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Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica

15.11.2017 14:00

Every time a holiday, a variety of tourist attractions where some fame will be full of staff, many feel that modern travel is simply money to suffer. However, even so, people are so eager to go out, eager to have a holiday trip, why so many people like to travel out? Probably because the tour always let us forget the trouble, forget the pressure, but also touched the hearts of people in the most soft place. To a strange place, you will use a new perspective and feel, to experience the kind of local customs, natural geography, so tired of physical and mental to habitat, so that secular troubles to be dissipated, which is a lot of people because of travel love The reason for a place on it Here, the watch home for you to bring several suitable travel travel watch. Rolex Greene Type II Series 116710BLNR-78200 watch Watches Comments: For those who love travel abroad, the two places when the watch is the most practical function, Rolex over the years the eternal shape has long been a lot of fans in the hearts of chasing, love watches. Rolex Greene Type II Series 116710BLNR-78200 watch, with 40 mm oyster-style case, 24-hour progressive scale two-way rotating outer ring for the two-color, blue, black with the watch to make the rotating outer ring in the background of silver stainless steel More conspicuous, Cerachrom pottery circle, engraved with numbers and scale, when you turn the outer ring when the hand will feel the kind of versatility and playability. Black dial with a classic Mercedes-Benz pointer and white time scale, with the dots, bars, and the triangle of the time scale to distinguish between different points in time, so that time display at a glance. "Fisheye" calendar is located in the direction of three o'clock, so you feel close to the sudden changes in the calendar. The Greenwich II also comes with an independent 24-hour pointer that instantly changes the independent Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica pointer to show the second time zone, allowing you to easily change the time in the off-site. In the power, this table will not be disappointing, equipped with Rolex self-developed 3186-type self-winding movement. Received the Swiss official accreditation recognized certification, the certification issued to the successful through the Swiss precision time test center COSC) detection of precision watch. Basic Information Number: 116710BLNR-78200 Brand: Rolex Series: Greenwich II Movement type: automatic machinery Gender: Men Published: 2013 Price: ¥ 69,300 Real force when the DUAL TIME series 03.2130.682 / 02.C498 watch Watches Comments: stylish and beautiful, delicate and durable is the most important choice for most people watch the situation, the two places when the increase does not make the watch is complicated and complex, but make the watch more elegant and delicate. This section from the real power when DUAL TIME series 03.2130.682 / 02.C498 watch elegant design simple, the price is more fair, is a very durable watch. 40 mm case made of stainless steel, through the sapphire crystal glass table mirror, silver dial with a central Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica twist pattern decoration, the details see the brand's heart. The navy blue GMT pointer on the dial is very different from the silver hour and minute hands, it is very easy to distinguish, it can replace the big second hand, at any time to provide you with accurate time display. Also located at nine o'clock position of the small second hand also uses a blue pointer for the dial to add a little vitality. GMT pointer adjustment button is located at 10 o'clock position, simple and fast operation. In the power, this table carrying Elite 682 movement, is the real force of their own production of the Swiss movement. 28800 per hour oscillation times, power reserve up to 50 hours, the internal mechanical structure can be transparent through the sapphire table to enjoy the movement of the movement. Basic Information Number: 03.2130.682 / 02.C498 Brand: real strength when Series: Commander Movement type: automatic machinery Gender: Men Price: ¥ 43,000 Omega AQUA TERRA 150 meters series watch The Aqua Terra is one of the classic series of Omega, the typical design, precise timing, stable Cartier love ring replica performance has been made it attract people's attention and favor. This blue hippocampus design simple and generous, highlighting the gentleman's character and impressive temperament. 43 mm large diameter is enough to set off the strong wrist of men, through the wear-resistant sapphire crystal, blue dial into the eye. The dial is decorated with a "teak concept" vertical texture, reminiscent of the luxury yacht on the teak deck. In addition to the central hour hand, minute hand and second hand, but also has a 24-hour rotation of the GMT pointer, dual time zone display so that the wearer easy to arrange travel time. In addition, in the watch at 6 o'clock position with a calendar window. In function, the watch has a 24-hour time zone display, the Swiss official Observatory certification, also has 15 atmospheric pressure (150 m / 500 feet) of water resistance; in power, equipped with Omega 8605 automatic winding coaxial movement , With more durable and excellent precision and stability. The surface of the movement by the luxury treatment, decorated with a unique Arabian style Geneva ripples, through the transparent table back clearly visible. Basic Information Number: Brand: Omega Series: hippocampus Movement type: automatic machinery Gender: Men Price: ¥ 57,700 Summary: the love of watches and clocks is not overnight, when you understand it more in-depth, it is more like, when you have a table of their own, this plot will be more prominent. When you are completely with a table contact, every minute can see it, there will be time, have the patience to taste it every detail. A decent two time watch, love travel friends, is definitely one of the best travel equipment, for your trip and schedule to add a lot of convenience.

