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Your Yahoo account comes with a lot of customized options, which you might not be aware of in the first place. The functionality ingrained is designed with the intention to make your emails look more attractive and efficient.

 The basic idea is to offer a complete package, wherein the user has the freedom to use the Yahoo mail platform in a professional manner. On that front, you can also create a signature page with rich and colorful texts to go with the business mails. This will certainly give you an edge over the others, as it takes the business to client interaction to a next level. If there is any other issue with your Yahoo email, there, of course, you can call in the experts by using the Yahoo contact number.

The Process to Create Signature Page in Yahoo Mail

The process of creating a signature page in yahoo email is very simple and straightforward.  The steps are so crafted that you can complete the objective, without seeking any external support.

There is no need to contact Yahoo Support, for small tasks, such as this. Unless there is something that is beyond your capability, it is better to complete the procedure on your own.  In fact, you can have your own embedded signature in Yahoo email by following the below-mentioned procedure:-

·         The first step is to sign in to your Yahoo account.

·         Look for the Options link and scroll down to click More Options.

·         Click on the option Signature.

·         Depending on your preference, you have to enter a signature in the allotted area.

·         Proceed further by clicking on the option Add Signature to All Messages.

·         Save the changes. To confirm, send a test email to yourself.

·         If you were successful in completing the procedure, the signature will appear below at the bottom.

The steps are clearly defined and you won’t have much trouble implementing the same. There is absolutely no reason to contact Yahoo by phone. Just try to follow the steps in sequence and you are done.

What alternative options you can try?

There are odd instances when you are faced with issues that prevent you from accessing the Yahoo email. It might be that you have forgotten the password or in extreme cases, the account itself was compromised. This is when you wonder, how to contact Yahoo? As of now, there is no such official Yahoo phone number that can help you. Instead, you can see some additional support by getting in touch with third-party tech support companies. This way, you have a better chance of resolving the issues and that too with minimal hassles.








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