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This morning in Paris, Vivendi Universal announced its earnings for your calendar year 2005--and yes it was an excellent 12 months with the multinational media conglomerate. Overall income fell 16 percent to three.15 billion Warmane Gold for sale euros ($3.75 billion), on account of its 2004 sale of Universal Studios to NBC parent General Electric. However, year-on-year adjusted income increased 55 percent to 2.08 billion euros ($2.48 billion), due to three resurgent divisions: cellphones, music,    Yes, following a long slump, VU Games is back inside black, because of a whopping 244 million euro ($289.9 million) one-year start earnings. Whereas the division lost 203 million euros ($241 million) in 2004, it netted 41 million euros ($48.9 million) in 2005. Vivendi's overall earnings report said the experience division's "dramatic and fast improvement in earnings from operations will be the result from the strategy implemented since 2004." Specifically, it credited "lower costs resulting from your global turnaround plan."   
Those knowledgeable about VUG-owned developer Blizzard Entertainment can likely name one in the main reasons for your division's change of fortunes. The earnings report said the games group is now offering "a better balanced portfolio of merchandise thanks on the tremendous on-line activity development together with the exceptional success of World of Warcraft."     
Just recently, Blizzard announced that WOW has exceeded six million subscribers worldwide. Despite released 15 months ago, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game continues to be number-two best-selling PC game in North America, according for the latest weekly sales figures from research-analyst firm the NPD Group.    
Besides WOW, Vivendi's report also named a few more games for being hits with the company. "Additional releases adding to [VUG's] strong performance included 50 Cent: Bulletproof, Robots, [The Incredible] Hulk [Ultimate Destruction], F.E.A.R. and Crash Tag Team Racing as well since the North America distribution of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and FlatOut."   
Vivendi also underlined the proven fact that VUG's profit started in spite in the cost of several studio acquisitions and next-generation console development. "Earnings from operations included funding increased website costs connected to recently acquired studios ( Radical,  Swingin' Ape, Swordfish, and High Moon)," its report read.  
On the Paris bourse, Vivendi shares rose 2.26 percent for the news, closing your day at 25.71 euros ($30.83). By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap Warmane Gold, stay tuned for more at mmoah.

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The planned World of Warcraft film remains to be in limbo, but Blizzard is forging ahead with another movie-related project--just it's unlikely that any of a.   
Blizzard and Xfire, maker with the gamecentric instant messenging program on the same name, today announced a contest which will award $23,000 in prizes to Buy Warmane Gold your best fan-made videos that come with the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game.   
The contest will permit video-editing gurus to submit movies in four genres: comedy, drama, music and dance, and short features. Comedy, drama, and music and dance videos may be no longer than 10-20 minutes in length, while short features can't cross the two-minute threshold, according for the official rules.   
The grand-prize winner will get a "top-end enthusiast" computer priced at $5,000, while first-place awards and prizes will go towards the highest-ranked movies from each on the four genres.   
The contest's deadline is September 12, and Xfire and Blizzard will select finalists from each category on September 25. The finalists' fate are able to be left up on the voting public, as Xfire users can view a final-round movies and judge their favorites. Voting can finish two weeks at a later date Monday, October 9, using the winners--decided by votes--announced on October 12.   
Only players in the United States, Canada, and Europe considered to enter the contest. If you haven't bought Warmane Gold, you could access to to get cheap Gold