12.05.2017 11:21


Men wear wooden bracelet more and more popular, then the men’s wooden bracelet what material is good? Or what kind of men’s wooden hand? Here are the common men’s wooden bracelet material, we can understand!

Men’s wooden bracelet what material is good – Bodhi child

Bodhi to name the Buddha beads material, a total of more than 30 varieties. This is named according to the origin, such as rooftop Bodhi, Tianzhu Bodhi, etc., according to the texture to name, such as Xingyue Bodhi, Eichhornia Bodhi, etc.


Men’s wooden bracelet What is good material – incense

Shenxiang wood made, will exudes a good smell of scent. As the incense yield is very small, so incense hand is also more expensive


Men’s wooden bracelet What is good material – Laoshan Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica sandalwood

Laoshan sandalwood, also known as white skin Laoshan incense or Indian incense, produced in India, the general bar large, straight, smooth and dense, dense, aroma alcohol is the sandalwood in the Need


Men’s wooden bracelet what material is good – lobular red sandalwood

Sandalwood rosewood for the red sandalwood in the boutique, the density of large brown eye is a significant feature, and the wood is very stable, easy to deformation cracking.


Men’s wooden bracelet What is good material – pear

Yellow rosewood golden and warm, heart material darker reddish brown or dark brown, with repeated corners of the texture. Regardless of cold and heat are not deformed, no cracking, no bending, there is a certain toughness


Men’s wooden bracelet What kind of material is good – chicken wing wood

Texture staggered, clear, color abrupt, beautiful appearance, a slight aroma.


Men’s Wooden Bracelet What is good material – peach wood

Peach wood delicate, wood fragrance. Taomu in our folk culture and faith has an extremely important position, Taomu also known as “Dragon Wood” “Ghost Silhouette” is the most widely used cutting evil ghost material


Men’s Wooden Bracelet What good material – green sandalwood

Green sandalwood is more scarce than the average mahogany. Sandalwood, also known as dragon wood, wood hard, fragrant fragrance eternal, colorful and immature


Men’s wooden bracelet What is good material – acid sticks

Sour wood color is dark red and light red two colors, in the deep red also often caught dark brown or black stripes, texture is both clear and rich, rich natural acidy woody smell.

Diamond bracelet is a kind of jewelry, worn in the wrist part of the chain, mostly metal, especially silver, there are ore, crystal and other systems. Different from the bracelet and bracelet, bracelet is chain-like, to pray for peace, calm mind and beauty as the main purpose. With the stability of people’s lives and changes in the environment, the bracelet is no longer as simple as it is only practical, but to look and enjoy the appearance of the meaning and so on.

Meaning one, from the perspective of the bracelet, men and women presented between the bracelet has the other side tightly implied meaning, this beautiful meaning from the ancient very famous seize the marriage system, necklace, bracelet are the meaning of the development of this Come, the meaning of the bracelet is also more on a layer of two hand together, never separated meaning. From the diamond in terms of this, transparent crystal diamonds have eternal, pure meaning, is seen as a symbol of eternal purity of love, that people love the eternal pursuit of faith and faith.


