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06.01.2018 00:50
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Angel was taken care of growing up, is also very good at expressing. When she went to the park, she wandered from one tent to another and was always able to reach friends quickly. In the flea market, she swapped a bunch of small toys with two candies. Accompany mom and dad to see wrestling it! Daddy , replica versace belt uk she all understood, the estrus also tears.

Li Xia looks lively and healthy daughter, will imagine her daughter can become a diplomat one day. I want Angel to be an ideal child, versace sunglasses replica a real ideal, and a contribution to the motherland for the people, not the number of annual salary, what position, even if she will be poor in the future life - best not to be poor, but she It makes sense to do something, and she will be really happy if she does it. 

But her husband is not cold, he from the father's point of view, I hope my daughter is beautiful, healthy and happy, and then accept the education that should be accepted. I hope she is artistic, not so tired of learning science and technology.

The couple have highs and lows on their children's expectations, but all realize that when they were pushing their bullets in their alley in their childhood, stocking education on wire poles could not be copied. The two reached a consensus, the two must learn the bottom, one piano, cultivate literary temperament; one replica ferragamo belt is English, the key must be mastered in the future. Others, swimming to practice physical fitness, but also spent some time acting class.