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Both the ball mill and raymond mill are powder grinding equipments.The fundamental difference between them is that the raymond mill is sand -making equipment while the ball mill is ore beneficiation equipment.Raymond mill is widely used in barite, limestone, fluorite, calcite, potash feldspar, talc, marble, lime, active white soil, phosphate ore, activated carbon, gypsum, glass, bentonite, kaolin and insulation materials that have the Moh’s hardness scale less than 9.3 and the humidity of less than 6%,non-flammable and explosive materials.And the particle size of finished product can be adjusted from 80-325 meshes at random. Besides, some materials can reach 2000 mesh.The ball mill is widely used in refractories, cement, new building materials, glass ceramics, silicate products, black and non-ferrous metal beneficiation and other production industries. Moreover, the equipment can also be divided into dry-type ball mill and wet-type ball mill. The discharging speed of ball mill is fast, and the product granularity is relatively coarse. The outstanding advantages of raymond mill are: stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption, wide range of product granularity adjustment. So it is suitable for fine grinding of nonmetal under some medium hardness. The feeding size of raymond mill is generally 15~20mm, mainly used for Moh’s hardness scale under 9.3, and humidity is less than 6% of a variety of ores, building materials, chemical materials which are the non-flammable, not easy to explode, such as superfine crushing processing. The finished product fineness of up to 2000 mesh. So it is suitable for some material with fineness requirements. Ball mill, which is suitable for the materials whose Moh's hardness is below 7, humidity is below 6%, is extensively used in the black and nonferrous materials processing, fertilizer processing, refractory processing, silicide processing etc. The material can be dry-type, wet-type grinding.The finished product fineness can be up to 425 mesh at most.It is commonly used in mineral processing production line of material grinding.

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The investment scope on railway construction will directly drive our engineering machinery according to some related reports, which cannot be neglected for every mining enterprise, and this is the reason why all related machinery enterprises pay more attention to the construction waste crusher at this right minute. Some of those enterprises hope that the sales amount can reach one new point, and the others emphasis on the development and researchment on new products, taking sandstone equipment for example, which is one of the most significant products in the construction of railway, highway, bridge and so on, and the above projects all need big amount of raw materials including sandstone and aggregate. Sandstone equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and so on, which can be widely used in railway construction. The higher demand for sandstone equipment, and higher requirement on the aggregate can provide more opportunities for the large-scale mining machinery with strong strength. SBM mining machinery, as one of the most famous mining enterprises in China with the powerful ability of researching and developing mining machinery will grasp this opportunity to contribute to the national railway construction.

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Construction waste is one of the inevitable outcomes of urbanization development, including muck, concrete blocks, broken stones, slurry and other waste produced in the process of demolition, repair and construction. With the economic, technology and urban development, the quantity of construction waste increases day by day, if not handled promptly, it will have serious impact on environment, society and so on. Experts believe that there are many potential and available elements in construction waste crusher, as long as we use them reasonably, they will have inestimable economic and environmental value, become the recyclable green resources. The economic value of construction waste 1.The debris, concrete and other wastes in the construction waste after crushing can be made into gravel aggregate in place of natural sand and reapplied to buildings; 2.After the waste bricks are crushed, they can be made into building boards, having the advantages of sound insulation and good waterproof effect, and the materials are simple to get and the cost is low; 3.The waste steel bars being picked out, can be recycled and reused, the economic benefits are significant. According to the survey,there are many countries in the world to treat construction waste crusher without any processing, directly stack them in the open air or bury in the low-lying areas, so that not only causing the waste of resources, at the same time, taking serious pollution to the ecological environment. As long as being used reasonably, not only achieving the certain economic benefits but also can beautify the city and improve the environment. We should avoid piling up them long time to cause the release of harmful gas, to achieve more considerable environmental value.


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