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21.09.2017 13:59

In recent years in the watch industry, fake more and more. Especially those Swiss brand watches, it is often copied. Rolex is one of the most imitation of the brand. Today, the watch home to tell you how to identify false Rolex watches.

How to identify false Rolex watches

Rolex watches are Swiss watch brand, manufacturing use of advanced equipment, high-quality materials, to achieve a fine processing, high-quality finish. True Rolex watches, regardless of workmanship, the text is very fine, there is a perfect feel, which is an important aspect of the authenticity of authenticity.


The market also has a real case, strap, inside the movement of the Rolex watch, so the best use of special tools to open the table. Really Rolex movement, a pry to the automatic rudder, movement splint engraved with ROLEX words, but also engraved with the core number: 11570,2135,3135,3035 and so on, the fake is not. Really movement fine mechanical, clear lines, fake movement is relatively rough and dark.

From the outside look Rolex case fine imitation Cartier love bracelet , strap, crown, English words clear, complete, and imitation table shell rough, text slightly blurred. Especially the end of the table, cover teeth, very fine and clear, clean and have three-dimensional sense, while the imitation of rough and no three-dimensional, generally relatively shallow. Weight, really feel some of the real, fake light much (Note: but some imitation inside also add a copper ring).

In order to ensure the waterproof performance of the watch, all the Rolex watch the handle of the tube are outside with a screwdriver, and which is also a screw buckle! That is, and ordinary watches are not the same, Rolex watch the handle (handle Head tube), not by the traditional interference with the process riveting into the case, but with the thread screwed into the case.

High imitation watch form for people is the most symbol of fashion, people buy this product is to highlight the personality, high imitation of the table like the degree of people to learn to distinguish, the following watch home with everyone to learn how to learn how Identify high imitation count watches.

How to identify high imitation count watches

Under normal circumstances, the dial on the watch will have a certain letter of the mark, very small, do not look carefully or use the magnifying glass is generally not see, for high imitation, the completion of this work need to spend a lot of energy, so people And will not be too fine to complete it, even as a high imitation of the production organization, will describe some figures, but there will be some flaws, or there will be writing fuzzy.

High imitation count price is basically a true one of the count count, of course, it depends on the degree of high imitation, if every detail is done in place, the appearance of materials and products look and the real thing is no different Replica Cartier jewelry , Then the price will be higher, if the imitation of the general, and no authentic so delicate, so the production value of the watch will be lower, for people, the choice of such a watch on the price will not be high, for the The price level, or need people to distinguish.

In all the counterfeit Swiss watches, fake Rolex brand is more common, in addition to Rolex watches more well-known and valuable reasons, but also its watch after the cover is not easy to open, there is no special special open watch, you Do not see the movement. For the general layman is concerned, it is estimated that even see the watch movement you do not know.

True and false Rolex watches to distinguish secrets

Rolex hand handles the inner teeth of the head tube

In fact, some of Switzerland’s valuable watches, in the appearance of identification and number are very particular about, but also do a lot of security measures. For example, there are five numbers Rolex, they are: (1) case model, (2) watch production serial number, (3) movement number, (4) movement production serial number, (5) strap number. In addition to the strap number on the surface of the strap discount, the rest are hidden, have to remove the strap or open the back cover to see.

Rolex watches are also many logo, especially the new watch. The original models of the Rolex watches are 5 for the figures, such as: the most popular three-pin automatic calendar steel + 18K gold watch male models for the 16233 model, while the same new is 116233, in front of a plus a 1 , Into a six-digit number. The new improvements mainly in the strap structure, the original air-core strap to solid core, strap discount is not the same. There is another change, that is, around the edge of the watch dial on the aperture, the circle are engraved on the watch production serial number, has not yet found a false Rolex watch to imitate this practice.

In fact, Rolex watches have long been on the anti-counterfeit do a lot of technical means, that is, no one to carefully observed. As long as the production of Rolex in recent years, watch the glass at the bottom of the 6 o’clock position on the edge, there will be a very small Rolex watch which crown LOGO icon, you need to look carefully with a magnifying glass to see, Do not have this icon.

