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Fake Cartier bracelet

04.08.2017 02:20

2014 sihh new Cartier L 'Heure Envoutee DE Cartier series, jewelry, watches May a now... Deja vu, be like should sing, appear to be mutually, each other is not the same, by the magic of unreal, beyond all the true feeling. They stay together, a specific an abstract, in pairs, such as deformation in a mirror, in the gems and inspire great dialogue between animals. These innovative work will shape and color, pattern and light system... Yellow diamonds, emeralds, or K gold braid a mutual collocation of the game, to tell the world in the world of the Cartier, poetry is the source of creativity, full of vitality, passion, hot like fire... Les Indomptables DE Replica Cartier love bracelet crocodile decorative wrist watch, 18 K yellow gold watchcase, crocodile pattern scales green enamel dial. 18 K yellow gold brooch, enchase round brilliant cut diamond, enamel blade, emerald eyes. Green alligator strap. Quartz movement. Between day and night, unreal time variable... A magical series wrist watch, on a day dream, set up a bridge to the Cartier magic heaven and earth. Is it a fairy tale world, grand colorful gems shift in the light and shadow, and get a life. This series was born in Cartier encounters two process: a rare gem stunts and lifelike gorgeous animal model. L 'Heure Envoutee DE Fake Cartier love bracelet series... Contain deep emerald green, rich and mellow. In the secretive wrist watch, the diamond line of art deco yi yi is unripe brightness, ingenious, diamond pleating below dial. At this time, the mysterious Cartier invited us to close your eyes... Leaves emerge form rich color, light shining gem slowly show vitality, after a rare crocodile appeared to shift the wrist watch. Is wrist watch and brooch, free imagination of poetic works, reveal gives his works the charm of the giants of our Cartier store Senior jewelry hidden wrist, 18 K platinum, rhodium plated white K Mosaic 33.51 carat emerald and round brilliant cut diamond. Quartz movement. Unique works.

26.04.2017 12:29

Today to share with you this fake Cartier gold love bracelet, interested, then take a look at it! Cartier bracelet gold bracelet is the current fashion elements, wearing a bracelet to enhance your personal temperament, this bracelet is one of the consumer’s favorite.


Cartier gold bracelet This bracelet, respectively, with rose gold, platinum and gold to create the three rings intertwined with each other, the impact of the times and trends, to show personal style and identity symbol. Trinity In the 1920s, Louis Cartier designed the unique and innovative Cartier three-ring ring for the famous poet Jean Cocteau, whose three rings surround each other: friendship (platinum), loyalty (gold) and love Rose gold), this is the perfect interpretation of the eternal love of Cartier. Closely linked to the three ring marks the Cartier, the perfect interpretation of the essence of the brand, like a simple gentle friendship, a symbol of the future of the generation, showing the ring finger on the Union, a carved unique singular, mysterious fantasy and forever forever new series, Extreme sensibility. The back of the bulge, but the front is particularly smooth, blink of an eye on the surface of the metal and passing each other.


Cartier gold bracelet, 18K rose gold jewelry series was born in the seventies of last century, New York, witnessed many romance of love, and become the embodiment of love declaration. Perfect oval bracelet body, bracelet on the screw design and distinctive elegance of the eternal love to become a symbol of love. With gold or rose gold style, and inlaid diamonds, love endless. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences to buy it! This Cartier gold bracelet you love it? This bracelet has a unique design and structure to get the consumer’s favorite, like a friend can buy a Cartier replica rose gold bracelet, bring it to let you walk in the front of the fashion.


09.04.2017 10:35

For a long time, synthetic diamonds or because of the small size or because of the high cost, has not been of commercial value, the identification of synthetic diamonds for people to ignore. Since the 90’s, with the continuous improvement and improvement of synthetic technology, synthetic diamonds and artificial processing of synthetic diamonds have become a commercial fact. This gives the identification of diamonds and put forward new issues and challenges.

Synthetic diamonds are formed at high growth under high pressure, which is different Cartier love bracelet replica from natural diamonds. Therefore, there are differences between natural and diamonds in some gemological characteristics, which is the basis for the identification of synthetic diamonds. From the current research results, the distinction between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds identification mainly in the following areas:

First, the color

The color of synthetic diamonds can be near colorless one yellowish yellow-blue, which contains almost all the natural diamonds. But carefully observe the color of the emblem changes, but also get some useful basis for identification. Most of the synthetic yellow diamonds are highly saturated than the natural yellow diamonds with bright colors and with brown while natural yellow diamonds are soft and pure. Nearly colorless synthetic diamonds always with light gray, light blue, emblem yellowish, yellowish green tones. While the natural nearly colorless diamonds are always with yellow and brown tones. Natural yellow diamonds after irradiation annealing treatment mostly orange, brown, yellow. The synthesis of yellow diamonds after irradiation annealing treatment becomes more red, red, and even red. Synthetic blue diamonds are also more bright than natural blue diamonds, and natural blue diamonds are bright and bright.

