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imitation Cartier love bracelet

22.05.2017 03:27

Love bracelet has become the legend of love legend, half a century in the past, today’s fashion Icon are still in favor of this bracelet, from the ladies Hilton to Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson are no exception to receive a loyal love Confession and expectation.


Cartierlove bracelet


In 1969, in the era of desire for peace and love, Cartier expresses loyalty to love in his humorous way. Designer Aldo Cipullo here for the couple to create a love each other love vowed LOVE bracelet. This bracelet is unique in that only when the lover wore on the wrist with a special screwdriver to open it.


Legend in the Middle Ages, the warriors on the battlefield imitation Cartier love bracelet will give their wives in the waist Department of iron “chastity belt” to ensure that they are always loyal to the marriage, the designer Aldo Cipullo’s inspiration is derived from this, Cartier Love’s bracelet must be purchased by someone else’s gift.

It is because of the “LOVE” bracelet loyalty to the unique interpretation of love, it will soon become a couple of love respected by the symbol of love, Cartier more homeopathy was invited to the 8 most appealing fashion Icon couple for its endorsement, which Including the love of the country and the beauty of the Duke of Windsor, with life in love Elizabeth Taylor, as well as the Italian rose Sophia Loren … and the classic reason why the classic, lies in its elegant heritage, Love bracelet has become Love legend of the legend, half a century in the past, today’s fashion Icon are still in favor of this bracelet, from the ladies Hilton to Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson are no exception to receive the loyalty of love confession and expectations.

Cartier Cartier Brand: Cartier Cartier


Cartier Founded: AD 1847


Cartier founder: Louis – Francois Cartier (Louis-Francois Cartier)


Cartier development Brief: Cartier is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, in 1847 by Louis-Fran? Ois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31 founder. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand.

CHARRIOL “French brand Phillipe Charriol was founded in 1983. Charriol (Charriol) is an internationally renowned watch, jewelry boutique design master, the art has a very deep feelings.


1) Tiffany & CO “Charles Lewis Tiffany, the son of a miller of the United States in Connecticut, came to Broadway in New York in 1837, opened an obscure little shop, operating stationery and fabric, and then transferred to operating jewelery Jewelry, can not think of ugly duckling grow into a white swan, simple small shops after several changes, and finally became the first step in the United States refers to the high-end jewelry store – Tiffany jewelry company, in fact, worthy of the European jewelry dynasty dispute , The reputation of more than the famous brand in Paris Cartier.


2) Damiani “Damiani family and the beginning of the jewelry, can be traced back to 1924, founder Enrico Grassi Damiani in Valenza, Italy set up a small studio, gorgeous jewelry design style, so that his reputation quickly expanded, Became the most influential family at that time designated by the exclusive jewelry designer, after his death, the second generation descendant Damiano in accordance with the traditional design style, adding a modern and popular creative elements, and actively the studio Transformation into a jewelry brand.


3) Cartier “Cartier’s famous symbol is only a name. Two identical French surnames are arranged together, in the Cartier three brothers and their father’s efforts at the end of the nineteenth century at home and abroad.” Now, double ” C “logo is a symbol of precious and fashion, around the logo, Cartier produced a large number of exquisite jewelry series.


4) Di Jue (DERIER) “18th century France Orleans, this ancient family began the earliest gold and silver jewelry and jewelry mosaic production, and gradually promoted to the high society at that time, become the French society, the nobility of the luxury.


VanCleef & Arpels VanCleef & Arpels VanCleef & Arpels Since its birth, Van Cleef & Arpels has been the top jewelry brand of the world’s nobles and celebrities. The legendary historical figures and celebrities have chosen VanCleef & Arpels Ke Ya Bao jewelry to show their incomparable noble temperament and style.

6) Bvlgari (Bvlgari) “1964, the star Sophia Loren’s Bulgari gemstone necklace stolen, the Italian jewelry with many jewelry immediately burst into tears, history, several Roman princess once in order to get Unique Bvlgari jewelry, at the expense of the territory to exchange … … Since 1884 in Rome, Italy founded Bvlgari (Bulgari) for more than a century, Bvlgari jewelry and accessories with its beautiful design style firmly To conquer all the hearts of women like Replica Cartier jewelry Sophie Loren’s love of fashion.