True and false Rolex watches to distinguish secrets

Rolex watch strap ring

Look at the true and false watches, it is necessary to look at the most hidden part of the most undesirable, the purpose of making a false watch is to grab the huge profits of the illegal, so it will never work on the details and material, for the Rolex watch is the same.

There are two strokes can be true and false.

(1) In order to ensure the waterproof performance of the watch, all the Rolex watch the handle of the tube are with a screw button, and inside is also a screw buckle! In other words, and ordinary watches are not the same, Rolex watches the handle of the tube (handle head tube), not by the traditional interference with the process riveting into the case, but with the thread screwed into the case. In order to be able to close it into the case, in the handle on the inner wall of the tube there are teeth, a special tool set in the teeth, to screw into. When we completely pull out the table, with a magnifying glass through the table and the case between the gap to observe, you can clearly see the handle tube on the wall of the teeth (see picture), false table is not.

(2) the most popular Rolex watch metal material strap, Oyster (head type) and 50 anniversary type. For the most common type of Rolex watches such as 16233, the process of each section of the 18K gold band is very special, from its cross section, it is thicker at the bend, that is, its thickness is not average. This process can not do the false table, so all of this kind of false Rolex watch, it is the section of each section K gold strap section of the ring thickness is the same. (See picture) in the time to see the need to fold the strap into a 90 degree angle, so that the corner of the band section of the corner exposed exposed.

03.08.2017 06:47


Speaking of wearing equipment, we will think of all the rage of Google glasses, smart watches and sports fitness smart wristbands, Google glasses and smart watches are still in the continuous improvement stage, and expensive, not the average user can afford; In contrast, smart wristbands are more mature, the price is more likely to be accepted, smart wristbands and our health are closely related, such as TVG U-WATCH sports watch.

TVG U-WATCH sports smart watch evaluation

TVG U-WATCH perfect curve of the appearance of no physical imitation Cartier love jewelry  buttons, in the use of it before it is necessary to read the “User Manual”, U-WATCH a total of two hidden touch button K0 (USB interface) and K1 (button) , Set the time, display time and personality signature, switching status and other operations are to rely on these two touch buttons to achieve. If the user touches the K0 key or the K1 key, the watch still does not respond, it is likely to be no electricity, then only need a USB interface to charge U-WATCH.

Connected to the computer, the computer will prompt to find USB mass storage devices, and connect the same as the tips of ordinary U disk. U-WATCH built-in 8GB storage space, almost unlimited storage of our movement information; whether to use as a U disk, depends on our actual needs.

Go to the root directory of the U disk and open the [PedoMeter_W4.exe] file in the [W4 PC APP] folder to open the W4 pedometer drive management software and open the first thing to manage the software – enter your personal Basic information, equipment can be more accurate tracking of our burning calories, movement steps, movement distance.

It is convenient to set up the time on the PC side. Click to enter the [Maintenance] page and click [Execute Time] to immediately unplug the device from the computer. The time of the watch will be the same as that of the computer, provided that the time of the computer must be accurate. Xiaobian feel watch timing error fine-tuning function is in place, although the electronic table error probability is small, once there, with the passage of time error results are gradually enlarged, can not adjust the rate of the electronic table is almost equal to void.

If you have to set the time in the watch side is also possible, but some complicated: first touch the K1 button, enter the current real time to display the state; in the display time screen, while touching K0 and K1 keys for three seconds; And then touch the K0 key to change the value (such as date, time, years).

U-WATCH with the urgent urge to runaway, before the action, need to be included in the [pedometer] state (touch K0 button three seconds), in the pedometer state, does not affect us to see the time, you can Pause the current state (the specific operation depends on the instructions, all write out to feel long-winded), while touching K0 and K1 button to exit the pedometer status. After a period of distance movement, back to the computer to see the results before the movement (need to connect the computer to open the U disk management software to view the test data).