Second, the crystal form

Natural diamond crystal often octahedron, diamond-shaped dodecahedron or irregular (especially blue diamond) shape. As the erosion of the crystal face, the product edge bending, was rounded appearance and crystal surface often associated with the growth structure of the triangle, quadrilateral, grid, cone and other erosion.

Synthetic diamond crystal form of basic cube (cuboid octahedral), can always find the natural diamonds rarely appear in the cubic surface, and the product surface straight, crystal edge steep, crystal sharp angle. The crystal face has a dendritic, irregular pattern that is completely different from the natural diamond crystal surface.

Third, the internal characteristics

(A) inclusions

Under the gem microscope, carefully observe the diamonds inside the inclusions, and sometimes can accurately and quickly identify the natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. If diamonds can be seen in some transparent colored or colorless mineral inclusions, such as garnet, diopside, enstatite or diamonds, etc. are marked as natural diamonds. If there are some opaque in the interior, only metallic luster under the reflected light, the appearance of the sheet, needle, all kinds of irregular or large and four and show the magnetic metal inclusions impurities, or features Similar to the size of the sticks of the metal inclusions group is the characteristics of synthetic diamonds. These metal inclusions are chemically analyzed as metallic nickel and a small amount of iron. In addition, there are dust inside the synthetic diamond-like grain, black inclusions and so on.

(B) the growth structure

If the diamonds are of high clarity, it is difficult to see the inclusions, the systematic inspection of the diamond’s internal growth structure also helps to distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Natural diamonds only appear in octahedral internal growth bands, and there are parallel octahedral flat or crossed textures. Very rare to see. ‘Cloudy’ cube growth zone, the formation of flower center flower pattern, while the synthetic diamond can be cube, octahedron, diamond dodecahedron, tetrahedron and other internal growth zone, its characteristics can be through the The banding of the outer fluorescence and the cathodoluminescence shows that the texture is irregularly alternating or octagonal and cube-related “sand clock” patterns and quadrilateral textures.

(C) color zoning


The characteristics of the ribbon distribution are also useful evidence for the identification of natural cheap Cartier love ring replica colored diamonds and synthetic diamonds. If observed under the conditions of scattered lighting, most of the natural yellow diamonds and blue diamonds are evenly distributed in color distribution. Sometimes the parallel distribution or patchy ribbon is visible, and the color distribution of most synthetic diamonds is not uniform. Synthetic near colorless diamonds sometimes show very light gray, yellow or green color distribution. Synthetic yellow diamonds and blue diamonds often show “sand clock” patterns or other geometric shapes, such as quadrilateral, octagonal, cylindrical and other ribbons. Ribbon or blurred or clear, showing from deep to shallow color areas. Four, ultraviolet light


UV fluorescence is very effective in distinguishing between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds, and they differ not only in color but also in the distribution of colors. Natural diamonds in the long ultraviolet light under the more common blue fluorescence, while in the short ultraviolet light or no weak blue, yellow fluorescence and fluorescent effect was uniform or uneven band distribution. And synthetic diamonds in the ultraviolet radiation showed abnormal behavior. Synthetic diamonds are yellowish green fluorescence in long and short ultraviolet radiation, and the fluorescence intensity of short ultraviolet rays is stronger than that of long ultraviolet light. The fluorescence distribution is in the form of a cross, a square or other geometry. In the central part of the fluorescence intensity, gradually weakened to the outer edge, can reflect the obvious characteristics of the internal growth zone.

Five, cathode light


Diamond in the electron beam irradiation under the intensity of light, the distribution of the characteristics of a certain difference.


Diamonds in their complex growth process, the impurity of people carrying nitrogen is the main cause of light due to home. The home address and distribution of the state in the cathode light on the performance of the color, intensity, distribution differences. Which can be obtained by a special pattern called Diamond “Fingerprint”.


Due to the significant differences in the growth environment and growth time of natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds, they reflect the obvious differences in the cathode luminescence patterns. The synthetic diamonds are simple in shape, consisting essentially of tetragonal or other geometries (with cubic octahedron Shaped) different ring can be issued in different colors of fluorescence. While natural diamonds show complex patterns or cross hatching made up of curves and lines.


