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18.08.2017 04:56

For urban women in the workplace Casio SHEEN fashion watches By the golden horse best actress hours endorsement casio ladies watch SHEEN, with full of intellectual beauty appearance design, using high quality swarovski crystal as a wrist watch the bright dot eyeball elements, has become a city female workplace commuting modelling of the perfect match! SHEEN wrist luxury series Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica is using high wear resistance, high light transmittance of sapphire glass mirror, shine light on more confident for career women. Ceramic bezel with rose gold color low-key costly pleasure only for myself Intelligent urban women know, positive he can let work get twice the result with half the effort. Don't need a high-profile watches, more do not need to be well-dressed packaging, your smile is the best luxury! Luxury sg series SHE - 3505-7 au has warm circle of ceramic table, rose gold color collocation, every Angle reflects the wisdom of the low-key. High light transmittance of sapphire glass mirror material, multi-functional three six needle dial plate is more clear, easy to read. Swarovski crystals on the dial scale and dynamic design, the stars of the wearer from gestures are show my best! Sapphire crystal dial collocation completely scale Simple himself toward not simple dream With goals, dreams, and every moment of life is so wonderful! Less is more. The classic rule applies to life. Simple do yourself, don't simply have completed dream that one day! Come from the same series of luxury SHE - 4510 - d - 7 au using with swarovski crystal sapphire crystal dial simple collocation completely scale and a pointer, as time slowly across the sky the stars. Sapphire glass mirror material to the dial more show of bright is dazzing, whether banquet or party, easily Hold a cinch! The moon dial with solar power system imitation cartier love bracelet of eternal witness every wonderful present The replacement and there is always a person plaint years slip, regrets of the past time flies. However, the moment is eternal, cherish every moment of life, enjoy every wonderful today, philosophy of life is full of wisdom. Especially with solar power system SBD series luxury SHE - 3501-1 a, make career women don't have to worry about wrist watch dynamic range. Is not only the sun, even if it is a weak fluorescent lamp, also can be absorbed by casio high-capacity solar cells and translated into electrical energy. At 6 o 'clock position of the moon small dial make the rain or shine of the moon round the master at any time. Three-dimensional dial design adds a wrist watch and Roman numeral scale more classic beauty. Is suitable for casio EDIFICE watch of wrist of business activity Mr Match out of fashion Casio's pointer men's watch brand EDIFICE, eddy ? ? business series, suitable for different type of the business elite. Always adhering to the "Speed & Intelligence" Speed and the brand concept of wisdom, innovation, in the traditional pointer watch use powerful electronic science and technology, fashion and Cartier love bracelet replica function, each a series with a unique individual style, for the business elite, with different temperament type match a belongs to own fashion. Recommend a watch money: EF - 134 - d - 1 a Simple and straightforward in the workplace EF - 134 - d - 1 a is a jointly with contracted classic wrist watch, concise three needle design, colour is given priority to with the black and white, lively and generous. The window is inlaid in the bezel and twelve o 'clock position of swarovski crystal, more show delicate. Pursuit of collocation of contracted businessmen, dark suit, bright color of the tie, patent leather shoes, whether it's office, or meeting, both solemn and do not break. Recommend a watch money: EFB - 101 - d - 1 a The wind restoring ancient ways in the fashion business EFB - 101 - d - 1 a watch of wrist of the lettering on a big dial concise collocation Rome, is a classic style restoring ancient ways, and sapphire glass and stainless steel strap, bright contrast is formed on color and texture, highlights the taste and value. Luminous dial to read in the dark environment more convenient. Stopwatch, date display, the diversity such as 100 meters of waterproof functions, all manifests Fake Cartier love bracelet the EDIFICE brand inside and outside and repair the concept. For sedate pragmatic business people, the table is more suitable for the bowl. With smart suit, bright color of cufflinks, light color shirt, founder of the leather bag, everything can be sedate breath. Recommend a watch money: SBDB EFB - 503-1 a The perfect combination of dynamic and fashionable The series represents the model of industrial design, its modelling is fluent, color coordination, material contrast, move feeling fashion, are fully show the connotation of modern industrial design, large dial, increased the read sex, also make the table more swagger. The central white light pointer storage increased recognition, 0.5 mm scale watch money is improving the overall quality. This series is suitable for small sharp business elite, tie-in and recreational suit, or recreational leather, with a straightforward and do not break diamond, can attract attention on any occasion. Recommend watch: EFR - 517 l - 7 a Jane and not about, Confucianism elegant wind EFR - 517 - l - 7 a the in design adopted almost pure white tonal, brown leather strap on collocation, everything is so simple, but everywhere embodies the taste in detail. Function as always uphold the tradition of the EDIFICE, watch Cartier nail bracelet replica the essence of intellectual, chi long, companions. Light color sweater on collocation, light color jeans, grind arenaceous casual shoes, all reflect the sincere gentle feeling. Recommend a watch money: EFR - 526 - d - 1 a Experience in metal movement EFR - 526 - d - 1 a, the watch is suitable for love metal model and dynamic fashion business men, black dial with silver watch body, as well as the texture strong stainless steel strap, overall the metal of the table, three small dial breakthrough symmetry principle, unevenly distributed in the left dial, strong movement. This series of wrist watch. Can collocation suits, formal occasions, also can match casual wear, can be said to be the best choice has the dual character of business men. Recommend a watch money: EQS A500DB - 1 a Classic, experience the speed and passion EQS A500DB - 1 a table with the car element for design inspiration, streamline the watch body, with the car instrument designed large Cartier love ring replica dial is give a person the sense with small stereo sense is strong, with black bezel with silver ion IP coating of high quality stainless steel strap, show the strength of brand extreme beauty. It is also equipped with automatic calendar, 100 meters waterproof, stopwatch accurate to 1/20th of a second, world time, velometer, and practical functions. This function and fashion the perfect fusion of works, to lead the high-end business elite bring extreme tastes of The Times.

