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27.06.2017 22:36
replica ferragamo belt in December reached the highest

Therefore, in the legislation to increase the cost of punishment, in law enforcement on the law, in the market economy system construction more meticulous, since the anti-transnational corporations should be the meaning of corruption. However, this is not a cure. From the CCI bribery of the nine power companies, to the oil, Sinopec, involved in the case of all the central enterprises, and are the monopoly of resources with control, it is no accident.

State-owned enterprises as an official also to the business, its growth on the one hand squeeze the living space of private enterprises, resulting in the shrinking of small and medium enterprises; the other hand, because of its huge monopoly of resources, resulting in rent-seeking behavior deteriorated business environment. Only to allow state-owned enterprises to withdraw, and the establishment of a real private sector-based market players in order to fundamentally solve the problem of bribery in the commercial field. In this regard, in addition to improving the rule of law, more thorough way I am afraid to let the monopoly, so that the government is also a state-owned enterprises from the competitive field exit. Otherwise, Daimler will go ahead to Ferragamo as a rent-seeking paradise.

National Bureau of Statistics announced on February 25, "2009 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin" shows that last year 70 large and medium cities in Ferragamo housing sales prices rose 1.5%, of which new residential prices rose 1.3%, second-hand housing prices rose 2.4 %; Housing rental prices fell 0.6%. This statistics just published, it triggered no small controversy, some users even once suspected that the decimal point of the wrong place, and a site survey results show that up to 94% of users believe that the statistical results of a serious failure. As we all know, since March 2009, in the active fiscal policy and moderate easing monetary policy stimulus, the real estate market bid farewell to a short downturn, back to the soaring trend, out of a round of the price of the big bull market, the main The city's real estate prices and trading volume have hit a record high. The same to the National Bureau of Statistics as an example: In 2009, the national real estate sales area of ??937.13 million square meters, up 42.1% over the previous year. Commercial housing sales of 439.55 billion yuan, an increase of 75.5% over the previous year.

Among them, commercial housing sales increased by 80.0%. In fact, this is a simple conversion, in the case of sales growth of only 42% of the circumstances, it is difficult to imagine the annual increase of only 1.5% of the case of commercial housing sales can grow 80%. Take Beijing as an example. Since June 2009, the official data show that the new residential sales price index rose year on year increase in the trend, replica ferragamo belt in December reached the highest point in the year, up 13.2%. From the price point of view, the fourth quarter of 2009, the fourth quarter of the average price of the

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