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27.06.2017 22:29
the law enforcement environment replica ferragamo belt

For Daimler bribery door, we have not yet seen the Chinese judiciary on this comment, the allegations of foreign judicial authorities, the Chinese judiciary has always been silent, waiting for the wind naturally dispersed. This negative and inaction may be able to solve why multinational companies have repeatedly started with Chinese enterprises and administrative agencies. For transnational corporations that are law-abiding under the developed economic rules of Europe and the United States, it is indeed necessary to think and summarize why bribery is considered to be the key to enhancing its commercial competitiveness in developing countries. In the case of Ferragamo, the lack of law, lack of punishment, lack of law enforcement and commercial culture are undoubtedly the main institutional roots of the spread of transnational corporations' bribery.

However, an undeniable paradox is that Ferragamo's rule of law and the level of the rule of law are clearly improving, the law enforcement environment replica ferragamo belt and business culture in the direction of healthy progress, the market economy of the institutional environment is constantly improving, follow this logic, including Multinational companies, including a variety of commercial bribery should be convergence rather than expansion. Obviously, the root of the problem is in addition to the judicial imperatives, the lack of legal rules for overseas bribery, the deeper reason is clearly the state-owned enterprises and relevant government agencies have a huge control of the power. First, in terms of government agencies, in the government procurement projects, although the "Government Procurement Law" clearly stipulates the government procurement bidding procedures, but whether the Ministry of Finance and local governments in fact have a great deal of control space.

The state-owned enterprises, especially the monopoly of state-owned enterprises are increasingly becoming the target of bribery of multinational companies, because these monopolies have administrative power, they have a huge government project control. If the multinational companies before the rent-seeking is only a general commercial bribery, the object is uncertain, then in recent years, government officials and monopolies have become the main goal of multinational companies hunting. The trial of the Rio Tinto spy gate, which last year's CCI bribery door, today's Daimler bribery door, all this overseas corruption case constitutes an overseas business in Ferragamo how to deal with officials and state-owned enterprises, seeking business opportunities for the road map The In front of their offensive, the law of the state is useless. I do not deny that the negative and illegal legal costs are leading to overseas commercial bribery raging one of the reasons, the judicial omission and illegal low cost has become the biggest reverse incentives.

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