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Cartier love ring replica

19.06.2017 14:33

Love is one of God’s most precious gifts given to mankind. It brings people to the sweet, brought happiness, brought a laugh, brought moving. And marry diamond ring is hidden in the meaning of infinite love. So you want to beat the sweetheart, usually choose to put on her fingers on a wedding proposal. But want a fairy tale come true, choose to marry diamond ring is very important, then the general marry diamond ring to how much money? Let’s take a look at it!

First, the selection of high quality, quality assurance


Now people generally choose platinum or gold to build the ring, in general, platinum ringing relative to the price of gold is more expensive, gold ring about more than 2,000 yuan; and platinum ringing need more than 4,000 yuan. For the gold ring, bright color, can bring out Cartier love bracelet replica a noble sense of luxury. And for the platinum ring, elegant and refined, to bring out a kind of elegant chic feeling, when the platinum encounter diamonds, love spark blooming, so that the sense of happiness instantly spread … … So now more people favor platinum ring, It is elegant and elegant, as love between lovers, pure and flawless, can not tolerate any impurities. But in general, the selection of materials to be careful to care, it not only affects the price of the ring, but also has a subtle meaning of love. Xiangruyimo, love the people with the edge of the day, the gift of each other, your past I have no time to participate in your future I Feng to accompany in the end

Second, the style changeable, innovation


Now people not only the requirements of the material on the ring, but also very focused on the style of the design, such as ringing twisted into, relief, hollow, mosaic, broken diamond around … … good ring twisted must be unique , Smooth and simple lines, graceful elegant curves, flowing out of love romance happiness; exquisite relief hollow design is also very important, perfect fine pattern lines shuttle is the light sense of fine platinum ring, like lovers of love Flowers and blooming, will be the moment of happiness and romance, the eternal memories and memories; for diamond mosaic, beautiful diamond firmly embedded in the ring, it is like a love between lovers like this inlaid diamonds Like a solid, tough; delicate and complete diamonds will give a noble sense of gorgeous, of course, there are many people like to break around the diamond, such as the stars in general, giving the dream of fantasy and artistic beauty. It can be seen, the more cordial design style, the more unique and unique, the higher the price naturally. Couples ring, gold and silver are set off each other, but also the integration of each other, totally natural, as we are in vain.

Third, the size of the right, perfect match


For the marriage diamond ring, the degree of the width of the ring is also very important. In general, the wider the ring, the higher the price. You can heart of the hand type, the thickness of the fingers, or personal preferences to determine the width of the ring. If the hand is Cartier love ring replica relatively large, relatively thick fingers, you can choose a wide diamond ring, used to modify the hand type, if the hand is relatively thin, fingers more slender, you can choose a narrow ring. The width of the ring can also show a different temperament, and therefore also affect the price of marrying diamond ring.


The fate of thousands of miles to meet, if met the Italian people, that is God’s own gift, do not miss her, but should take her hand, take care of her, cherish her life. Before that, the preparatory work to be done is to pick a good to be able to impress her marry ring. Carefully consider the various factors, then you consider how good your marriage diamond ring to do it?

This world everything has always been a natural balance, almost everything is good and bad are good and bad, even as a love letter of marriage proposal is no exception. In today’s huge jewelry market, a variety of diamond ring is quite difficult to identify, resulting in a love for the heart of the boxing was cheated, Xiaobian could not bear to see this upside down chaos, so here to introduce you to marry diamond ring Pick a few principles.

Principle 1: that a crystal clear


Perhaps, only a dream of the purple tide, but after all, but become a mirror dream. A beautiful meet, convinced that this encounter will no longer become a mirror of water, convinced that bright smile will eventually disperse the half-life of the nightmare. Life and death dew wide, fleeting, looking back to the memory of the notes but also a leaf of a moment of clouds, and then fine to the end of life is nothing but a Shaohua dream, the scattered light, free to leave. If the time is still, I hope there is a diamond ring condensate into a touch of silhouette, the most happy when the condensation in the pure peace inside, when the eternal life. Love is probably the world’s most pure feelings, why not need a crystal wedding ring to characterize it?

Principle two: that touch of Qin heart warm sun


If you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy, you are happy The heart will be full of sunshine, fragrance, bright and clear Huan, years are beautiful. Fireworks Cartier nail bracelet replica fleeting, breakdown of the earth like a cold, the winter more and more concentrated, cold deeper and deeper, why not find a warm heart, treat yourself People are social properties of the creature, if the harvest can be a selfish heart to the sun. Marry the diamond ring is also the case, if she can be their own wishful, that is, as a token of love in the heart forever gentle touch of warmth.

