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Fake Cartier Jewelry

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Fake Cartier love bracelet Tortue watch of wrist of multiple time zones With unique design, according to time and clear, easy to read Tortue wrist watch more time zone to provide a lot of time information can be very simple, there have been huge globetrotter fondle admiringly. For them, the most important thing is that both can easily read the destination of time, can know origin time again, at the same time, without complex tedious operation. Tortue watch of wrist of multiple time zones, white K gold watch case, 18 K white gold thickness: 17.2 mm size: 51 x 45.6 mm Crown: 18 K white gold octagonal crown, enchase a faceted sapphire table mirror: mineral crystal lens table back: sapphire crystal transparent table back side magnifying glass: sapphirine crystal 30 meters waterproof depth: dial: white plating lines dial, silver plated hollow out grille, take the sun radiation effect, transfer printing with black Roman numerals time scale, the blue ocean transfer pattern, under the sun rays grain dial, with blue pattern transfer Pointer: apple shape black oxidation steel needle and rhodium plated stainless steel pointer band: day and night black alligator strap watch button: 18 K white gold buckle folding table 9914 MC type automatic movement of refined mechanical movement on the chain, multiple time zones, city display panel, day and night Diameter: 25.58 mm The total diameter: 35.1 mm Thickness: 7.18 mm Ruby bearing number: 27 movement part number: 283 balance wheel vibration frequency: 28800 times per hour power storage: 48 hours Tortue multiple time zones wrist watch is a blend of concise line, rose K gold or white gold or diamonds turtle watchcase, readability and excellent multi-level delicate dial, with low-key highlight heavy and complicated inner appearance, is a masterpiece of grand in wrist. Their fluent line and a lot of Cartier love bracelet replica iconic element is memorable, such as Mosaic chain crown on faceted sapphire, multi-level dial, carving and dial the excelsior local world map with blue paint. This delicate adornment style as an invitation for travel, if not a watch connoisseur, can also be found a glance from afar this hour meter is designed for globetrotter. The hour meter for the trip and creation At first glance, this ingenious wrist watch combines classic meaningful modelling and modern dial, but did not reveal its functional advantages. However, when the meter not only has the function of UTC - now popular term, used to define independently adjustable double time zone display function of wrist watch, are often described as GMT function. Tortue multiple time zones wrist watch more beyond the since 1953 and the popular features, to become the world time watch a member of the family. On such table more precious, usually with a turntable and engraved with different city name to show the city's time zone time. However, in order to avoid the dial design too multifarious, Cartier workshop master of tabulation may be city name appears in the dial, wrist unit through Tortue much time zone shoulder on the side of the window display. Easy to use complex function The watch with the modular machine core, with a Cartier online store la Xia Defang (la Chaux - DE - Fonds) r&d workshop design, on the basis of the type 1904 MC movement to the simplest way to provide the time needed for the modern tourist information. In order to avoid any complex thinking, watch of wrist of time through the main pointer display of the wearer's home to read, and the starting point of time in the middle of the dial at the bottom of the semicircular window, through the day/night with the sun and the moon logo pointer display. This ingenious device connected to 2 o 'clock position of the button, can be displayed in a 24-hour 24 time zones corresponding to time on behalf of the city. Tortue multiple time zones wrist watch is also used for last year's Calibre DE Cartier watches more time zone design concept: considering the daylight saving time adjustment in different countries, seven months went into effect in daylight saving time using another reference, according to the calibration to ensure the accuracy of time zones.

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Replica Cartier Jewelry

For girls is the most favorite jewelry. No matter how old people are very like jewelry. Which my personal favorite is Replica Cartier Jewelry. Has a unique elegance, bring me a very romantic atmosphere, so I have been collecting a lot of Replica Cartier Jewelry.



Replica Cartier Jewelry is a famous French jewelry brand, now has a hundred years of history. Production of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces. One of the most famous is Replica Cartier Love Bracelet. This bracelet is Replica Cartier Jewelry the most popular of a bracelet, a unique design, so that more bracelet charm. This bracelet is a couple bracelet, get a lot more young people recognized. Using a screwdriver design, but also my favorite. I have a collection of 5 Replica Cartier Love Bracelet. One of the favorite is Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Yellow Gold.

Replica Cartier Love Rings

So the bracelet has always been the favorite girls. Because I also like jewelry, so I also like to share my favorite experience to everyone. Let everyone together for jewelry more love.



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