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06.09.2017 04:31

Say the gem, several trading day in the morning have a move action, across the sector stocks has a lot of money, is technically no difference by fluent bull trend still has not formed, as well as the market continued to do more confidence has not yet return, also need time. But it does not impede the attention and involvement of overfall stocks. In this, wang's woman is still the lead, in the morning is in suko, Gucci strategic film, kunlun and other leaders, assisted by individual Internet technology shares. However, the index shareholder's wealth to the index and the popularity of the multi-gem board, has a larger impact.

From gem index and individual stocks, replica gucci belts bungee jumping and may occur at any time, because time has entered into the differentiation, catch up of individual stocks may jump and others affected by the policy of individual stocks may also flash crash. For example, the former star sent a stock to the company for easy to get the case investigation, the other this year's star stock 10 sent 10 to the hangzhou garden to flash today. In addition, hangzhou's new high - tech, pegatron two gem stocks also fell to a halt. Of course, the recombinant country reform in the main board is also not good where to go, the three love rich connect two boards not to have, the subject stock that the Shanghai country changed out to be put out this way?

So, the current stock market, indeed very spectacle, the individual stock bungee jumping will be common, the operation will have a lot of difficulty. However, there are still a lot of opportunities in differentiation, we are still looking at performance more excellent super stocks fell after start, and the prospect of uncertainty theme stocks, patience, waiting for the sudden spurt upwards.

This week, it was a life of death, with both indices and individual stocks striking. Said the market first, attack on week continuously, to touch to 3305 highland on Wednesday, at the beginning of 2016 fuse level high, then anger three crow, volume down three days, but still in line, edged up 0.27%. Say the gem, fake gucci belts on Thursday this week failed to muster an aphrodisiac line to siege, take the sideways of gaining, among them the most promising performance ZhongYang again on Thursday, but the same day as high back playing with a pair of, continue to fall on Friday, the final contour closed out - 0.83% of Yin line, failed to break through five weeks of averages.

06.09.2017 04:30

The market has been afraid of overpower because of the stock market's rise in the first two weeks of the stock market. But today in the back of the disc, the opportunity for the resource stock performance, fang large carbon and other shares to take the opportunity to draw an attractive eyeball, trading 65 + billion. The afternoon of the broad market returns to the 5th day of the line, the sign that the market slow bull pattern is still in formation.

It can be seen that since 3016, every adjustment of the market has been opened in a few days, in the long shadow of the sun. Then look at the gem board, fake gucci belts which almost closed today, but it was under the weight of the 30-day line, but it didn't collapse after the fall, indicating that the money was still relatively good. As the 30-day average has moved down, it is likely that a dongyang line will break through the 30-day average.

So, in general, the trend of slow cattle has not changed, but the bungee jump is always on.

First of all, for the market, the three closed today after the Yin and Yang, means that technology has become more and more close to the end of the adjustment, under today's one-day shadow on back, pan back to consolidate the tomorrow, is ok. What does the market use to end the adjustment? We might as well look at commodity futures. In the PTA intraday straight dive, while the spiral steel and the hot plate harden. So there will be bungee jumping.

Chemical stocks have risen sharply, and bungee jumping has plummeted. The steel stocks are still going up, but they're going up, they're going to end, and bungee jumping is going to happen. There is still some potential for the second wave of rare earths. In this way, the entire resource plate is in an intraday situation, entering into the final pull plate or pressure plate bungee. While adjusting insurance, does not seem to fall too deeply, replica designer belts in this way, can cause insurance stocks are still likely to end adjustment and rose to support, among this, or will be peppered with liquor and the stock market of Chinese traditional medicine.

06.09.2017 04:28

Wang's women's stock, there are ready-made, everyone knows which. But in the big direction, it is low down and there is money to get involved in advance. For example, if you look at the winning, the continuous positive line. Sue, kunlun, ten thousand d, co-sponsored by the film and television, this is the king of the release of woman, like lang information, 2345, Oriental guosen, Oriental wealth, wanda information, etc., have in front of the performance, all up this afternoon.

The male shares, since August 1, have been moving every day, the previous fall of deep enough is enough to be sad, although August also did not have much to rise, replica gucci belts but when lurk, must have thick newspaper. Sure enough, the catalyst came out, and yesterday, the news showed that the company had established a Chinese company with registered capital of 10 billion yuan, with the sole shareholder of the hebei province people, the people's government. This suggests that the agency is already under way. Today Japan under the construction of energy and hebei XuanGong harden directly, although index high drop, not harden like at the beginning of April, all of the area, but it's never too late, good meal back to the beginning of April, how people talk about male Ann three county? Was it because the two months had fallen so long that the local pride vanished? Did the I have room in the male house the marriage joke, disappeared?

