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With the development of urbanization and industrialization, the production of building rubbish is large, seriously restricting the development of the city, the resources of the use of construction waste is imminent, from the circular economy, building waste in 90% components are stone, brick, concrete block, if the utilization of resources can be achieved huge economic benefits, the building waste broken into recycled thick aggregate, Can replace the natural aggregate or produce a new type of recycled building materials products.

At present, the construction waste treatment is becoming a new hot market, in order to make the construction waste treatment become more efficient and convenient, our company in the years of research and development and production of crushing screening equipment, based on the integration of international technology, the first in the domestic introduction of the construction waste crusher, including tire-type mobile crushing station through the integration unit to achieve integration, Can be efficient on-site operations, along with the construction site to move forward, a large number of reduced labor and transportation costs, while installation, maintenance, maintenance convenient, after treatment of the aggregate can be used for subgrade stone, unburned brick, cement admixture and many other aspects


Our company production of building waste treatment equipment is divided into mobile crushing station and fixed-type crushing station two categories; Mobile type is divided into tire-type mobile crushing station and crawler-type mobile crushing station, mobile crushing station can be used in several sites back and forth, effectively reducing the idle time of the machine, Its superior performance and technical advantages in the field of construction waste treatment has won a good reputation.

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SBM Mining Industry impresses customers not only by quality, but also by good service on sale of raymond mill.In order to stabilize the market position for enterprises in the new century, in addition to promote products and strengthen the brand, the other method is to focus on the company's service. Our company convinced that the 21st century is the century of service, the service will become the core competitiveness of the industry.

Our company conducted several business meetings to improve its service standards, SBM Mining Industry increases support training efforts for having development potential of raymond mill industry, and earnestly grasps the introducing work of new projects, to make raymond mill and major types of milling equipment ranking the world.

On the other hand, SBM is to strengthen the services on customer communication, we help customers to select the type of products, installation and operation. Based on scientific and technological innovation, increased the independent innovation, actively implement the transformation and upgrading, we constantly make contribute to promote the business bigger and stronger.

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If crusher machine work in poor conditions, and maintenance is not in place, there will be a variety of problems. Thus, users need pay attention to a few aspects of the problem to ensure gold ore crusher operate normally. 

 1. Control lubricating oil in the right temperature, not too high or too low, will affect the machine running. 
2. The material which need to be crushed can not be too wet or too dry, if it wet and sticky, also small, easily causing stuffy car stranded in the crushing cavity. 
3. Replace lubricating oil periodically, if not, which will accelerate the wear of the gear and the bowl-watt, bushings, and even the sleeve. 
4. Spring pressure can not be too tight, otherwise it will occur off-axis accident.
 If the pressure is too small, spring frequently beating, which cause gold ore crusher fail to work properly and the product coarsening. Pay much attention to the working process of gold ore crusher and arrangement for the appropriate location of the crushing production line, coupled with the above points, gold ore crusher must have a longer service life and higher working efficiency.


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