7) CHARRIOL “French brand Phillipe Charriol was founded in 1983. Charriol (Charriol) is an internationally renowned watch, jewelry boutique design master, the art has a very deep feelings, so the art and culture combined with the goods , The performance of his creation of goods, he spread in the world’s top fashion industry has always advocated the concept of “not the same life art.” The famous Celtic (Chrysler) series of fine, that is derived from the ancient European Choles Art, so that the cable rope into the famous brand of Xiali Hao.


8) Folli Follie “Folli Follie is a producer, manufacture and distribution of jewelry, watches and fashion accessories from Greece, the products to Folli Follie and Triton brand marketing the world, is [popular boutique fashion] advocates and the leader The


9) Ellenstein “Ellenston Jewelery is an international jewelry brand from Italy, with world-class jewelry experts, carefully designed, accurate calculation, ingenuity, the annual introduction of thousands of international popular models, regardless of Is a simple rejuvenation of the return of natural style, or classic chic romantic luxury, art masters are all the emotional philosophy of the design, the soul of the rejuvenation of the excitement and the perfect cutting grinding cleverly combined to give diamond jewelry beauty Beautiful and crystal eye-catching, for each of the owners of Ellenston jewelry to create the most beautiful stars in the universe, the eternal light of radiation!


10 Montblanc “MontBlanc”, Montblanc created in Europe, after a century, Montblanc has developed into a diversified high-end brands, including high-end jewelry, watches, high-quality leather goods, men’s senior lining, etc. MontBlanc brand representatives The elegance of the long life of life, reflecting today’s society on culture, quality, design, tradition and excellent craft of the pursuit and praise, and elegant hexagonal white star logo has become excellent quality and perfect craft representatives.


11) Tawo Ni (TAWONI) “TAWONI – is a person name, 1604 – – 1689, six times between India and the European royal family, engaged in a large number of diamond business, so that many European and European crown are set There are Tavoni diamonds, many royal family members are also wearing a TAWOI diamonds, thus promoting the application and development of diamonds, creating a history of diamonds in the history of the history, from TAWONI diamond world-renowned, was later known as “the world’s diamonds father.

26.04.2017 12:33

Cartier in the user to win up to Wang Sun nobles, down to the star beauty of countless heart, including Diana (Diana) Princess, Angelina Jolie and so on. Star as a fashion vane, more well versed in the watch is a significant personal taste of the weapon, from time to time for the show bracelet, so that the bracelet for their own with a lot of extra points. Cartier love bracelet imitation classic simple, distinctive design features, is the classic in the classic.



Innovation in the progress of the Cartier love series has been successful people chase the object, deep golden yellow, mapping mature wisdom; delicate round, enjoy the time fun. Large convex round diamond made tempting crown, and like round non-round streamlined – do not make new ideas, leading the trend. Love series combines Cartier classic and innovative, replica Cartier silver love bracelet has this large diamond mosaic, very artistic atmosphere streamlined wristband, highlighting the love series features. Very delicate and beautiful, but also one of the first choice of ladies list. Giving its fashion vitality and chic temperament, and then popular style echoes. In 2017, the new listing of Cartier Juste un Clou series of K gold collars and oversized bracelets, once again show simple and uninhibited unique temperament, with extraordinary creativity is memorable.

26.02.2017 10:09

18K gold has much less plasticity than gold. Therefore, compared to gold, 18K gold can be used to produce a lot of different varieties, different shapes of gold jewelry, so much consumer favorite. According to reason, 18K gold although the price is slightly cheaper, but still will not easily fade. So, why in some people’s impression, 18K gold ornaments fade it?


In fact, like gold will change color, 18K gold also for various reasons make their own color like fade the same. Therefore, when wearing 18K gold jewelry, we have to pay more attention to prevent jewelry color is too fast.

