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13.09.2017 13:57 / Bvlgari Jewelry

SERPENTI Bvlgari's classic series


Bulgari gives the feeling that each of his series has a special iconic characteristics, following the French Cartier and the United States after the Tiffany’s third largest jewelry brand Bulgari, its origin from the design essence of Italy is originality With a variety of different colors of precious stones with a combination, and then use the base of different materials, to highlight the dazzling jewel color. Can be said to have been imitated, never been exceeded.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas watch two-tone pink gold Case SP35C6SPG.2T replica

SERPENTI, it is definitely regarded as the veterans of the Bulgari family, is the last century 40′s one of the classic representative of the Bulgari. Since the arrival of the first Serpenti Serpenti snake watch since the advent of jewelry and watch industry has been commendable, has become a lot of stars love. As a Bulgari brand spokesperson since do not have to say, it touches his life obsessed with the famous jewelry actor Elizabeth Taylor’s story had to mention.

She and Richard Burton’s romantic love is the eternal story of the circle, the two in the film “Cleopatra” in the process of falling in love. Burton first gave Taylor a very luxurious Bulgari ring, but also Burton gave Taylor a lot of Bulgari jewelry in the first, witnessed the two legendary love story.

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In fact, when it comes to Taylor and Egyptian Yan is because they and Bulgari’s totem has a direct relationship, BC 46th century, Egyptian Yan went to Rome to visit Caesar the Great. Nearly two thousand years later, the snake’s totem appeared in the Bulgari Serpenti series.


Sophisticated snakeheads and snake tail with diamonds inlaid, the snake body is surrounded by hand layers into a telescopic ductility of the tubular design, goldsmith required years of skilled craft to create such a unique work.

The post-modern Serpenti series reinterprets ancient traditions in contemporary, innovative languages, each of which inherits and symbolizes the glory design of Bvlgari – the beauty of art and the supreme value in more than a century of history. The serpentine was finally refined.

Serpenti series show or simple or complex coiled style, lap, double circle, or three laps, more posture. To be exquisite craftsmanship, so that Bulgari’s handed down style and modern lines in the art of design language.



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