09.03.2017 14:37

With the red and agoda market and the increase in demand, a variety of processing fraud is more and more, technology is getting better and better. Our players are now in addition to the color and texture from the identification of true red south agate, but also from the texture up to identify.


How the texture from the South to identify the true and false it South red than ordinary agate texture to oil, red natural rich. But it is always a kind of agate, so there are still some agate features. We are looking at some of the more water red, or red and white material when it can be more obvious that the South is also a texture of the red, and some are striped, some large pieces of color mixed together, in general, are more natural Smart. Unlike some of the material there are some rigid and rigid, very regular texture, like the machine produced by mixing the lines.

South red agate is a kind of agate, it is necessary to learn to distinguish Cartier nail bracelet replica between red agate and other agate. The market has been on the continuation of the African Mozambique red agate, monochromatic agate, Madagascar agate and so on the foreign species, businesses use these prices to be cheap a lot of agate to impersonate the South red agate.


Why is it so popular for the red agate, because everyone likes its natural mild red, which for the Chinese people is very auspicious. We identify it and ordinary agate is different from this start. See it has no cinnabar point, chalcedony red is completely dissolved liquid look, and no South red cinnabar point of the characteristics.

South red agate injection in the whole industry is already a very common way, the players naturally have a lot of identification of the plastic south of the red agate method. We like the south red agate, certainly like the texture of moisturizing bright red onyx, whether it is persimmon red, or ice floating, if there are obvious cracks I believe we will not choose.


Note that the glue is to cover the flaws of the red onyx processing, and then processed the red onyx as a good high-priced goods for sale. Identification of this optimization agate method is mainly used in the purple light, in the cracks in the filling of red or transparent glue, in the light of the UV light can easily see the difference.

South red agate in the red and white materials and frozen material, although both red and white color, but still have a more obvious difference, it is relatively easy to identify. The red agate is a kind of agate that is famous for its rich red color, and this red is because it is formed from cinnabar which is different from the usual agate. But it is impossible for all the red sorghum to be able to achieve such a ruddy degree, so we see most of the South red agate is a thick and light, there is the South red agate we have seen frozen material.


White white in the white material is generally milky white, and is opaque state, frozen South red, divided into red and transparent parts, two parts of the edge of the solution. These two kinds of south red agate are more suitable for making Qiao carving is very artistic beauty.

South red agate in a variety of means of fraud is endless, especially in the south red imitation Cartier love bracelet agate beads. Because the number of beads in the south red onyx is the largest in the South Red finished, and most of the people who buy it. Identify the selection of the South red agate beads to be careful when the.


Identification of the most easy to see is the price, if there is a South red agate beads color good texture Ye Hao, the price is particularly cheap, it goes without saying that there must be a problem, this is mostly some of the other stones, or some artificial Feeder. But also from the South red agate perforated place to identify its true and false, some false South red hole where there will be a circle of transparency, there is the color of the red is very frivolous or rigid texture is also likely to be dry Fake south red agate.

I believe that many players like the South Red from the beginning of the South Red to fully understand the South Red, which certainly also experienced a lot of twists and turns, the general will eat medicine. Generally posing as the South red even its associated mine red stone, blood stone and the like jade, but also foreign imports of jade material, but this comparison by the physical or better identification.


But now the technical progress of fraud is also very fast, identify the true red onyx agate when we often encounter bloodstone, associated mine is often used to pretend to be authentic South red agate alternatives, bloodstone is one of them. Although the stone in the texture and structure and the South red agate is very different, but from the appearance point of view is very similar. It is as bright as chicken blood, very oil is very moist Bloodstone is opaque, with a flashlight like a stone up, the novice can be identified from this point.

Identify the purchase of red agate is an easy thing, first of all we have to understand the characteristics and nature of the South red agate. Now the market is very common in the red fake, both in the regular store or wholesale market where the selection of the South red agate need to be imitation Cartier love jewelry carefully studied. South red agate even if there is a certificate, it can not prove that it is really no manual processing.


Identification of the South red agate or more and sellers to exchange, so that both the accumulation of experience, but also to reduce the probability of taking medicine. When the novice is best to find a friend, or know the seller to buy, so more assured is not easy to be cheated. , Want to buy genuine South red agate, or rely on their own experience and eyesight, the certificate is not.