The diamond bracelet can be regarded as a close friend’s birthday gift or wedding gift, diamond bracelet has a good blessing for love, if your friends to get married, then choose a beautiful diamond bracelet as a wedding gift to her, she Will be very happy, and if your friends will be single, then the diamond bracelet as a birthday gift, hope she can find the object of the favorite, which is the best wishes for her.


Meaning two, diamonds and bracelets both in love have a very good moral, so they can be regarded as a combination of pure love and the pursuit of pure love; diamond bracelet in the meaning of love with pure and immaculate good vision , With a firm commitment to never betray, there is a romantic hand in hand with peers. So many modern young men to the admiration of the girls, they will choose a bright diamond bracelet, to express the hearts of love and hope and hope, but also hope that the diamond bracelet can bring him good luck, so that he can work together Beloved person.


Meaning four, diamond bracelet wedding couples can be used as a wedding anniversary of the gift, we all know that diamonds have the most perfect interpretation of love, and the diamond ring has been married when you have, if you meet the wedding anniversary of the two, you want to use Diamonds to express the hearts of his wife’s love words, diamond bracelet will be a very good choice, both a good expression of their emotions, but also to see the bright diamonds of girls in full bloom.


Meaning five, if it is love in the men and women presented diamond bracelet, the couple in love to both sides presented to the two sides of the diamond bracelet is a way to express love to each other, if the boy to send the girl, the implication is that I want you tight Tightly hold tight, stay in my side of the meaning; and if the girl to send the boy, then “hold your hand, and the child grow old” or the expression of the two together into the world, never separated desire.

Matching diamond bracelet on behalf of the meaning


1. is needed for survival. In the primitive society, mankind in the process of protest with nature, in order to protect themselves, to avoid the beast of the injury, often the hides, horns and other things hanging on his head, arms, wrist or feet, on the one hand Is to pretend to pretend to be the same kind of prey to confuse each other, on the other hand these animals are a defense or attack weapons. As for those who hung on the neck, waist or wrist on the small gravel, small animal bones or beasts, in addition to the earliest unconscious decorative behavior, the real role is probably to count or note the need.


2. is a symbol of strength. In the very primitive primitive society, mankind to obtain food from nature, victory over the ferocious beast, is undoubtedly the need for courage and strength. In the primitive people, the beast is full of strength, its sharp minions, hard bones and beautiful fur must play an important role. So, after the capture of these beasts, the edible, the bones, the teeth, etc., are worn on the body, and the force of the beast is learned, and it can overcome the ferocious beast. It seems that from these primitive jewelry, primitive people get some kind of spiritual comfort and strength.


3. The more people wear this and “jewelry”, the more likely he is to wear more precious jewelry. In fact, these brave people often like to use some bright and eye-catching, easy to identify the body decorated on the body, such as beautiful feathers, beast teeth, rare shells and even precious “beauty stone” (jade) as a symbol of the symbol, To show off, to show off their strength and authority.


4. is a totem worship. Sun and moon stars, wind and rain, which have been ordinary natural phenomenon; but in primitive people, these things have some kind of magical power. The primitive man joins the nature day and night, and is associated with the sun, the moon, the stars, the river, and the flying beasts, who worship the nature of the nature. Over time, this material is deeply printed in their minds, become a magical power of the totem.


5. As an amulet. Engels pointed out: “In ancient times, people still do not know their own body structure, and by the dream scene, so to produce a concept: their thinking and feeling is not their physical activity, but a unique , In the body and in the death of the body to leave the soul of the activities. “Primitive people believe that all things have the soul, and the soul of good and evil points, to the human happiness and joy is good spirit, To the disaster and the disease is evil spirits.