For today's agricultural sector, logic is actually very simple, not because the two seniors going up in price, but because of who I am, to the agricultural sector is a big super lower plate, the agriculture sector also belongs to the periodical resources, the three three agriculture the urbanization construction in the future several times really has a big potential. But for now, it's just intermittent, it's not going to last. fake gucci belt And today, the steel and coal chemical graphene that led down, to the non-ferrous rare earth lithium electric small metal after two or three days, should notice already is high.

On Friday from regulators will issue nine new shares for many weeks to issue 7 after the news, the market is still relatively satisfied, today's disk reflected this, good walk for half an hour in the morning. The index of chinext was up 1.4 percent at one point, but then it came down, and the market was green before noon, and the afternoon resources were redistributed. Finally, all major indexes showed red disks.

05.09.2017 23:21

Let's talk about the market. The market slow cow pattern remains the same, yesterday, the line of the no representatives back the sun, because a second-line blue-chip with about the same, the current point, has overdrawn many basic positive expectations, on the surface of the including prices. So, it's time to go back. What is interesting today is the early market share of resources (rare earth, small metals), a set of fate.

What's this for? Very simple, one side is individual resource stock actually still need true raise, and on the other side is the fund to intervene the resource variety to be too deep, can't get out, so, have to lure more! The way to make a push to speed up the air has to go up, but not so, which can attract capital to enter? Sure enough, fake gucci belts seven or seven pieces of the stock, the whole wide open board down, a large amount of a single chip, so the big money smoothly to make the shipment of T. Is there any market for resource stocks? And a little bit, the reason is because the stakes are too deep to get out. At present such market, still can not need big fund to use the way of direct hit dish, use the sharp top graph to dispatch the resource stock, so still will be back and forth again. replica gucci belts Will this lead to a decline in the market?

Don't. Because the insurance unit has been adjusted for a period of time, the brokerage unit just started, One Belt And One Road is not high in the infrastructure and machinery stocks, and the state-owned enterprises are not moving, so there is also a variety of rotation. Today's flood of money from resource stocks is starting a second time. The second quarter was dormant, and the third quarter was pulling up, so the chinext index suddenly pulled up today.

Notice, it's two days in advance. What is called two days in advance, last week last week was on Thursday, replica designer belts last week was also on Thursday, and this week it moved, so I can't wait. The breakthrough came, and I wrote in the noon old strange Gucci that there are only two lurking stocks: the first is the king's woman, and the second is the male.

27.08.2017 23:01 good. Replica Designer Belts simply responded to a sentence, wondering, do not know the water company's office director how to know their own planning a general staff of the name.

Distant comrades, sit down and talk. fake gucci belts pointed to the opposite of the sofa, kindly said.

Because Replica Gucci Belts Fan Yimin is very seriously people, Wang Tian put on the stage, the forest is very cold, never had a smile, and today he was uncharacteristically, Lin Yuanyuan mind to feel some not practical. Sitting on the opposite side of the sofa, watching Wang Tian put a look of joy, Lin far more even more uneasy.

Zhang Haiyang see Wang Tianfang let Replica Designer Belts sit down and know that he should go out. So he raised the thermos bottle to Wang Tianfang and Dong Xiaoqiang cup continued to point the water, gave Replica Designer Belts pour a glass of water, this back out, gently put the door to cover.

For the general has been high above the chief of adults suddenly down respect for their own poured a glass of water, Lin Yuanxiang is not flattered feeling, because he knows that the chief of the adults do not certainly because of concern subordinates, but only in front of Wang which performed.

fake gucci belt fingers have been gently on the sofa armrest, such as Zhang ocean after the exit, he was interested with the tone asked: Distant comrades, I heard you have a nickname, called 'live file'?

27.08.2017 22:57

Look at this situation, he and Wang Juchang relationship is not normal, ah, how have never heard of this news before it? It seems that intelligence work needs to be strengthened.

Mind thought, ocean led Replica Designer Belts came to Wang Tianfang in front of respectfully shouted: Secretary, I Replica Designer Belts to bring you.

Well, good. Wang Tian nodded his head, eyes swept Zhang ocean, fell on the forest side of the body. And Dong Xiaojiang is blinking eyes do not blink staring at Replica Designer Belts.

replica gucci belts interested in looking at the forest far enough to have more than a second bell, and then moved over the eyes looked at Zhang ocean one, pointing Dong Xiaoqiang introduced him: Zhang Kechang, which is the county water company office director Dong. 

fake gucci belt enthusiastically stretched out his hands, said Dong Xiaojiang: Dong Zhuren, hello. And turned and smiled on Wang Tian said: Secretary, I and Dong Zhuren had seen before.

Yes, seen before. Dong Xiaojiang Zhang Yang hand holding the hand to respond to the sentence, eyes quickly moved to Replica Designer Belts body.

gucci belt replica and pointed to Lin Yuan said: old Dong, this is what you are looking for Replica Designer Belts comrades, but also Zhang Kechang competent cadres.

Replica Designer Belts comrades, hello hello, but I heard a long name ah! Dong Xiaoqiang holding the distant hand of the stone kept a non-stop.

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