6, spectral examination


So far, most gem-class synthetic diamonds are yellow, revealing yellow. So it is necessary to perform a spectral check using a hand-held spectroscope and a desktop spectroscope. “The Cape of Good Hope series of diamonds” (white, a light yellow series), whether natural or natural, with synthetic diamonds with synthetic diamonds. There are obvious absorption lines in natural visible crystals at 415 nm, 452 nm and 478 nm. If there is a yellowish diamond in the 415 nm line, the absorption characteristics of natural diamonds. The natural diamonds treated by irradiation annealing often show 496 nm, 503 nm, 594 nm, 673 nm lines. But the lack of 415 nm line can not explain the synthetic diamonds, but also according to other features to further prove. Some synthetic diamonds produce 470 nm-700 nm wide band in the visible range spectrum. This may be due to the formation of synthetic diamonds when used in the solvent-assisted nickel (ND-induced Cartier nail bracelet fake spectral characteristics.) Most synthetic diamonds, however, have a characteristic absorption peak at 415 nm in the visible light, but at low nitrogen State, there may be 658 nn, the suction peak .500 nm below the full absorption.

Seven, magnetic inspection


Synthetic diamonds often contain metal inclusions, these inclusions are large or small, and sometimes the naked eye can be observed. Metal inclusions are magnetic, can be strong magnetic material (magnet) to attract. In the inspection process, the diamond system in a silk, stalled air, with the magnet close, and then swing the magnet, synthetic diamond with the magnet parallel to the swing, while the natural diamond is no response.

03.04.2017 10:51


Low-key sexy The wind swept through the global in perspective

Look around the spring/summer 2017 fashion week catwalk, clairvoyant outfit become show the trend. Summer, people dress more and more cool and refreshing, clairvoyant outfit that is like concealed, pious covering the effect with low key but stunning sexy charm, let a person see the unforgettable. Farewell lightsome gauze elegant and pure and fresh, this year’s dress is full of the temptation to mature charm, let global popular actress are deduced its many kinds of imitation cartier love bracelet amorous feelings.

Small pretty waist if cooperate with the perspective element, not only elegant and easy to appear on the red carpet event, can also create a graceful curve temptation, tie-in diamond accessories, modelling is shining provoking love.

Shu qi attend the Jimmy Choo brand new store opening ceremony. Wearing a Calla blue printing split type short skirt, with the envelope bag, hand stamped on the Jimmy Choo diamond-encrusted heels. Elegant and sexy, but too incarnadine filar socks that grabs an eye lost scores.

Some girls like to dress the strong absorption of fine index, the but again dare to try, so like be not fully appear a see-through dress is obviously the most suitable for them, again tie-in color pink is tender crisp high-heeled shoes, let a clairvoyant outfit also took Cartier love bracelet replica sweet crisp taste.

Rosamund Pike in Victoria phenomenon white shirt collar hollow out pencil skirt to attend the activities, she stamped on the color matching high-heeled sandals, metaphor revealing lingerie and high heels perfect echo, color white and white color make the whole body modelling appear relaxed and charming.

Like a fishing net texture of hollow out bold clairvoyant outfit looks hot, especially with dew underwear design dresses, but pure color and delicate contour cutting dust, gas, black dress with red lips, sexy and relative; White dress collocation with the fluorescent color high heels, and full of bold dress sense of reduction of age.

About luca brasi in half perspective skirt black underwear to attend the activities, big show sex Fake Cartier bracelet appeal. Her hand simple black hand bag, red lip jing rob mirror, nude heels prominent modelling of primary and secondary.

Erin Heatherton, dressed in a white dress to attend the movie premiere, she stamped on the coral red pointed high-heeled shoes, not accessories, the clairvoyant outfit dressed like clear water gives lotus, clear and elegant.

Most classic black bud silk dress is the most difficult one outfit, collocation is bad will have the suspicion of old, choose the outline shape of dress, high heels and a concise design enough elegant handbag, can let mature feeling quite heavy dark lace skirt can also become a day to choose.

Korean press conference show love to attend the film. She is wearing a splicing turtleneck pencil skirts, stamped cheap Cartier love bracelet on the round pin high heels. The high waist of the dress design make her look more tall.

Blocked for sexy goddess Scarlett Johansson deduce maturity clairvoyant outfit modelling, of course, no effort, Dolce & Gabbana accept waist dress design draws the outline of the fullness of her breasts, nice hour-glass shape. Dolce & Gabbana delicate black handbag made Scarlett raise your hand is cast sufficient between more elegant temperament.