Principle three: that I do not abandon


Youth, is gloomy gray, monotonous pale, but mixed with the child’s warm and simple bright and clean. Once ignorant of the rate, and now the profound sophistication. Always wanted to write a long letter with you, always wanted to tell you a few simple words, always wanted to let you listen to the song you wrote, that once their own memory that you. Earthly, there is a met called beautiful, there is a kind of acquaintance called Sentimental, there is an outcome is no ending, and there is a pain is destined to leave. I always think that the edge should be the ancient bar, even if the day of each party, even if the marshes. In fact, the choice of marriage proposal is not also eager to choose a kind of eternal attitude with the left and right?


There are many principles to choose the wedding ring selection, Xiao Bian here is summed up is the most essential of several, hope that this from the heart of the words can help you in the selection of those who have tarnished the pure love of fake and defective.

24.05.2017 11:40

Buy wedding ring, 4C in the end should be how to see to buy cost-effective diamond ring? What are the standards and steps?


Q: buy wedding ring, 4C in the end should be how to see to buy Cartier love bracelet replica cost-effective diamond ring? What are the standards and steps?


Best answer: The first step: look at the weight, select the budget within the most adequate weight. The size of the diamond in appearance is the most obvious, and the diamond is too small to see the optical effect of diamonds, that is, we usually call the diamond does not flash. If it is a wedding ring, it is recommended to choose more than 30 points in the budget within the choice of large enough.


The second step: cut at least above VG, good cut means that at the weight of hair, and the pursuit of visual expression, to achieve the best balance of optical effects. Some friends do not buy 3x, in fact, not because, non-3EX diamonds, especially the degree of modification (polished / symmetrical) on the VG, there will be a better price.


The third step: color selection H color above, the more white diamonds, more transparent, in general, H color is yellow and white watershed. The fourth if the pursuit of cost-effective, preferred F, G, H color, such as the budget is abundant, D, E color better.


The fourth step: the degree of clarity “rare degree”, pay attention to clarity are observed in the 10 times the magnifying glass, as the wearing class needs, can be retained to the final consideration. But SI1 level is basically the bottom line. Cost-effective preferred: VS1, VS2, quality pursuit: VVS1, VVS2. On the clarity is the most controversial, is often “out of the” situation, especially in the choice of suffix 2 diamonds, the market is facing a “gray zone”, to be concerned about the location of the defect is on the table, the color is obvious The

Recently married to buy a diamond ring, listen to friends that the best diamonds are South Africa, buy diamonds to buy South Africa drill, is it true? Going to South Africa to buy diamonds is the best?


Q: Recently married to buy a diamond ring, listen to friends that the best diamonds are South Africa, buy diamonds to buy South Africa drill, is it true? Going to South Africa to buy diamonds is the best?


The best answer: South Africa is the production of drilling, rather than the diamond trading center, you go all over South Africa to go, buy diamonds is not necessarily a good diamond, and we buy diamonds in the country, if the business with you Vowed to drill in South Africa, then he must be not honest Cartier love ring replica business, because the diamond origin, no one knows, the mining company will be “according to the weight and fineness” packaged diamond sold to see the goods, see the goods sold in the cut to sell Large wholesalers, wholesalers and then to the middlemen or retailers, so retailers simply do not know the origin of diamonds, and South Africa is already a rich diamond, and now rich in diamond production resources in Canada and other places in Russia.


In fact, when picking diamonds, origin is not important, it is not a good diamond and no half of the relationship, in order to buy a good diamond, or to see the diamond 4C.

Recently married to buy a diamond ring, listen to people say that as long as the purchase of brand name on it, is the real name brand can buy hedge diamonds it?


Q: Recently married to buy diamond ring, what brand of diamonds cheap? Why do many people go to Zoacai?


For example, Tiffany Cartier and other international brands, high quality, high prices, the brand premium is expected to be in the general, 600-800% or so, foreign people, domestic Mukden, diamond value alone, the value of no space;


2, Chow Tai Fook, I DO and other domestic brands, the quality of good, high prices, brand premium is generally estimated at 300% -500%, Hong Kong-owned brand, to Hong Kong to buy the price is relatively reasonable, but less choice;


3, O2O electricity business: Zoca, diamond birds, Kelan, etc., good quality, price affinity, gross margin is estimated at 25-50%, have to say, electric business to accelerate the industry to enhance Of the transparent, GIA certificate, diamond 4C, worry-free returned, life-long after-sales and other popular standards slowly improve the market.


In short, when we buy diamonds can not blindly superstitious brand, of course, can not see the brand, it is best to find a person who knows jewelry to buy together, combined with their own needs and preferences to pick.

