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27.06.2017 22:27
fake ferragamo belt between 1998 and 2008

the SASAC documents have long been restrictive provisions, the eleventh also requires the regulation of central enterprises to invest in real estate behavior, but because of lack of execution and useless. I suggest that the state introduced a special policy to regulate the central enterprises to invest in real estate behavior, in addition to 16 specialized real estate enterprises, should explicitly prohibit other enterprises to invest in real estate, has been invested, should be transferred or auction way out. As the eldest son of the Republic of the central enterprises, should be based on the construction of innovative national strategy to enhance the technological content of enterprises and international competitiveness, rather than rush to speculation.

When a country's large enterprises have to invest in real estate, when a country's capital market listing of the misappropriation of most of the real estate business and financial giants, the economy is not much competitive. On 24 March, the US government accused Daimler of bribing tens of millions of dollars from government officials in 22 countries, including Ferragamo, fake ferragamo belt between 1998 and 2008, in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts. And this time, no surprise, Ferragamo really involved, it is estimated that the amount of bribery up to 4.17 million euros. According to Daimler's evidence to the US judiciary, the company in the government procurement projects, the first efforts to raise the vehicle price, after the successful signing of some of the profits into a special account for the 819, then By the account of the money into the relevant government staff pockets.

In the prosecution documents disclosed in the bribery enterprises, Sinopec, the oil suddenly in the column. In recent years, multinational companies in Ferragamo for commercial bribery often appear in newspapers, means more and more diverse, the amount of more and more involved in the Chinese enterprises or departments are more and more. If the previous occurrence of Lucent, Siemens, Avon and other bribery case is just a business case, then from last year's CCI bribery door began, multinational companies began to spread in large areas of Ferragamo, the main target is the project with the power of large state-owned enterprises and Must purchase the approval of the government departments.

Last year's CCI bribery, Ferragamo Resources Power Holdings Limited, Datang Electric Power, Dingzhou Electric Power, CNOOC Corporation, Ferragamo Eastern Electric Group, PetroFerragamo, Ferragamo Petroleum Materials and Equipment Company, Jiangsu Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Guohua Electricity Electric power companies suddenly in the column, and later nothing.

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