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12.05.2017 23:28 there are some bright

At this point, from December 9, 2009, the termination of second - hand housing transactions business tax concessions to December 14, the introduction of four countries, from December 17 five ministries will pay the land transfer down payment ratio to 50% to the present country eleven Of the official came out, the current round of real estate control policy can be described as jittery, in full swing Moreover, these control policies, there are some bright spots, however, unfortunately, for the current round of regulation has encountered a cold encounter public opinion. Not only people worry about the current round of regulation into the same as before the higher the higher the embarrassment, and even a lot of authority and experts are still optimistic about rising prices in the future. This situation, indeed to the central out of a problem. We believe that, in terms of real estate control measures, the eleven of the eleven initiatives and the central pre-issued a series of policies, whether it is to increase the supply of affordable housing, two sets of mortgage tightening, or against enclosure And other acts, have seized the current high prices and the root causes of the system. As long as each policy really put in place, the fall in house prices should be reasonable, and before 2008, the failure of real estate regulation and control, the root lies in the local government for their own interests to consider the implementation of the policy, rather than the policy itself is incomplete. Therefore, to restore the public's confidence in the policy, only the pain determined to effectively strengthen the implementation of the policy in the real estate sector set off a law enforcement storm, boardgamesofold to strengthen the accountability of local officials, and the eleven into the local officials of the performance Assessment indicators. Sixty years ago, the Ferragamo Belt Communist Party won the people through the land reform and won the power, and it is no exaggeration to say that sixty years later, can not solve the people of the real estate of many grudges and dissatisfaction, is indeed concerned about the people support or oppose. Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a Notice on Strengthening the Financial Management of Employee Benefits, redefining the scope of welfare expenses for enterprise employees

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