U-WATCH LED dot matrix screen power consumption is very low, the power fully meet our small needs, in full power state, the use of 3,5 days without problems. Charging the watch is a small matter, only need a USB interface, you can charge through the strap, the specific charging time will be affected by the input voltage and the remaining power.

Life is to exercise, if you want a healthy body, not only need a reasonable exercise, but also need plenty of sleep, in the pressure of learning and work busy, it is inevitable that there is not enough time to fitness, and even sleep Replica Cartier jewelry time is not sufficient, short-term It may not feel obvious physical discomfort, but with the delay of time, poor physical condition will become more and more obvious, do not “white first regret regret late”, in order to healthy body, at this moment let us Exercise up!

Versace Versace watch how much money?

Versace’s design style is very clear, unique beauty, a strong avant-garde artistic representation so that he swept the world, he stressed that happiness and sexy, collar often open to the waist below, the classical aristocratic style of luxury, luxury, Consider wearing a comfortable and appropriate display body. Then Versace watches how much money it?

Versace Versace watch how much money?

Versace’s distinctive design style, is a unique beauty of the pioneer of the symbol of art. Which is unique to those who show full of Renaissance characteristics of the gorgeous rich imagination of the style, they are sexy, feminine, colorful

Versace watches in full compliance with the most stringent Swiss watch manufacturing standards, but also with Maison’s charming style. In the price of Versace watches in the fashion table or expensive, the market price from 500 yuan – 53,000 yuan range!

VTech introduces children Kidizoom smart watch

If you want to find evidence that wearable technology has become mainstream, you can look at a children’s smart watch released by VTech at the London Toy Fair. This watch is part of VTech’s Kidizoom project, designed for children aged 6-12.

This watch includes the following features: camera (based on Kidizoom digital camera design), video recorder, allowing playback with “funny voice effects” of the recorder and preloaded educational games. It also has some built-in video editing capabilities, and contains the USB interface, so that you can upload pictures and videos to the computer.

This watch contains 1.4 inch (3.6 cm) colored touch screen, also has 20 different shells to choose from. There are also some traditional features, such as countdown timers and stopwatch. The watch’s time recording function has both analog and digital modes.

VTech spokesman Emma Birley explained that the purpose of designing this watch is to help children know the time, but should also be able to help them become more familiar with the growing popularity of such devices. She said: “The children see the parents have these watches and Tablet PC, they also want to use a this watch to meet this demand, it is suitable for children.

As part of the Kidizoom project, the company also sells tablet PCs, VTech Kidizoom smart watches will be released in August this year, the retail price of 39.99 pounds (65.88 US dollars).

20.07.2017 05:31

She suddenly stared, and saw the display of an array of all kinds of window bags and handbags, belts, neckties, perfume, etc. are numerous. Three-story store bustling crowd, a large number of the mainland is the “local tyrant”, it was bought seven Hermes bag in one breath! Su Qing, after some observation, the women entrepreneurs to the door whispered, said: “The store’s samples are genuine, but the customer to buy the hands of the bags are really fake you think ah, Hermes is a loyal to the traditional handicrafts International brand, a high-end manual package of the production period of at least 8 months to 1 year.Even the price of ordinary Hermes bag seven or eight million, the duration also need three months.For this year’s new package, the agent Business is usually one or two years in advance have to order the market simply can not have large quantities of real package flow.Therefore, according to my observation, the local tyrants to buy seven bags, at least four are A goods. Entrepreneurs listened to surprise, even said: “God, thanks to you!” The trip to Hong Kong, Su Qing to help women entrepreneurs collecting the territory, Amoy to the size of five genuine bags, of which there are two very Out of print with appreciation of space treasures! After returning to Shanghai, in order to reward Cartier love ring replica, women entrepreneurs insisted on her card transfer 50000 yuan of money, since Su Qing became her “Queen of buyers” and friends.

Online and offline accumulated a good reputation, in 2013 May, Su Qing resigned to set up his own luxury identification studio.

