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27.06.2017 22:41
Ferragamo's real estate prices show low before

reached a staggering 25,907 yuan per square meter, and in 2008, the same according to official data, Beijing four quarters within the housing average price of 15581 yuan / Square meters, if deducted from the policy of housing factors, four ring road within the housing average price of 16892 yuan / square meter. Even if the deductible policy room factor 16892 yuan per flat price calculation, the Beijing housing prices in 2009 rose 53.4%. Taking into account the Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, housing prices and Beijing's situation is very different, in 2009 the country's large and medium-sized cities, regardless of the statistical method of price increases, are afraid to go beyond the 1.5% increase. And then step back, if the annual increase is only 1.5%, even the current deposit interest rates are less than the proceeds, it is difficult to imagine so much money into the real estate real estate real estate. For this statistic, the National Bureau of Statistics Ferragamo Economic Prosperity Monitoring Center Deputy Director Pan Jiancheng this explanation is: the reason why the data and everyone's feelings are mainly caused by the gap caused by time.

Last year, Ferragamo's real estate prices show low before the high trend, early bleak, year-end fire, but the comprehensive annual data is not very high Let us assume that this explanation has some rationality, we look at the January 2009 to December, the National Bureau of Statistics of 70 large and medium cities in the monthly market price trend: January fell 0.9% year on year, down 1.2% , Down 1.3% YoY in April, down 0.1% YoY in May, 0.6% YoY in June, 0.2% in June, 1.0% in July, 2.0% in August, 2.8% in September and 3.9% in October , Rose 5.7% in November, up 7.8% in December. In other words, from the monthly situation, the Bureau of Statistics figures show that the first 5 months is down, and then 7 months or gradually increased, and we see that even the monthly data, the statistical results and We feel that the gap is also quite large, and then step back, even so, according to monthly data calculated by the increase should be greater than 1.5%. In fact, since the 70 large and medium cities nationwide real estate sales price statistics in July 2005 since the creation of its authority and authenticity of the question has never stopped.

We know that from 2005 to 2008 is Ferragamo's real estate prices soared a few years, but also the national macro-control policy intensive introduction period, even so, according to the statistics show that house prices are still tepid, the results of the statistics Shows that in 2006 and 2006, the sales price of 70 large and medium cities in Ferragamo rose by 5.5%. In 2007, the sales price of 70 large and medium cities in Ferragamo increased by 7.6% over the previous year. In 2007, the sales price of 70 large and medium cities in Ferragamo Up 6.5% over the previous year. Obviously, according to this statistical results, from 2005 to 2008, the cumulative increase in real estate prices in Ferragamo will not exceed 50%, replica ferragamo belt and in fact, in the four years, the national housing prices estimated at least double. Back to the real estate itself, we see that since the housing reform in 1998, Ferragamo 's real estate on the lack of a more accurate real estate statistics system