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17.03.2017 04:47


Platinum earrings are worn in the ear of the jewelry, also known as platinum earrings, platinum, that is, platinum, rather than white 18K gold, platinum earrings have three, one is the ring, no pendant, the other is a ring under the pendant , There is a needle-like Cartier nail bracelet replica ear hook ring, there will be pendant. Different types of platinum earrings, have different characteristics, in the selection, you can choose their favorite, and the appropriate platinum earrings.

Platinum earrings are gold style, but also diamond or mosaic of other gem style, they will be divided into simple style and luxury style. Simple platinum earrings, only one ring, no pendant, and some are a simple small pendant, the whole is also very simple and generous. While the luxury style, the pendant will be more, or inlaid with many precious stones or diamonds, so that the earrings look very luxurious and beautiful. Generally simple style prices will be lower than the luxury style, because the required material is not much, the cost will be relatively low.

Tough gold earrings can be firmly inlaid with diamonds and all kinds of colored stones, at the same time, platinum earrings natural pure white color can be the greatest degree of diamonds and gems to show the sparkling color. Platinum earrings with its long-lasting charm and precious deep connotation, won a lot of celebrity celebrities and love beauty girl’s heart, in the purchase of wedding rings or usually wear jewelry, platinum is also an important choice.

Platinum earrings if it is prime style, the price from 1000 to 5 thousand or so, depending on the specific style, brand, platinum weight, the price is relatively more cost-effective. And if the mosaic of diamonds, the price will be more expensive, generally more than three thousand to thirty thousand or so, depending on the weight and fineness of inlaid diamonds, and platinum weight, brand and so on.

Platinum earrings are relatively high value, after buying, in order to make platinum earrings forever silver and shiny, usually need to pay attention to maintenance, to avoid the earrings because there is no maintenance, and oxidation black. Platinum earrings maintenance, we should pay attention to: 1. Do not wear, the platinum earrings exist alone in the jewelry box. 2. Do not wear white gold earrings and gold jewelry at the same time, because the gold texture imitation Cartier love bracelet is soft, if friction with each other, gold powder will be adsorbed on platinum, so that platinum turns yellow, affecting platinum unique pure luster. 3. Regular cleaning. 4, if there are diamonds, you need to avoid contact with oil or bleach and other chemicals.
A carat bare diamond price list

A carat naked drill, that is, after cutting processing, grinding, but there is no mosaic of a single 0.2 grams of diamonds. A carat bare diamond is the most important 4C, that is, the weight of the diamond, color, clarity, cut, a carat bare diamond weight is 1 carat, 0.2 grams, if the other three levels are good, it is very collection The value of. A carat bare diamond price list, in the Zoukai official website bare diamond library there, you can freely filter any combination of a carat naked drill, and check the price.

The price list of a carat bare diamond

Not only Zoca, in a lot of jewelry companies selling bare diamond, there will be a carat bare diamond price list, but different companies, the same parameters of the price list will be different, because different jewelry companies, different brands, brand value will It is different, and the sale of bare diamond GIA code, will be different, the purchase of bare drilling time, batch, discount strength, etc. will be different, so the same level of a carat bare diamond, different brands, the price will Different, which requires consumers in the selection of bare drill, the number of goods than the three.

Of course, in the view of a carat bare diamond price list pick naked drill, in addition to look at the diamond 4C, the price, but also depends on the brand of service, after-sales, reputation, evaluation, certificate, etc., just look at the price, do not look at other When the loss is certainly their own. Because some bad business, will not filter the quality of the diamond is not good to sell, even if there is a carat bare diamond 4C very good, but the diamond is a cream drill or coffee drill, bought a large pit. And bare diamond mosaic, if you want to return, is to bear the cost and loss of about 500 yuan.

A carat bare diamond price list futures bare diamond table and spot bare diamond table, spot bare diamond table are generally sold at high cost of the spot bare drill, and futures bare diamond table, there is a carat bare diamond are Need to confirm whether it is still, and then sell imitation Cartier love bracelet, generally do not appear all the level of diamond 4C.

Such as the color level is D to N, the general L and after the bare drill, is relatively small, almost no; clarity level from FL to I3, I1 to I3 clarity of the bare drill, generally do not have, cut level , From EX to P, and from F to P cut, will not appear. These levels do not appear, because the quality is too bad, the value is very low, no one to buy, so the supplier will not choose to sell.

13.03.2017 13:47

Thai and to you to explain the changes in the price of gold jewelry. Gold jewelry prices and gold prices are not the same, gold jewelry is jewelry, he is related to the process, the same gold content, such as 999 are thousands of gold, the brand is not the same Cartier love bracelet replica. There are different manufacturers of gold work is not the same, fine workmanship, rough than the work is certainly expensive. So different gold shop gold jewelry prices will have some differences.

Gold jewelry prices contain a lot of things inside, here small series simply listed a few:

First: raw material gold. The price of raw materials before processing now appears to be essentially uniform, but we should all know that the so-called gold content problem is less than 100%, of which there are other metals, which determines the price is different Of the silver, and more copper, but also take into account the wear and tear when processing.

Second, the process, that is, often heard of processing fees, or manual fees, this is to see you buy jewelry engraving complex or not, there are mirrors, scrubs and other processes in there, according to these will be in the price of some difference.

Third, the operating costs, where the side contains more, artificial ah, hydropower ah, and so will be added, so when you buy the Shanghai Gold Exchange optimistic about the daily changes in gold prices, as the basis for the price to buy the general Not too much difference, I personally recommend to find the Chinese Cartier love  replica gold company’s business to buy, generally according to the broader market price plus manual fees, more reasonable, and is a state-owned enterprises, more at ease.

Gold jewelry prices are also affected by the price of gold. Recent gold, silver prices continue to encounter “Waterloo”, triggering domestic gold retail market have cut prices, the city of gold shop also lowered the retail price of gold jewelry again. Chengdu area Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Liu Fu gold shop and other brands thousands of gold jewelry listing price of 402 yuan, less than the Dragon Boat Festival before 413 yuan / gram price, thousands of gold per gram down 11 yuan.

The gold market was “very hurt” as the Federal Reserve held a meeting on Thursday to announce a “distorting” period from the end of the month to the end of the year. On the same day, the international price of gold from 1607 US dollars / ounce fell to 1565 US dollars / ounce line, down 2.6 percent, fell 1600 US dollars mark. At the same time, since the second quarter, silver prices continued to fall, frequently low, so far the cumulative decline has been close to 30%.

Taihe to yet understand that the decline in the price of gold has inspired many people to buy the boom, gold jewelry prices down. The consumer market, the major brands of gold jewelry sales have been substantial growth. Zhou large counter sales staff also reflects the “recent period of gold prices fell sharply, our shop flow is also more than 50% of the usual.” Miss Zhang told reporters, “the first few months at 420 yuan per gram when I Bought a bracelet Cheap Cartier love bracelet, the recent gold price fell badly, the purchase of bracelets than the last time to buy a lot of grams of gold, gold jewelry prices did not much worse.