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In case you hadn't heard, the net role-playing game World of Warcraft from developer Blizzard Entertainment and publisher Vivendi Games is one in the most popular games within the market on any platform. Hopefully, later this current year, the studio will release The Burning Crusade, the development pack to Warmane Gold for sale the game that could add a good amount of high-level content for veterans along with two new playable fantasy races to make new characters with. We took the chance get in depth while using two new races: the fanatical blood elves on the monstrous Horde faction plus the mystical draenei characters on the noble Alliance.   
Both races really should have content designed for them that may let them advance to approximately level 20 approximately. Players of either race will probably need to join the overall populace to show off their new inherent abilities, and also to tip the scales in competitive player-versus-player battles, since each in the new races belongs with an opposing faction and every race can play to be a character class that wasn't on the market to its faction previously. The draenei may play as shaman--a class aimed at using nature-based powers to heal allies, damage enemies, and summon spirit totems that radiate various magical effects inside the area. The blood elves, within the other hand, may play as everyone's favorite warriors-who-can-heal, paladins (although according for the game's story, this can be only possible by using a twisted and evil scheme that needs imprisoning and siphoning power from your holy spirit).   
The draenei and blood elves brings all classes to all or any factions in The Burning Crusade.   
The draenei are tall, mostly pale-skinned humanoids with hooves for feet and haunches for legs and resemble satyrs of Greek mythology. After you create a brand new character of either race, you may be treated towards the same form of narrated in-game cinematic sequence that opens the modern life of any World of Warcraft character. According for the narration, the draenei originate on the Outlands (the challenging, otherworldly new land added from the expansion pack), but, inspired by tales from the alliance's heroism, they have got come to Azeroth to enlist help for his or her war up against the Burning Legion.    
The draenei's spaceship, the Exodar, explodes within the skies above Northern Kalimdor (the realm on the night elves), and also the pieces fall to earth about the previously uncharted Azuremyst Isle, over west coast from the Eastern Kingdoms. Parts from the ship and also the remains of varied escape pods are strewn all within the island, as well as irradiated crystals that (presumably) powered the vessel however they are now wreaking havoc around the local nature and wildlife. The largest surviving piece with the ship fell for the western fringe of Azuremyst Isle, forming the mostly subterranean draenei city, which retains the name on the ship, The Exodar.   
The Exodar is practically certainly the most important city in Azeroth, and even as being a Tauren-sized draenei, the size of it can seem to be quite overwhelming the 1st time you visit. The city boasts all on the usual districts, in conjunction with two banks and a couple auction houses--that may hopefully reduce lag in those locations should the revolutionary city turn into a popular area for players to hang out. The Exodar can be a city that appears like a combination in the dwarves' Ironforge along with the undead's Undercity--the full city is enclosed within one giant structure (the ship's hull) and has lots of wide-open spaces which can be a little disconcerting at this time but will without doubt feel quite different when populated with players.     The noble draenei once lived inside a crystal-powered spaceship. No, seriously.   
In one area with the city, you will find a crystal mine, which ties in nicely with one with the draenei's passive racial abilities (and a whole new profession with the Burning Crusade expansion), jewelcrafting. The draenei use a +5 racial bonus to jewelcrafting, and also a +10 effectiveness shadow-based magic, including that utilized by priest characters. In addition, the race has two other abilities, "gift on the Naruu," a totally free healing spell that amounted to no magic power ("mana"), and "inspiring presence," a passive ability that grants a single percent bonus to strike for party members within 30 yards.    Since the crash was very recent, you will find still many injured and unaccounted-for draenei. Your early quests, perhaps unsurprisingly, task you with killing lowly beasts (including some great-looking moths--a brand-new beast model, not just a fresh skin like many with the new beasts) and retrieving items from their store that might be used to assist the wounded. The draenei use crystals for many kinds of purposes, it would seem, and in a very couple of early quests you may be using them for stopping survivors that you simply find scattered throughout the Ammen Vale starting area, and also to purify a lake that's one from the spaceship's giant irradiated crystals polluting it.     
New Neighbors, New Lore   
Other early quests in Ammen Vale involve killing creatures that are already mutated and/or turned aggressive through the radiation. These include "mutated lashers" (the massive flowers that walk around) along with the all-new "volatile mutants," which seem like aborted alien fetuses crawling around around the ground. The damage to nature within the area is so bad that perhaps the earth elementals have gone bad, and one from the last quests prior to leaving the safety on the Vale tasks you with killing numerous "restless spirits with the earth" because they battle against air, water, and fire elementals.   
Both factions can have brand-new starting areas with content from levels 1 through 20.   
When you exit Ammen Vale to understand more about the rest with the Azuremyst Isle, crossing a compact river inside process where you'll notice an all-new visual effect for schools of fish, you'll find which the scenery doesn't change much. What does change, though, is the wildlife here is unaffected from the radiation for the crash site with the most part. In addition to regular versions in the mutated things you were fighting earlier, you will discover stags, deer, and even a whole new critter scampering around the place: a skunk. There are a small amount of different settlements and outposts within the isle, none of which possess a permanent feel about them.    
The draenei outposts have already been erected around ship remains, whilst the other alliance races have arrived for the island by water and started clearing an area often known as Odesyus' Landing. The goblins' Venture Co. has additionally landed during one corner on the island and is from the process of establishing camp there. The scenery and wildlife is most similar to that in Darkshore, the place that the Night Elves start. There are striders and nightstalker cats, plus the grass and trees all employ a dark color palette. Based on what we've seen to date, it appears to be that--using the exception of The Exodar--prepare yourself for some be very little reason to suit your needs to stay within the isle beyond level 12 roughly--you might wish to gain some levels then jump towards the main continents to become listed on the rest on the Alliance.   
The blood elves, for the other hand, seem to possess plenty of low-level content scattered and radiating outward from other starting city. According towards the game's story, the blood elves (which first appeared inside Frozen Throne expansion pack for Blizzard's Warcraft III) were originally the noble high elves before the traitorous human prince Arthas, who went on to assist lead the evil undead faction called The Scourge, cut them off using their supply of magical power. Driven mad with rage, the high elves renamed themselves blood elves and swore they might gain revenge around the parties that robbed them with their innocence.   
While the blood elves may are already cut off in the original source of the sorcery, can you know it using their company ornate, gilded starting town or using their ostentatious capital of Silvermoon. They begin their lives within a town that's brightly lit and open to your sun and also the eerie glows from the ethereal creatures that dwell within their lands, such as being the flying mana wyrms and moving tree saplings, as well because the oddly autonomous broomsticks that swish past you every now and then, sweeping up dust as you go along.   
The blood elves are here to chew gum and drain your mana. And they're full-scale of gum.   
The blood elves are perhaps intended to get the easier on the two races to begin on with, considering that the faction's town usually offer numerous starter quests within spitting distance of one another. This may not come like a surprise to get a Horde race that may likely become seriously popular, partially considering that the Horde has never had any attractive female characters (there, we stated it), and partially due on the blood elves powerful innate abilities. In addition to possessing +5 bonus to magic resistance and +15 to your enchanting trade skill, all blood elf characters hold the "mana tap" ability, which siphons off a portion of that target's magical powers, and "arcane torrent," which silences your regional enemies for two main seconds waiting in a very short range. Both of these abilities is likely to prove extremely useful for competitive player-versus-player combat against enemy characters using spells with noninstantaneous casting times. The silencing ability of arcane torrent will likely make blood elf paladins, the race's main front line fighter class, deadly if they'd like to get within selection of enemy magic-users.   
Both races appear like they'll offer players new experiences, though we picture the blood elves will probably be far more fearsome right off of the bat in competitive play. We'll acquire more details on competition, high-level zones, and also the two races because ongoing Burning Crusade beta continues. The expansion itself is, based on Blizzard, scheduled for release later in 2010. Check back with GameSpot for additional updates. What's more, pledge to sell cheap Warmane Gold to gamers from around the world.

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