease and modify the face of water chestnut, to reduce the face lines too obvious shortcomings. Send earrings meaning, try to avoid the earrings, because the earrings are generally only a good face to wear the appropriate crush, and other flawed face to try to avoid earrings, because it is not only make up for defects, but also strengthen the highlights defect.

Earrings what material good different material earrings the advantages and disadvantages


Earrings common materials are pearls, Choi Po, diamonds, gold, platinum, then ear studs what material is good? The following describes the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can according to their actual situation to choose Oh!

Ear studs what material is good – pearl

Pearl ear nails, pearls have the role of care, pearl commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, mediocre in medicine must be scared, heat Yiyang, received mouth muscle and other effects, so wearing pearl earrings can play a very good regulatory role, so that the skin exceptionally smooth , Delicate; color Po earrings, color colorful color, the price is not high, elegant and elegant for the love of young women


Earrings what material is good – sterling silver

Generally limited funds in the student period, the choice of sterling silver stud ear is good, low prices and no allergies, generally about twenty or thirty can buy


Earrings what material is good – platinum

Platinum earrings high purity can prevent allergies, platinum process in addition to smooth and faceted; but expensive.


Earrings what material is good – diamonds

Now more people will choose diamond stud earrings, ear a little more than a drill, and not because it is small and it shines, it is to achieve the icing on the cake of the great results.


Ear studs what material is good – gold

Gold color is glittering, but the gold is very soft because the material is difficult to shape, the process is limited, are generally smooth and frosted, and gold earrings ear rods generally thick, so many people do not like


Earrings what material is good – ordinary metal

Ordinary metal earrings advantage is a variety of styles, affordable, or even two dollars can buy a pair of beautiful earrings; shortcomings are easy to allergies, bad for the body.


What studs are good material? The above description of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, earrings, we can refer to!

In this trend of society, you will see a lot of people are wearing earrings, earrings are pairs of pairs, that is, left ear nails and right earrings at the same time wear. But you will see a lot of people wearing only one ear, especially the boys, is to show their own personality, fashion or other deep meaning? What does that mean?

Wearing right ear nails on behalf of the meaning


1. earrings worn on the left ear of the male is often that single, not married, left ear nail there is a meaning that is intimate meaning, while wearing the right ear nails that men are gay, that is, gay. This argument is generally popular in foreign countries, generally not so much in the country to say that young people want to play in which ears, on which ears to play.


2. with the earrings of the most important meaning is beautiful, but according to modern analysis, especially abroad, left and right earrings have different claims. Such as wearing a left ear nails of men are gay (gay), wearing right earrings of the male is bisexual. Wearing a stud earrings, no matter which ear, are said to be homosexual.


3. boys in the absence of his girlfriend when the left ear earrings means: healing or playing cool, if in the case of a girlfriend, the boys left ear earrings means: you are my favorite. Girls single ear when the left ear wearing a nail means to commemorate a love, accompanied by her boyfriend when the left ear wearing earrings, meaning I want to love the people finished a lifetime.


4. girls wear side which does not matter, if the male band, both sides with no special meaning, if only with the left is also normal, but if only with the right side may be homosexual.


Earrings (earrings) wear precautions


First, to prevent accidental loss of earrings


1. To wear ear holes to select the coarse ear nails, silver needle rod diameter of 0.7mm and above the tight plug;


2. If the selected silver nail <0.7mm plastic stopper can be straddled into the silver needle, can not afford to long-term (this method is our professional wear law, they are not easy to operate);


3. Silver nail behind the small ring (forbidden straight hook), to ensure that will not hang pillow. These three kinds of wear, earplugs should be left with the ears of 2mm gap to facilitate the breathable, on the drug, rotation.


Second, within a month before the earrings accidentally fall off or want to change the other earrings do not wear, and scratch the ear wall caused by inflammation.


Ear hole within one month after the hole, the skin regeneration of the hole there is a process, just forming a thin and tender layer of film, not enough to withstand any slight outside the scratch, this period, such as earrings accidentally fall off, hanging injury Or want to change the other earrings, but found how to wear on the hard wear will cause scratches, bleeding, bacterial infection will be inflamed. A friend said that because of the ear hole slanting to wear in the past, in fact, you want to be really slanting oblique wear should wear through, so in any place piercing ears are asked you not to pick a month Surely, earrings accidentally fall off or for the first time in the case of their own do not grasp the best to find a professional store to help you wear.


Third, the choice of silver nail quality


Change the ear nail when the pain, do not wear and the quality of the earrings, nail head shape, and now a wide range of commercially available earrings earrings, some varieties of processing technology delicate, ear tip cut off after the high temperature firing, The end of a smooth, curved, comfortable to wear; there are some silver ear nail (ring) processing technology is simple, silver nail directly after processing finished products, nail face and nail was 90 °, sharp edges, for some lack of earrings experience Friends, wearing this earrings hanging ear piercing the possibility of a larger.


Fourth, do a good job cleaning care


Some friends have finished the situation has been very good, to the effect did not go to the tube, and sometimes hang after the pain, bleeding and no anti-inflammatory care, leading to ear puff from the pustules. So after the cleaning care is also very important. There are ear holes, alcohol, cotton swab should be a regular product, a month should always use alcohol cotton cleaning wipe ear holes before and after the gap, like every day to wash their faces, ear holes need to clean every day, wounded, bumps also need On the drug care, can not care, only careful care to make the ear hole fast and healthy intact.



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