Wearing a white overalls, wearing only a glove, the table, 10 to 100 times the various magnifying glass lined up … … This is the “luxury teacher Kam” Su Qing work normal. Every day, she must at this table with a variety of luxury bags to deal with. These bags come from all over the country, the principal has a second-hand luxury shop owner, there are ordinary people. Su Qing to get a bag to be identified, we must conduct a set of old Chinese-like diagnostic process.

First, look: only wear a glove operation, first, in order to protect the customer’s object, and the other is to vacate the other hand can feel the cortex, while observing with the eyes. Followed by smell: each brand has its own light fragrance, if it is fake, there will be a smell of glue. The third is cut: the use of a variety of multiples of the magnifying glass, calipers of different sizes, carefully observed, compared to bags of labels, hardware, identity cards and even humble sewing stitch parts … …

After some “Wangwenqie”, Su Qing has been the outcome of the results. “Is authentic, it will issue a certificate, otherwise, we will say to customers, ‘the package does not’ or ‘there are problems.'” The face of identification results, most customers are “calm”; and some customers on the performance of abnormal , When their bags were identified as fake, they will repeatedly ask Su Qing: “Where did you identify it? You leave false, ah, there must be a convincing argument I can?” General Of the customers in the Su Qing said the specific details are not easy to disclose when they no longer ask, and false sellers will be stalker to ask, they want to know these imitation cartier love bracelet details, and then improve their fakes. But these “pseudo-customer” difficult then wish, because “is not authentic not say” has become a luxury jewelry appraisers of a line regulation.

Some counterfeiters do everything possible to find out the contact of the appraiser, and even someone in the phone out of the weekly salary of 600,000 yuan, please Su Qing to “lecture”, but she refused to smile. Su Qing said, which line to do, should adhere to professional ethics, otherwise it will slide astray.

Interestingly, Su Qing usually also in their own WeChat, the addition of two counterfeiters. “A special to do specifically poor C goods, one is to do A goods or even A. I pay attention to their friends sent to each circle of text, each picture, but never interact with them, is to ‘latent’ down , To understand the dynamics of the fake circle.

20.07.2017 05:04


In the new century, with the rapid development of economy and culture, China’s garment design industry gradually matured, in the design began to focus on the performance of the national costume culture; at the same time to Western culture-based modern clothing culture theory. It can not fully accord with the Cartier love bracelet replica national aesthetic consciousness and aesthetic evaluation standard of China. In the design practice, it needs to re-orient the modern costume design. Performance in the design is to require designers in the fashion design should modern design elements and elements of national dress organic unity, to create a new Chinese clothing with the culture, and out of its own national characteristics of the design, national costumes Element is at this time into the designer’s vision. China has a long dress culture for modern design provides a wealth of design inspiration and rich creative material, full of oriental culture characteristics of the shape, color, pattern, fabric, technology and other design elements as the national costume elements in the visual elements, national characteristics The most intuitive expression, is widely used in modern Cartier love ring replica clothing design and absorption and integration of modern clothing design greatly enriched the creative space. Here we national costume elements in modern clothing in the use and blend of concrete analysis.

The Application of Ethnic Modeling Element in Modern Costume Design

Due to the differences between the eastern and western cultures and the aesthetic differences, there are many differences between Chinese traditional and western clothing in the design of the garment structure. The western clothing system takes the human body as the fundamental, pursues the stereoscopic effect in the design, pays attention to the cut in the modeling and structure; China under the influence of Confucianism re-etiquette, emphasis on the doctrine of the mean, China’s traditional costumes has always been to the lengthy, broad-Bo’s main features appear on its performance in the loose type. Although the traditional flat structure is more suitable for the performance of simple style, but the traditional loose shape is not suitable for modern functional needs of the clothing, the traditional clothing structure must be taken to imitation cartier love bracelet, so in the modern garment structure design On the use of national modeling elements, in addition to special needs, most of the modern design or the use of the fit of modeling techniques, combined with the traditional collar or placket, bottom pendulum, plate buckle and other elements, the national modeling elements and modern modeling elements The advantages of combining modern clothing function to meet the requirements of the same time, to reflect the design of national style.



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