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27.06.2017 22:43
replica ferragamo belt but also ready to establish

First, different from the recent hot real estate profits tax, profits and taxes directly against real estate behavior, For the investment of two sets of non-improvement of housing behavior, the collection of high taxes on their income to curb investment speculation; Second, the special property consumption tax collection of both the purchase of both the property and the purchase price, But we did not see the specific standards;

Third, Chongqing will be levied on the inclusion of such taxes in the ranks of the consumption tax, and not the introduction of new taxes, the intention seems to avoid the cumbersome legislative process. In fact, Chongqing's special real estate consumption tax on the existing information to see, is not perfect, in addition to the purchase of multiple sets of real estate can be identified, how to define the high-end room, whether it is the use of area standards, or price standards is probably not a simple Of the technical work, need to do a lot of research to establish. Moreover, the policy of special real estate consumption tax seems to both inhibit investment, as well as through high-end housing tax incentives to adjust the real estate consumption behavior, the mission is very heavy. As for the decision on how successful this tax rate is determined, and did not see the relevant information.

Nevertheless, the author is still hesitant to the words of this policy. On the targeted, the suppression of high prices in Chongqing, the special consumption tax, is indeed playing snake hit seven inches, in the current government introduced all the initiatives, this must I would like to vote in favor of this initiative, and hope that through the pilot form, in the country and so on. Of course, the special real estate consumption tax can not completely solve the current high prices, high prices is indeed a very complex issue, not even a simple economic problems, we can not expect a measure can be solved once and for all.

Chongqing in this regard is also remarkable practice. In addition to the author listed above to curb the price of land measures, Chongqing in the public rental system design is also commendable. Chongqing's public rental by the government to allocate the way to the construction of land, housing costs than ordinary commercial housing about 1/3. Public rental rent only balance, not the pursuit of profits, in general, the rent is equivalent to the same type of commercial housing rental price of 60%. Also, for the current affordable housing without specialized management agencies, resulting in a lot of corruption and rent-seeking status, Chongqing said to establish a special housing security bureau, replica ferragamo belt but also ready to establish a special deputy bureau level public rental board, are Very targeted action.