Not long ago heard people say that the Russian crater found a huge reserves of diamond mine, which will make diamond prices, is it true? Will diamonds really cut prices?


Q: recently heard people say that the Russian crater found a huge reserves of diamond mine, which will cut the price of diamonds, is it true? Will diamonds really cut prices?


Russia’s meteorite mine, in fact, 40 years ago, but recently because of political reasons have been fired up, and the formation of meteorite impact of diamonds, small particles, flaws and more, can not be polished into a gem-level diamonds, More is just industrial value. In fact, the impact of diamond prices are only Cartier bracelet replica mining costs, industry pricing, market demand and other factors, will not be because of the crater and diamonds cut prices. Of course, diamonds will not be as gold as the realization of preservation.


Other answer: As the repurchase channel is relatively scarce, even if the equivalent price of 30% of the price of diamonds in the country is also very difficult. Usually, the jewelry line only repurchase gold, will not buy back the diamond, while the pawns of the purchase price of diamonds is often only the price of 10% -20%. So, when buying diamonds, to put their minds, choose a trust their own business, according to their own needs to choose their favorite diamonds.

10.04.2017 11:24

The general price of 200 to 2000 or so. Red and green treasure bracelet is more rare stone, red is ruby, green for the crest, it is symbiotic with the ruby, so mixed with a small amount of ruby stone, and black dot is black tourmaline. Is a gem-class mineral. Factors affecting the price of red and green bracelets are the following:

1. The color of the red and green bracelet. Red and green color to red and green Cartier love bracelet replica color-based, but the color depth has changed, and the number of red and green are also different. In general, the more red the value of red and green Po higher value, the more rare, the more bright colors, the less the dark spots, the higher the price, on the contrary, the more green, more black spots, the lower the price The

2. Red and green treasure bracelet process. The red and green bracelet process has polished and polished, they are dealing with the red and emerald surface flaws and brighten the color. The better the polished, that is, the more smooth and delicate, polished the better, that is, the more shiny look, the higher the price, on the contrary, feeling rough, looking at no luster, the lower the price.

3. red and green treasure bracelet flaws. Natural red and green bracelets in the formation process or mining by the impact of external forces, the surface will appear some scars, but these are not the most important, because the surface of the traces will be dealt with, it is important that the internal crack cracks, especially Is the bracelet, if there are some cracks, it is easy to lead to its damage, so the red and green treasure bracelet is the internal flaws, the price will be lower, and flawless, or only little flaws, the price is Will be very high.

Red and green treasure bracelet price [picture style]

Red and green treasure bracelet price [picture style]. From the aesthetic point of view, each person’s preferences are different, so a red and green gem is more or more components of the emerald, mainly to see their own hobbies and dress, pure red and pure green are relatively rare , But from the price point of view, the more expensive the more expensive the price. The following is a small series for everyone to collect some red and green treasure bracelet prices for your reference:

1. Zhenwei Mother’s Day gift collection of natural red and green treasure bracelet female models retro red emerald 282.00 yuan

2. Probao Peng Ge natural rare red and green bracelet women fashion jewelry bracelet 792.00 yuan

3. Treasure crystal crystal natural rare red and green bracelet female Pu Peng brother collection level shock reserve price of 1920.00 yuan

4 must / br natural rare red and green bracelet female models retro jewelry bracelet red more old material 1200.00 yuan

5. Jingtong high-grade natural red and green treasure bracelet female ruby temperament noble bracelet 3984.00 yuan
How much is the price of stainless steel bracelets? The general price of 30 to 200 yuan or so. Stainless steel bracelet is popular from Europe and China into China, there will be ordinary steel, titanium steel, tungsten steel three, the impact of stainless steel bracelet price factors have three points:

1. bracelet weight Stainless steel bracelet heavier, the same style, the price is naturally more expensive.

2. Style design. The same weight bracelet, style design more beautiful, the more beautiful Cartier love ring replica, more fashionable, the higher the price.

3. Brand awareness. Relatively small brand, the same style weight, brand awareness is higher, that is, the higher the brand value, wear out that a certain brand, but also times face, the price will naturally be higher.

How much is the price of stainless steel bracelets? Stainless steel bracelet is a short rust-resistant stainless steel, resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media or stainless steel with stainless steel known as stainless steel; and resistant to chemical corrosion medium (acid, alkali, salt and other chemical erosion) corrosion The steel is called acid resistant steel. Due to the difference in chemical composition between the two of their different corrosion resistance, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical corrosion, and acid-resistant steel are generally have a stainless steel. Due to the low cost of stainless steel production, so the relative price of stainless steel bracelets is relatively affordable.

