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06.01.2018 00:24
fake versace sunglasses and the full story of

In 2014, Jin Lei had a daughter. He showed me the video on his cellphone, the little girl was eloquent, fake versace sunglasses and the full story of more than one minute at 2 years of age. Since her birth, Jin Lei has only given her daughters an English cartoon. She has only read her English picture books three times a week. He sent her less than 3-year-old daughter to an English-speaking small class run by an American. This is not a small workload , But Jin Lei took the trouble: Oh, that is her future ah, now you save trouble she pain, ah, now you feel painfully good point.

In the same year, Jin Lei's parents saw the computer and the Internet as the future direction, and Jin Lei believes that today, replica ferragamo belt with the internet accessible to everyone, English has become the new most important tool. Most of the valuable information is primarily English-based. Good English speakers can get better using the internet. English is not good even if you have the Internet and get a lot of information.

Cheetah mobile work, Jinlei responsible for the global market, in the face of foreign affiliates, the task is not a problem, but the lack of English or bring regret. You can manage him, but you may not be able to lead him, you can not communicate with him in depth, you will never walk into his heart.

Jin Lei cut the pain of letting wait and see financial, medical and other industries, choose to enter the English education versace belt replica industry. At the end of 2016, he founded Magic Ears, an English-language online education platform for children aged 5 to 12 years old.

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