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05.04.2017 10:00


No matter what age or what age, will catch up with the trend to match the clothes or jewelry, quasi-bride is no exception. Do not think that jewelry accessories are always just wedding dress green leaves, in fact, it is non-lead, big attention. Now let us look forward to the spring and summer of 2017 will be popular cheap hermes H bracelet jewelry accessories elements it!

This year the more popular two types of wedding: a design is more simple but very focused material; the other is more sexy and medieval flavor of the corset design. Two different elements and the color of the wedding, in fact, can also choose the approximate design of the jewelry as a lining, such as flower shape people have fresh and romantic feeling. Weekdays in Valentine's Day flowers and chocolate are gifts, but flowers can only be placed up for a few days will fade. So in this year's double festivals, will be able to always decorate the flower jewelry will be popular, even if the daily will not wither with. In the more sexy medieval / classical taste corset wedding with roses, chrysanthemums, small yellow flowers and other design Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage bracelet imitation jewelry, more highlights the overall classical color.

Glowing happy light love gift

In addition to flower jewelry, star pattern is also very representative. The stars of heaven are out of reach and the distance has created our fantasies. In ancient times, there are many romantic love stories are about the stars: Cowherd and Weaver Weibu cited the spirit of love never abandon, so can find a shiny star jewelry for Valentine's Day or wedding gifts, so that the cheap bvlgari bracelet jewelry itself contained each other Commitment to each other on behalf of the other half of the everlasting love. When the ladies received, will be behind the meaning of the stars can be picked off to send her and greatly moved, all mind waves, lined with simple wedding feel more charming and charming.

Since ancient times, gold in the festive, wedding occasions are playing an important role, but also with the traditional bear the edge of indissoluble. As for the gold or my favorite replica Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet bracelet red gold, are now very popular, both fashion and can add festive auspicious feeling. But because the oriental female skin yellowish, if the hard gold to wear the upper body, may make the skin look more yellow. Therefore, I will use both white and gold colors for the design of the main tone, because platinum can reduce the glare of gold, make the design more hierarchical and eye-catching, while symbolic wealth and love than Jin Jian. In the Lunar New Year or marry a holiday, many ladies like to wear with red clothes, or traditional Xiaoxian Xianzhuang or cheongsam, if accompanied by gold or red gold series of cheap replica van cleef arpels necklace jewelry, the effect will be more coordinated, The bride wants the best choice for dazzling and refined.

In fact, what gifts are not too important to send, the most important thing is a woman in the reception of men at the same time, feel the sincerity behind them. You remember to grasp this extraordinary day 2017, because missed, the next time to wait for a long time.