Stainless steel bracelet price ?Style picture?

Stainless steel bracelet price ?Style picture?. Stainless steel bracelet Men’s bracelets are more common, because boys are generally more thrifty, save the money or send to family, or raise a girlfriend and so on. So the stainless steel bracelet market, most of them are men’s bracelets, ladies only a small part of the women’s bracelets are generally made of silver material or gold material.

Stainless steel bracelet picture Daquan. The invention and use of stainless steel dates back to the First World War. British scientist Henry Breerley was commissioned by the British Military Army Arsenal to study the improvement of weapons. At that time, the soldiers with the rifle guns easy to wear, Blairley invented a kind of easy to wear alloy steel, which is now stainless steel, after the war, someone to commemorate his comrades, change the stainless steel to create a stainless steel bracelet, And wear it with you.

Stainless steel bracelet picture Daquan. Among the stainless steel bracelets, the most common is known as titanium steel material is 316L stainless steel, and some manufacturers call it 316L international standard titanium. In fact, 316L is a stainless steel number, is based on the 316 stainless steel to continue to reduce the carbon content obtained, compared to the general stainless steel is more expensive, corrosion resistance is very strong, suitable for skin contact jewelry, the main component is Fe, Cr, Mo, its composition is not titanium at all. But it is almost no deformation for a long time, do not change color, in the common stainless steel bracelet, known as the “titanium steel” 316L steel is the most suitable for bracelets.
Titanium steel bracelet will fade it? Titanium steel bracelet in recent years gradually popular, because it is resistant to high temperature corrosion resistance, the surface will not change because of the environment, long-term wear to be able to maintain the shiny and smooth. At the same time titanium steel bracelet metallic luster and platinum gloss is very close, both noble and elegant, but also has a modern, and can also be very affordable price, buy very texture of titanium steel bracelet.
Titanium steel bracelet will fade it?

If the purchase of titanium steel bracelet soon fade, and that is fake, because the titanium steel bracelet from the inside to the same raw materials, titanium steel, also known as medical steel, mild steel or 316L stainless steel, is based on the 316 stainless steel Continuous decline in carbon content, and its characteristics resistant to strong acid, resistant to alkali, do not change color, not allergies, no deformation, hard, light, much more expensive than ordinary steel.

Titanium steel bracelet with a bath?

Titanium steel bracelet with a bath? This is able to, titanium steel bracelet conservation and cleaning is very simple, not in a strong acid environment, do not need to deliberately conservation. So there is no plating or no deployment of other materials (such as leather) titanium steel bracelet is completely Cartier nail bracelet replica unnecessary maintenance, in sweating, swimming or bathing time can not have to take down.
Titanium steel bracelet with a bath?

Often wear titanium steel bracelet, can let the relaxation of energy, improve motor function, so that muscle relaxation. But also by stimulating blood flow to help eradicate the effects of pain and fatigue in the bloodstream. To reduce the bursitis, sciatica, headache, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome and other performance has a significant effect.
Men’s silver bracelet wear which hand? 1, men silver bracelet to wear right hand, the saying goes, left jade right silver, right hand from the liver recently, if the liver in doubt, silver bracelet will soon become dark and dark. However, wearing the right hand, can not help but have a little inconvenient, so it can wear on the left hand.

2, if it is two men silver bracelets together to wear, then both hands are better wear, three men silver bracelet is to wear in the left hand is better, although the left hand away from the liver, but the body if there is doubt, still Will turn black. Because silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect, the body is very advantageous.

3, men’s watches and silver bracelets are not suitable for wearing together, due to wear with a fierce sense of dissonance, so usually wear silver bracelet, the first do not wear a watch, wearing a watch, the bracelet can not wear.

The advantage of men wearing silver bracelets

What is the advantage of men wearing silver bracelets? 1, men wear silver bracelet will be very fashionable, distinguished, generous, elegant, contemporary star Zhu Yavin in the north of the wide do not believe in tears] decorated Zhao Xiaoliang’s play, there are wearing a halo fashionable silver bracelet grab the mirror! Captured a lot of beauty fans of the heart, and set off a wave of silver on the purchase of silver wave!
Zhu Yawen in the north of the wide do not believe the tears decorated Zhao Xiaoliang wearing silver bracelet

2, men wear silver bracelets to prevent a variety of diseases. Since the thermal conductivity of silver is the most outstanding in all metals, it is possible to emit the heat of blood vessels gracefully, assuming that the thermal conductivity of silver is 100, gold is 53.2, iron is 11.6, platinum is 8.2, and this apparent heat transfer performance Blood heat, to prevent a variety of diseases have outstanding results.

