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03.07.2017 15:15 / Mis artículos

What exactly are CFDs?

A CFD is a cash-settled leveraged product that monitors the price motion of the financial market, such as indices, forex, goods, treasuries, and shares. An integral feature of trading leveraged products is that as you merely have to place down a little deposit for a much bigger market exposure, and therefore it gets the potential to magnify profits as well as losses, which can exceed deposits.


When you trade with CFDs, you don’t buy or sell the fundamental product or asset. Instead, you speculate on if the price of this product shall rise or fall. You can expect CFDs on a large number of global instruments and you could buy or sell lots of units depending on whether you think prices will rise or down.  look at here now in


CFD is a contract between traders and CFD brokers.

When the market price goes in your favor, you get multiples of the real variety of systems you have obtained or sold. For each point the purchase price moves against you, a loss is manufactured by you. 

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