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Another bath, doing housework,Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings swimming, etc., but also easy to make the collision of stones and injuries.

But the ultrasonic cleaner is not suitable for all gems, such as emeralds, pearl… and other special structure of the gem, in the ultrasonic cleaning will undermine its structure, it should definitely be avoided.

Note acids and alkalis Some of the substances that come into contact with our daily life or food contain acids or alkalis of varying concentrations which can damage gems, especially pearl.

Pay attention to Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace wear jewelry orderly wearing claw jewelry or ring, should avoid hooked to clothes, purses, if hooked to the clothes, though not cause the main stone to fall off immediately.

There are many kinds of jewelry inlaid, the most insurance and not hooked clothes inlaid is package inlay, but the package will enclose the entire waist circumference, so that light can not enter, but also because the k-gold part of the more, so the visual

You may have heard some people remove the jewelry for hand washing and put it on the sink, accidentally fall on the ground, or slip into the drain.

After many people remove Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Bracelet the jewelry, fake cartier rings ebay the jewelry box is placed in a drawer at home instead of being used. This is a pity.

Regularly carefully examine the jewelry busy modern consumers are often busy after returning home to remove the jewelry, into the jewelry box, next time you want to use it out and then wear it, jewelry is so recycled, maybe you spend less energy

This article will introduce the size of jewelry showcase and decoration renderings.

So how do we Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings identify these cohabitation of jewelry appraisal certificate yet.

For newcomers to join jewelry stores, but often less experienced.

3, to remove the gold jewelry when swimming to avoid encountering sea water or water, the surface chemical changes.

7, gold ring and platinum ring with one hand, easily lead to friction between the two, so that the local appearance of the gold ring rub platinum white.

In the scientific standpoint, it is not always true and therefore necessary for its rectification.

So inadvertently jeopardize the jewelry, Replica Hermes Bracelet tarnished, more likely to cause the main stone loose, drop or lost.

How to care for jewelry Detailed 9 ways to maintain jewelry In fact, the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry, there are many details that must be noted, for example: Do not touch the jewelry often.

14, pure gold jewelry chemical changes occur in case of mercury, white mottled, we buy cartier jewelry to be on the barbecue light bar for a while, can restore the primary colors.

This provides nine kinds of proper wear jewelry should pay attention to matters and maintenance methods for consumers reference to avoid jewelry by accidental injury


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