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12.05.2017 23:31 and stipulating that and stipulating that the welfare benefits of enterprise employees only refer to the wages, bonuses and allowances provided by employees for employees Salary subsidies, staff education expenses, social insurance premiums and supplementary old-age insurance (annuities), supplementary medical insurance and housing provident fund, and subsidies for transportation, housing and communication provided by former employees should be included. The total amount of wages shall be subject to personal income tax. In fact, on the traffic, lunch and so should pay a tax, the Ministry of Finance as early as September this year, the tax storm has repeatedly stressed that even before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the Ministry of Finance officials said the moon cake will be issued on the Mid-Autumn Festival tax. Obviously, whether it is this year's tax crisis, or recently issued cubajam.ruon enterprises to strengthen the welfare management of employee financial management, are continuing to explain the financial sector through a variety of disguised tax increases to ensure that this year's fiscal revenue growth 8 %The goal. The effect is very significant, from January to October cumulative, the national fiscal revenue 5836.38 billion yuan, an increase of 408.799 billion yuan over the same period last year, an increase of 7.5%. Among them, the central level of income of 31330.23 billion yuan, an increase of 4.9%; local income of 2703.357 billion yuan, an increase of 10.8%. Fiscal revenue rebounded for five consecutive months since May. Which in October the national financial revenue response is very bright, the national income of 684.493 billion yuan, an increase of 151.598 billion yuan over the same period last year, the storm increased by 28.4%. This means that this year's fiscal revenue to boardgamesofold complete the security eight has also become a foregone conclusion. In this year's economy is very difficult, corporate profits fell sharply, the implementation of structural tax cuts and export tax rebates and other tax cuts in the macroeconomic context, the national fiscal revenue from January to October not only achieved positive growth, and the growth rate is much higher than the enterprise The embodiment of the benefits and the growth of the income level of the residents are both miraculously and very strange. Obviously, even if the deduction of refined oil tax reform one-time increase in income factors

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