Gold jewelry has gradually deep into people’s daily life, by the people’s favorite. However, one of the characteristics of gold is soft, so pure gold is difficult to produce a complex, exquisite style. In addition, when there are inlaid precious stones, but also because of the Cartier nail bracelet replica soft gold and lead to easy to lose precious stones. Therefore, people in the gold and joined some other metal, made an alloy, used to strengthen the strength of gold and human nature. This new gold alloy is called gold.

K gold jewelry relative to pure gold, the cost will be lower, and according to join the other metal and the preparation of different colors. And, the emergence of K gold is to strengthen the toughness, so it is not easy to deformation and wear. K gold in accordance with the different amount of gold has a different logo, 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 9K gold and so on are representative of the different gold content. In our market the most common 18K gold, its gold content of 75%, jewelry should be marked on the mark as “18K” or “750”.

Gold is a luxury, but now this luxury but for other items to give a luxury value.

Birmingham’s jewelry collector Anthony Aubry hired 40 workers, spent nearly a year to produce a gold bra, the value of this bra reached a staggering million dollars. The bra is named after his producer’s wife “Rita”. Bra body is made of 1 kg of 18K gold made of, in addition, the whole bra also a total of about 500 carats inlaid with diamonds! Really extravagant!

Napoleon I used the bees as a symbol of right and love, and the Napoleonic Empire’s back up was also a bee. This bee, was also the United States as a symbol of Paris. Shangmei Paris, a brand that has been extended since the Napoleonic Empire, has been used as a source of creativity for its bees.


Just this year, 2013, Shangmei Paris once had a creation on the bees. He will be the honeycomb love affair carved between the fingers, creating a new bee • love series of rings. The new bee • love ring on the basis of the honeycomb also increased the diamond-studded design, and the imitation Cartier love bracelet ring can also be combined with each other, stacking out countless novel combinations.

In the limited life of people, but there are countless times to celebrate. In these memorable moments, perhaps the most difficult to forget is the wedding moment. Tiffany Yours series with it compared to the very simple fashionable modern style has expressed a very human passion. Whether it is 18K gold ring or bracelet or something, with its extremely fine work to describe a beautiful pattern. There is also an eternal “I Love You”, simple and straightforward to show the heart of sincere feelings.

In the domestic gold jewelry is also a long time, K gold jewelry has become popular in Europe, especially in Italy. Italy’s K gold jewelry has been known throughout the world. At present there are some very popular in the market is very fashionable K-GOLD, that is, especially those in the gold content of 14-18K between the Italian process of gold jewelry. In the original case, K gold this gold accounted for a large proportion of the price of alloy products should be based on the price of gold to pricing, but the price of gold jewelry is not according to this pricing. As a result of K gold tough plasticity, manufacturers can use K gold to create a complex process, diverse styles of gold jewelry, so the value of gold is mainly on the process, its price needs to be based on the style of the process has a very important relationship The Even in some cases, the price of a gram of K gold far more than gold, at around 900 yuan, which is any precious metals can not match.

18K gold price is lower, but it has a distinctive bright colors, so the price is very high In this premise, many consumers are made with 18K gold jewelry out there is a great sense of love. As the 18K gold as platinum as has a very stable chemical properties, never fade, so to understand the Fake Cartier ring maintenance of life Caixing.

First of all to avoid 18K jewelry and cosmetics, hand sanitizer or other chemicals in contact. As the gold content of 18K gold is only 75%, other ingredients will not be gold stable, so when exposed to chemicals is easy to attack, so that the surface of jewelry is not very bright.

Second, to avoid 18K jewelry and other hard objects collided. Although the 18K gold due to the reduction of gold content and make its hardness has increased, but if a violent collision will lead to 18K gold left traces. Even in the case of serious cases will make 18K gold jewelry deformation of the situation, so that the jewelry is very ornamental.

Third: If it is 18K gold diamond ring, then also want to avoid too far in the environment. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, in extreme environments may make 18K gold deformation, so that the diamond loose or even fall.