3, men wear silver bracelets have absorbed toxicity. It is one of the factors that it discovers, so it has excellent disinfection performance, this discoloration is only a surface reaction, with toothpaste or drugs to eliminate. It can be seen that the importance of silver to health is not overlooked. In the ancient palace, it is useful to use silver needle poisoning palace regulation. The ancients said that the body with silver health and wealth will be accompanied, not only because of its precious metals, medicine, it is higher than the effectiveness of gold on human health!

12.03.2017 13:36


There are many plants on the market like strawberry crystal, many businesses also use these crystal blinded consumers, so that consumers suffer, so when buying strawberry crystal to be careful, first of all to identify the true and false Replica Cartier jewelry strawberry crystal, only the real strawberry crystal talent Play its effectiveness.

Strawberry crystal has two concepts, one is recognized by the international concept: refers to the red twisted strip content of the red “titanium” crystal, and the same crystal, the main part of the quartz crystal, And red rabbit hair lance in the body, strawberry crystal red metal bar is the main component of red iron oxide, because it is rich in iron elements, so that the main body of quartz and pink and pink; the other is strawberry crystal is also known as : More than pear beer crystal, rose crystal, etc., are feldspar, this strawberry crystal is the concept of domestic business to steal, and later has been gradually recognized by everyone.

1, wear strawberry crystal helps to enhance love and fortune, to attract a good marriage. Long strawberry bracelet can add personal charm, people intoxicated in the arms of love, the guide in the case of mutual respect to enjoy every moment. Strawberry crystal can develop heart wheel, when you inject love information in the crystal, others will be able to feel the presence of your love.

2, strawberry crystal and make thinking more clear and make peace of mind peace and serenity. Business people wearing strawberry crystals can increase performance. For the relatively lazy friends can act by the strawberry crystal energy passive to take the initiative.

3, strawberry crystal wear should follow the crystal properties and traditional Chinese style to wear, the general proposal to wear in the left hand, because the strawberry crystal belongs to the red crystal, is a radioactive crystal that is a kind of crystal, so should wear in the left hand, To convey the positive energy to the human body; it wears to follow most of the principles of crystal wear. Another point is to wear according to the convenience of doing things, so most of the cases are worn on the left hand.

1, the crystal inside the hair to the more close the better, while hair to be even more chaotic even more rare, because people do not like “hair shawl”; if hair tight and smooth plate, then pole The little board of gold, or hair tight and smooth and shiny cat’s eye is very few cat’s eye (usually easy to see the ball);

2, the crystal is white crystal (white) than the tea crystal (brown) is better, of course, relatively rare;

3, the crystal inside the more clear, the more shiny the better, most of the crystal will have a natural cloud or cotton will feel some turbidity and not so clear;

4, with other crystal, the surface is no artificial damage or natural defects, the more perfect the better.

There are also the town of the town of evil spirits of the role of evil spirits in the area of evil hair is also a significant effect. The power of the crystal is very powerful, for some of the alien is almost a holy sword, it can block any real want to disturb your negative magnetic field, protect you out of peace, all diseases do not invade. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but the effect of blonde crystal evil spirits can definitely make you feel clearly.

Gold hair of the golden strong corresponds to the wealth, golden light is the “five elements of the world,” the strongest energy in the show, natural gold crystal crystal strongly correspond to the material and wealth, often wear on the wealth and business have a certain role in promoting.

Blonde crystal can be used as amulets, lucky characters, especially often at night to work, or access to a variety of places where the gas is very heavy gas, such as medical places, special places of business, there are evil, evil Kyrgyzstan’s effect, for some witchcraft or low-level spiritual interference also has a role in resolving.

Blonde crystal of indecisive, hesitant, lack of assertive and courageous people, but also to strengthen its decisive decision-making power, as well as increase the courage of the function, especially for the decision-making leaders or senior executives. Blonde crystal close to the sun wheel, will make the wearer more leadership decision-making ability to lead the next to create a new Council, in the cause of extraordinary achievements.

Crystal is a very powerful spiritual effect of the Cartier love ring replica crystal, mainly in Africa, Brazil and other places produced, containing hair-like rutile minerals, “Venus crystal” reputation.

Gold hair crystal is the top grade in the crystal, meaning auspicious, everything is peaceful, taste and status of the symbol. In a variety of quality blonde crystal out of the impurity and no gold and gold crystal is rare. Gold hair crystal refers to the crystal contains different types of ore needle-like package, containing rutile mostly gold, red or silver-white blonde crystal, gold called titanium gold crystal or gold crystal. Blonde crystal with the role of Lucky, is Choi Fortune are strokes, particularly strong energy.